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Does it make sense to hire website content writing services?

Why hire our website content writing services

I was just writing a website page on my website content writing services and I wanted to address an issue that I didn’t want to touch on that page: does it make sense to hire website content writing services?

What can a professional web content writer write that you cannot write on your own? Why not simply hire a full-time content writer that will always be at your beck-and-call rather than hiring a content writing agency?

Conversely, at Credible Content, what motivates our clients to hire us for our content writing services?

I provide content writing services at two levels:

  • At the individual level – my clients specifically want to hire me to write their content because they like the way I write.
  • As a website content writing service – my clients need high-quality, well-written content; more than the writer, they are interested in the quality and the purposefulness of the content.

As I always write on my website and my blog, I never try to convince people into hiring my website content writing services because that’s their own decision.

Nonetheless, there is a reason I feel confident enough to offer my services and sometimes even let people know why it makes sense to work with a professional website content writing company.

Everything has its pros and cons. If you decide to write your own content, it has its pros and cons.

If you decide to hire a full-time content writer or even a team of content writers, it has its pros and cons.

Similarly, if you work with a website content writing service, it has its pros and cons.

It depends on what suits you.

Why people hire our website content writing services

For every one person who can write efficiently, there are thousands who cannot.

Posting on Facebook what you ate this afternoon or where you partied last night, is a lot easier than writing for a web page that is supposed to convince your customers into doing business with you.

This is why, whereas you will find millions of people tweeting night and day on Twitter, compared to them, there are fewer people writing journalistic articles and blog posts.

Again, publishing blog posts are easier because stakes are not very high, but there are very few writers, compared to those who blog and who tweet, who get paid by magazines, newspapers and professional blogs.

Writing involves lots of effort.

Not everyone can spend 2-3 hours researching on a topic and then converting that research into a well-formatted blog post or article.

It is very easy to come up with an exciting title and initial couple of paragraphs for your company web page, but it is difficult to write the entire narrative from start to end.

This is where a professional website content writer can help you.

This is the reason why our clients pay us.

And, it is not just about writing a single blog post or a web page or an email campaign.

In today’s world, you need to publish quality content regularly. Everyday. Every week. Week after week.

You cannot publish quality content regularly unless you are passionate about writing, you are a proficient writer, or you are a professional writer.

Yes, there can be spurts of creativity just as there can be spurts of good singing on a karaoke night, but when it comes to making the real impact, you need a serious writer.

Listed below are a few reasons why clients hire our website content writing services:

  • They want professionally written content that makes their prospective customers and clients take them seriously.
  • They want high-quality content regularly to improve their search engine rankings.
  • They are looking for better website conversion rate.
  • They want to make sure they leave no stone unturned when it comes to communicating their brand message convincingly.

You will be surprised to know that 80% of the Credible Content clients come from English-speaking countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Do these people don’t know how to write in their native tongue? Of course they do.

But they also know the importance of professional writing.

They know the difference between knowing how to write a few impeccable sentences in a few spurts of creativity and knowing how to write complete web pages and blog posts with an underlying narrative.

They want to make an impact.

It takes talent, experience, and of course, the ability to write the way you want to write, to make an impact.

People have it, and people don’t have it.

It’s like music.

Some people can play music or sing songs, some people cannot.

We all have our own abilities.

Some people are good lawyers. Some people are good painters. Some people are good politicians. Some people are good project managers. Some people are good speakers. Some people are good sports persons. Some people can code well.

At Credible Content, we write well.

This is why our clients hire our website content writing services.

5 Reasons Your Website Needs Content Writing Services


Still wondering whether your website needs content writing services or not?

In the early 2000’s people used to wonder whether their business needed a website or not. Web design agencies had to convince people, had to educate them. Most of the businesses had no clue what having a website could do to their business.

Content writing and content marketing are going through the same phase. There is a massive need for quality content but people don’t realize it. They don’t realize the fact that without content their website cannot do business. They don’t realize that businesses who acknowledge and accept the undeniable importance of closely working with a content writing service are doing much better in terms of getting higher search engine rankings and a better conversion rate on their websites and blogs.

