Does it make sense to hire website content writing services?

Why hire our website content writing services

I was just writing a website page on my website content writing services and I wanted to address an issue that I didn’t want to touch on that page: does it make sense to hire website content writing services?

What can a professional web content writer write that you cannot write on your own? Why not simply hire a full-time content writer that will always be at your beck-and-call rather than hiring a content writing agency?

Conversely, at Credible Content, what motivates our clients to hire us for our content writing services?

I provide content writing services at two levels:

  • At the individual level – my clients specifically want to hire me to write their content because they like the way I write.
  • As a website content writing service – my clients need high-quality, well-written content; more than the writer, they are interested in the quality and the purposefulness of the content.

As I always write on my website and my blog, I never try to convince people into hiring my website content writing services because that’s their own decision.

Nonetheless, there is a reason I feel confident enough to offer my services and sometimes even let people know why it makes sense to work with a professional website content writing company.

Everything has its pros and cons. If you decide to write your own content, it has its pros and cons.

If you decide to hire a full-time content writer or even a team of content writers, it has its pros and cons.

Similarly, if you work with a website content writing service, it has its pros and cons.

It depends on what suits you.

Why people hire our website content writing services

For every one person who can write efficiently, there are thousands who cannot.

Posting on Facebook what you ate this afternoon or where you partied last night, is a lot easier than writing for a web page that is supposed to convince your customers into doing business with you.

This is why, whereas you will find millions of people tweeting night and day on Twitter, compared to them, there are fewer people writing journalistic articles and blog posts.

Again, publishing blog posts are easier because stakes are not very high, but there are very few writers, compared to those who blog and who tweet, who get paid by magazines, newspapers and professional blogs.

Writing involves lots of effort.

Not everyone can spend 2-3 hours researching on a topic and then converting that research into a well-formatted blog post or article.

It is very easy to come up with an exciting title and initial couple of paragraphs for your company web page, but it is difficult to write the entire narrative from start to end.

This is where a professional website content writer can help you.

This is the reason why our clients pay us.

And, it is not just about writing a single blog post or a web page or an email campaign.

In today’s world, you need to publish quality content regularly. Everyday. Every week. Week after week.

You cannot publish quality content regularly unless you are passionate about writing, you are a proficient writer, or you are a professional writer.

Yes, there can be spurts of creativity just as there can be spurts of good singing on a karaoke night, but when it comes to making the real impact, you need a serious writer.

Listed below are a few reasons why clients hire our website content writing services:

  • They want professionally written content that makes their prospective customers and clients take them seriously.
  • They want high-quality content regularly to improve their search engine rankings.
  • They are looking for better website conversion rate.
  • They want to make sure they leave no stone unturned when it comes to communicating their brand message convincingly.

You will be surprised to know that 80% of the Credible Content clients come from English-speaking countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Do these people don’t know how to write in their native tongue? Of course they do.

But they also know the importance of professional writing.

They know the difference between knowing how to write a few impeccable sentences in a few spurts of creativity and knowing how to write complete web pages and blog posts with an underlying narrative.

They want to make an impact.

It takes talent, experience, and of course, the ability to write the way you want to write, to make an impact.

People have it, and people don’t have it.

It’s like music.

Some people can play music or sing songs, some people cannot.

We all have our own abilities.

Some people are good lawyers. Some people are good painters. Some people are good politicians. Some people are good project managers. Some people are good speakers. Some people are good sports persons. Some people can code well.

At Credible Content, we write well.

This is why our clients hire our website content writing services.

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