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I think I don’t need to specifically mention that my content writing services fall under the category of B2B but since there are many people who use this search term I am creating this page to explain what it actually means.

B2B means business-to-business. There are two types of businesses, namely B2B and B2C. You can call McDonald and Pepsi, and even to an extent software companies like Google and Microsoft as B2C businesses because they are primarily selling to customers. You can walk into a shop, and purchase these products. In case of Google, you can log into one of its services, pay for them and use them. Companies like Microsoft and Google also provide their services to businesses so they are also partly B2B. So there are companies that do business with other businesses, and then there are companies that do business directly with their customers and clients. My content writing services are totally B2B.

All my clients are businesses. If you are my client, there is 100% chance that you do business and through my content writing services you want to sell better. You want to make an impact. You want to make your text compelling and engaging. So my business serves your business. This makes me a B2B service.

There are very high stakes when you are providing B2B services because people’s livelihoods depend on how you perform. Through my content writing services I help people grow their businesses. And growth is beneficial to everybody. When you grow your business, you recommend my services to other people. Similarly, when you grow business, you can serve your customers and clients better and if your business model allows, you also hire more people, creating more livelihood opportunities. This is why I take my B2B content writing services very seriously.

How do I make sure that my service is up to the mark?

In order to serve a business better, you have to understand that business better. You also have to understand its prospective customers and clients. When I work with you I will try to get a grasp of how you deliver your products and services, and what makes them awesome. Then a study the problems faced by your prospective customers and clients. What do they want? What solutions they seek to their problems? How can their lives and their livelihoods be improved by your products and services? How your products and services enrich their everyday experiences? I speak the language of your customers and clients so that they can relate to you.

I also improve your search engine rankings so that you get targeted traffic from search engines. Targeted traffic is very important because this is the traffic that actually converts.

My B2B content writing services provide you high quality content for your business website, your business blog, authoritative articles and blog posts that you can submit to other blogs, SEO articles to improve your search engine rankings, social media and social networking content to enhance engagement and e-mail marketing content.

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