Read What is quality content and how does Google recognize it?

The connection between your sales and content writing

An online business does brisk business due to the following reasons:

  1. It has a strong brand presence
  2. People already have respect for the business
  3. There is a fad value attached to using the products and services of the business
  4. The business has a huge marketing and advertising budget
  5. The business has been able to create a noticeable presence with its valuable content
  6. The business who has compelling content on its own website

The first four points are applicable to big businesses. Big businesses have a strong brand presence, their brand is already known and respected, there is a fad value attached to their products (Apple, for example), and they can afford to spend huge amounts of money on marketing and advertising.

Although these businesses have the capacity to spend billions of dollars on marketing and advertising, they have begun to realize that advertising doesn’t pay.

This is why Coca-Cola no longer depends on advertising, but on content marketing. Most of the Coca-Cola websites (they have different websites for different regions) have turned into online publications. Now their website is called “Journey”. Although they promote their products, their primary stress is the stories about the positive impact they’re making in the world.

Coca-Cola content marketing

Similarly, American Express as “Open Forum” where it provides top-notch business advice to its present and prospective customers.

American Express content marketing

IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Google, they all started relying less on advertising and marketing and more on high-quality content.

The last two points – creating a noticeable presence through valuable content writing and publishing compelling content on the website – is what democratizes the process of promoting online business.

The last two points are applicable to small as well as medium-sized businesses.

Content writing, although requires some degree of expense, isn’t as expensive as conventional advertising and marketing. Every business can create an online presence with targeted, valuable content writing.

The main hurdle faced by most genuine content writing services like Credible Content is that businesses feel it doesn’t make sense to pay a writing service because writing can be done by anybody.

This isn’t so. Although occasional writing can be done by anybody, if you really want to create a successful presence on the Internet, you need consistent content writing that is of great value. Consistency and value are the keywords.

A person or a business who doesn’t write content as a full-time job often finds it very difficult to create valuable content on an ongoing basis.

Listed below are 5 reasons your website needs content writing services:

  1. Content is the next form of online presence: As I have written above, there was a time when people used to wonder whether they should have a website for their business or not. The same state has come for content. Your business needs quality content writing to survive. If you haven’t realized that, your competitors have. Some of your competitors are already months, if not years, ahead of you.
  2. You need to publish high-quality content regularly: Content writing is soon becoming a regular business expense. Just as you need to promote your business constantly, conventional promotion is being replaced by quality content publishing. People don’t want your marketing messages. They want you to become a part of their lives by providing solutions to their problems. Search engines like Google want fresh content regularly. If you don’t publish fresh content, they stop crawling and indexing your website because they don’t expect anything new from it. Only an established content writing service can provide you a non-stop supply of high-quality content.
  3. You need to become an authority in your field: This is more so important in the B2B category. If you are in a business where personal brand value matters, you need to share your knowledge and wisdom with people so that they begin to recognize you for your authority. For this you need to publish expert articles and blog posts on a regular basis and then share your content and social networking websites to create an authoritative presence for yourself. People do business with you when they respect you for your authority.
  4. SEO doesn’t happen without irregular content: I always tell my clients that there are two reasons why SEO cannot exist without closely working with a professional content writing service – quality content encourages people to share your links and Google evaluates how many people share your links; and, Google constantly seeks fresh content because it doesn’t want to serve outdated content to its users. This is why, no matter how valuable your existing content is, if new content is available, Google prefers to showcase that in the search results instead of outdated content. Content writing services can ensure a steady supply of high-quality, relevant content to improve your SEO.
  5. Your content is your business asset: Just like you need professional help to build any other business asset, the same holds true for your content. Although there are many individuals and businesses who develop their own content, and there is nothing wrong in that, I’m primarily talking about businesses that don’t have the resources and the needed talent to publish high-quality content on an ongoing basis. Sure, you can start on your own and initially, since you will feel motivated and inspired, you may be able to carry out content publishing for a couple of weeks or even for a couple of months, eventually, you will need to seek out the help of a professional content writing service that can provide you content every week, every month, year after year.

