Do you need tools for online copywriting?

What sort of tools would you need as an online copywriterThis post says that you need and HTML editor and a swipe file. Although I do agree with the swipe file thing but why on earth would you need and HTML editor for your online copywriting work?  HTML editors are needed for designing and developing websites and not for writing copy.  For writing online copy you need a decent word processor or at least a text editor. Many writers of late have started using simple text editors like DarkRoom (I find it a bit claustrophobic) and Text Pad because there are no distractions while you’re typing.

I prefer my word processor.  As I recently wrote I have just started using Atlantis as my primary word processor because it is very light and it has all the features I require to write.

Other than a writing software I don’t thing you need anything else.  Fine, there are many tools that can improve your efficiency such as EverNote and FreeMind but they are organizational tools and not writing tools. Just wondering.