SEO Content writing actually improves your search engine rankings

SEO content as an expression has been gaining traction gradually, as more and more organizations and content creators realize that it doesn’t merely mean putting keywords here and there and then fretting over their density compared to the overall content. What do millions of Internet users access everyday while surfing the Internet? They access the content present on various websites? What do people promote day in and day out on various social media and networking websites? They promote content links. So it’s clear it’s everything about content, whether it exists in the form of text, video or images.

Since everybody is seeking content, how do you create content that’s actually being sought? And if you create content that is highly sought after, how do you let people know of its existence? This is where SEO content writing can help you. Whether people are using search engines, online directories or social networking websites to dig out relevant information, one thing is common that they use: the keywords, the search terms. There are many Internet “gurus” that say SEO is fast becoming irrelevant because less and less people are using search engines and more and more people are using social media and social networking websites to retrieve information that can help them make informed purchasing decisions. It’s true to a great extent, but from where do those social media and social networking websites get that information that is later on “found” by their users? Right. From websites and blogs.

SEO content writing is not just about outsmarting the search engines. It’s about talking in the right language and using the right words; words people actually use. If I’m writing about SEO content writing, and if nowhere on my page this phrase appears (let’s say all the time I’m talking about getting more search engine traffic — a good thing to do actually, but here I’m just explaining the expressions and their relevance) how can the search engines find my page when people are looking for SEO content writing?

So it’s very important that you figure out:

  • What’s your target market
  • What search terms and expressions they actually use
  • What they’re actually looking for
  • How to incorporate the data into your entire SEO content writing process

How does it help you improve your search engine rankings

A lot of your success on the Internet depends on getting found, if you don’t have millions of dollars to spend on advertising. Search engine optimization is definitely a good start and when you include keyword targeting in your overall SEO content writing strategy it helps the search engine ranking algorithms compute the relevancy according to the searches being conducted. It has a circular effect:

SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing

As you can see in the diagram, with the right start, one thing leads to another and it goes on and on.

But is it this simple? Of course its not.

SEO content writing has to be matched with relevancy — it must provide solutions and answers. Suppose someone wants to know what smart phone she should buy? Simply optimizing your content for iPhone or Nexus One or BlackBerry isn’t going to be of much help and if it isn’t going to be of much help people are neither going to link to it nor going to promote it. Unless your content really helps her decide, it’s of no relevance, and even if it appears on the first pages of various search engines (flukes do happen), it neither benefits you nor your visitors.

Create few SEO content pages, but create highly relevant pages. This is where everything begins. If you start focusing on every keyword under the sun and start generating tons of directionless traffic it’s not going to benefit you, and you’ll end up concluding that SEO content writing doesn’t work. Instead, focus on a few search terms and create highly relevant content around them. Just in a couple of months you’ll notice a marked difference.

One thought on “SEO Content writing actually improves your search engine rankings

  1. nicolaconnolly

    Relevance is definitely the key to any SEO campaign. Like you say, trying to include all of the keywords under the sun within your content is not going to help you get focused traffic. Picking out specific phrases which are of value to you – i.e. users who type in those specific keywords will directly require your information/services – will inevitably lead to more conversions/action.

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