You must have noticed that on this page I haven’t tried to mince words. It’s the reality of our times that your business needs content. If you don’t use content to promote your business, your competition already does. It’s your choice.

It’s also your choice whether you acknowledge that your website needs content writing services or not. What I can do is, make you aware, make it known to you that yes, your website needs content. Conventional advertising doesn’t work or is gradually ceasing to work. Content is the present, and the future.

10 ways to find the best content writing service for your business

Best content writing services for your business

Finding the best content writing service for your business is one of the most, in fact, the most significant part of initiating an effective content marketing strategy. A big problem on the Internet is, although you can find lots of information, often it is very difficult to find the information you actually need, the information you can use to grow your business. The same applies to finding the right content writing and marketing service for your business. Whom do you hire? How do you decide? Sometimes a company looks lousy but delivers great content. Sometimes a company looks great but delivers lousy content.

A great problem is you cannot find that out unless you have worked with the service provider for some time. Content marketing, although is the strongest marketing tool available on the Internet, also takes its own good time to give you results and by the time these results manifest, it is a bit late to realize whether you should have hired this particular content writing service or not.

Is there a sure shot way of finding the best content writing service for your business? No, there is not. But of course you can minimise the chances of ending up with a lousy service.

What are the best ways to find the right content writing service for your business?

Your business is unique, your customers and clients are unique, so your content requirements are also unique. Why so much stress on being unique?

It is your USP – unique selling proposition. This is what sets you apart. With thousands of people offering almost the same sort of service or the same sort of product, especially on the Internet where one website is just a click away from another, how do your prospective customers and clients decide whether they should do business with you or with someone else? You need to provide something that they cannot get from someone else or at least it is very difficult to get it from somewhere else, or at least, comparatively much more expensive, or whatever. The thing is, there must be something that should draw them to you rather than to someone else. Once this is decided and settled, let us explore some ways to find the best content writing service for your business.

