Content writing for video marketing: text content is thriving in videos

content-writing-for-video-marketingWhen you think of video marketing, you think of, well, video. Content writing isn’t exactly on your radar. This Marketing Profs blog post says that text content is thriving in video marketing, video in a mobile-first world.

Video is everywhere. YouTube obviously is a video streaming website where everybody wants to upload videos, but even Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram these days encourage you to upload videos.

Wherever there is content, there is marketing. The same is the case with video marketing. Since it is so easy to record and upload videos, it is a channel nobody wants to leave untapped.

But does everyone wanting video mean that there is no place for content writing or written text? As the above link suggests, text doesn’t just exist among videos, it thrives, and it makes sense.

Why is there so much video being consumed?

A simple reason might be that it’s easier to watch videos on mobile phones and most of the people access content on their mobiles these days. It is difficult to read just text, especially for long.

Watching the video is very easy. Your mind doesn’t have to process anything. Images, sound, storyline, narrative, everything is there. You just need to keep your mobile phone in front of you and the message is delivered.

Since millions of people are watching video every minute, video marketing these days is one of the biggest components of content marketing.

Content writing for video marketing

Ever seen written text in the videos that you watch on your mobile phone? There is rarely a video that does not contain text.

Text is especially important when people in the video are not talking. Some videos are totally mute. The entire message is delivered through content writing or through the text randomly existing or appearing in the video.

This text often tells you a story about a journey, about a brand, about the struggle of a human being, or any other compassionate topic. The above link says

Popular publishers like Buzzfeed, NowThis, and The Dodo have perfected this type of text-reliant video content. They create it regularly and successfully. They truly “speak” video on the mobile social media feed.

In fact, every second video that goes viral these days has written text in it and the entire message of the video depends on that text. So, it is very crucial how the text is written.

When writing content for video marketing one just has to make sure that very small phrases are used. People don’t want to read long strings of text when watching the video. The text should be a part of the video, not cover the video entirely.

Why written content does well in video marketing?

The concept of video making has gone through a change. Any media that animates is video. You don’t need your conventional handy cam or even the video mode of your mobile phone.

You can simply put together a few images, make them glide or merge into each other and use some interesting text with them and there you have it, a nice video.

Even if you use a PowerPoint presentation to create a video you can creatively use text to enhance your message. Take for example this video I created to explain what is content marketing:

Although there is animation and there are moving objects in the video, the underlying message is delivered with written content. Everywhere you see words.

This happens in every video. When you go to YouTube, you don’t feel like looking at video unless the text around the video convinces you (or if the thumbnail is irresistible).

So, in the age of video marketing, if you think content writing is not required, think again. It is required more, actually.

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