  1. The content writing service has a website: For a long-term business partnership this is a must. Yes, you can find good content writers from niche business directories and portals, they are not very reliable because most of them don’t have much stake in being consistent. Since most of these business directories accept listings for free or at a nominal fee, you don’t find very dedicated and serious people in these directories. Of course, if the very same people also have websites running legitimate businesses, things become different. When a content writing service has a business website it means it is serious and it has invested time and effort establishing shop on the Internet.
  2. The content writing service website looks professional: If they have a website, the website should look decent and professional. It doesn’t mean it should be able to compete in design competitions, but it should have a clean design with all the needed information available on the website. The homepage copy should clearly explain all the services that are being provided. There should be terms and conditions. An FAQs is a must. All the contact details must be available on a separate, dedicated page.
  3. The service also has a blog: What’s the use of working with a content writing service if it does not promote its services via content? Most of my business comes from my blog. My business also comes from LinkedIn and Google, but even traffic from these websites is drawn to my blog so that is the main attraction. Just imagine, a content writing and content marketing service not being able to promote its own services through its own content. There should be a business blog that is regularly updated.
  4. The content writing service has a mailing list: This is because no matter what people claim, email marketing still rules the roost when it comes to promoting your services and products on the Internet. 500 people subscribing to your email updates are far better than 5000 people “Liking” your Facebook page or following you on Twitter. So yes, a serious content writing service would obviously have a newsletter subscription box on the website and if it doesn’t, it isn’t serious about content marketing.
  5. It has a solid social media presence: Most of the world these days spends time on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (just to name a few). It is also a good way to attract people. Want to find someone? There is a great chance that you will find him or her on Facebook or Twitter (or whatever social networking platform is in vogue when you are reading this). Also, if the content writing service can be easily reached on Twitter you can get a response faster in case you have some problem.
  6. It stresses upon quality rather than quantity: If you have quality content on your website or blog, your search engine rankings automatically improve. So if a content writing service says that you should have lots of content to cover all your keywords so that your search engine rankings can improve, you are being shortchanged. Of course you need to cover your keywords but that is secondary. The first priority should be the quality.
  7. The content writing service has a strict policy on plagiarism: Just because text is digitally present everywhere on the Internet it becomes very easy to copy/paste it and then slightly spin it to pretend as if you have unique content at hand. This is what those $ 5-per-article services do. It’s a sure shot way of nipping your content marketing strategy in the bud. The service you’re planning to hire for your business must have a strict policy about how to handle plagiarism and how it controls its content writers in case it has multiple content writers.
  8. It charges are reasonable rate: Actually what’s reasonable differs from business to business, but you can find out what are the industry rates and do the calculations accordingly. As I have mentioned above, those $ 5-per-article services can wreak havoc with your content marketing campaign but in the rarest of rare cases, they can also work to your advantage. If your content writing service is charging pittance try to figure out how it sustains itself. Take for example charging $ 5 for an article or a blog post. If I charge you this rate, try to figure out how much money can I make. Even if I write 10 articles or blog posts in a day I will only be able to make $ 50. How much can I be worried about providing you quality content this way? It also sends me a signal that if you desire cheap content then maybe you aren’t even interested in quality that much. It works both ways. You get what you pay for. So if a content writing service charges very low rate always be cynical about their offer. The charges should be reasonable from both ends of the spectrum.
  9. It can scale according to your requirements: It isn’t always about how much content writing the service you’re planning on hiring can do, it’s also about how much content you need. Perhaps you require 10 blog posts or articles everyday but your content writing service can only supply 2-3 at the most. This deal is not going to work for you. Similarly, if in a package they offer 20 blog posts every month but you require only 5, and they don’t have an alternative package for you. Again, it’s a no-deal. So you should look for a content writing service that can scale according to your business.
  10. Many businesses and individuals vouch for it: Recommendations and testimonials tell you that your content writing service has provided excellent services – services that have actually helped businesses grow. Simply writing content doesn’t help much. The content must be able to take a business forward. It isn’t also just about improving your SEO. Your content should also be able to improve your conversion rate and in fact, this is much more important compared to your SEO. So if a content writing service has actually helped businesses, they will readily provide testimonials and recommendations.

Despite taking care of the above-mentioned 10 attributes that can help you find a content writing service for your business you can end up with a lousy service provider, but then this can happen in any industry, in any service and with any product. Taking care of these 10 things will just reduce the chances of ending up with an inferior content writing service.

Looking for a content writer who can work remotely?

Content writer working remotely

A content writer who can work remotely can be of great advantage. If you’re looking for one, it means you want to avail great talent at minimal cost and with greatest efficiency. Why is it so?

For a big business it makes sense to have in-house content writers because, to be frank, many of the resources in big businesses are simply wasted. People are hired for no obvious reason. Salaries are paid without knowing why they are being paid. New software is purchased at the drop of a hat. Even when good software is available in the market, they get their own software developed. What I’m trying to say is, when it comes to big business, they’re not very much concerned with using their resources efficiently.

Small businesses on the other hand need to be very careful. If they are not careful, they’re going to lose their business. As a small business you don’t want to employ an in-house content writer. Looking for a content writer who can work remotely would be the best option for you.

Why look for a content writer who can work remotely rather than employing a full-time content writer for your small business?

Saving money is just one of the many reasons. Personally, why I would recommend a content writer who can work remotely is because you don’t get stuck with the content writer you have hired. Let’s accept that – human beings are unpredictable, and so are their talents. Maybe the person who appeared for the interview seemed awesome at that time, but now, he or she just cannot come up with the sort of high-quality content you need for your business. Even if occasionally he or she can come up with great content, the persistency is lacking.

As a business owner you also know that hiring someone can be a pretty expensive affair. You have to place an advertisement. You may have to go through an HR agency and then pay that agency. You will need extra space. You will need extra computer or laptop. You will need extra software. You will need extra resources like electricity and Internet connection and telephone and furniture. There will be many hidden costs that won’t be apparent immediately but will leave quite a significant impact on your account books. If you need to hire multiple content writers, then you can multiply these expenses.

There are no such problems if you hire a content writer who can work remotely. You don’t need to pay an HR agency. You don’t need to invest in infrastructure such as furniture, computers and software, electricity, office space, employee benefits and risks of litigation. You simply tell your content writer (who works remotely using his or her own resources) what you need and he or she delivers. That’s it. Don’t like the work? You can simply move onto another content writer. Isn’t it simple?

Another big advantage of working with a content writer who can work remotely is that you can negotiate the compensation. I’m not suggesting you pay peanuts for the quality content you need for your business, but if competitive rates are available, why not avail them? This is not the case when you hire someone full-time. Whether you can afford or not, you have to pay industry rates. You can surely negotiate, but some of the expenses are simply non-negotiable.

When you look for a content writer who can work remotely, global talent suddenly becomes available to you

As a realistic person, a business savvy worldly wise person, you know that the talent you require isn’t just confined to your geographic region. I’m a content writer based in India, but most of my work comes from English-speaking countries like USA, Britain and Australia. Why don’t they work with native English speaking writers? Aside from the sort of fee that they charge, it isn’t always necessary that they’re going to be better than someone placed elsewhere. An ability to write well is totally different from an ability to speak a language. Being a native English speaker doesn’t mean you’re also a good writer, but you can certainly be a good writer even if you’re not a native English speaker (I’m using English just an example, you can apply this logic to any other language).

So when you work with a content writer who can work remotely, you can access global talent. You don’t need to depend on the writers available in your city.

Even the difference of time zones can work to your advantage. Many clients send my work when it’s night on their side and on my side it’s already day. I work on the document and send it and by the time their day starts, they already have the needed content with them.

So are you looking for a content writer who can work remotely? If yes, do contact me to carry this conversation forward. Who knows? You may decide to work with me. Although, yours is the ultimate decision.

What to look for in a professional content writer for your business

Looking for a professional content writer

Finding a professional content writer for your business can be literally equated to finding gold wading through streams of water hoping that small trinkets will somehow find their way into your sieve. No, I’m not exaggerating. Considering how important content writing is, you can ill afford to make mistakes while hiring a professional content writer that is just right for your business? How do you do that?

This recent Copyblogger blog post begins with a very important note of advice: go for a content writer who has a very strong, confident writing voice. What does that mean?

I write socio-political articles also for a couple of online publications. Recently someone commented under one of my articles “Typical Amrit way of writing”. It means the person who left this comment not only frequently reads what I write, she can also recognize my voice. In fact this is not the first instance: I remember when I used to work with a team of writers (I no longer do that – I work on my own these days) I sometimes used to suggest my clients that one of my writers should write for them. Most of them used to insist that I should write because they wanted the content written just the way I write. As a professional content writer they recognize that I have a voice, a unique way of writing, and they want that for their businesses as well.

The blog post further says your professional content writer should have the following qualities:

  • He or she should have a good command over spelling, grammar and usage
  • He or she should be able to give an interesting twist to the existing facts and data so that your readers find the content interesting, compelling and if possible, entertaining.
  • The professional content writer for your business must understand how to write content that helps you sell more because ultimately it is your conversion rate that matters. He or she should know how to form headlines that can hook the readers, the email subject lines that encourage your recipients to open your email messages, write blog posts that are informative as well as engaging and write landing page messages that convert more clicks into purchases and subscriptions.
  • He or she should know why he or she is writing using a particular content writing strategy. This is very important because unless you know what you’re doing, you cannot make it manifest in your words. If you understand the objective of what you are writing, your writing becomes clearer and more convincing.
  • The professional content writer for your business must understand and accept the importance of professionalism and ongoing education. Unless your content writer continuously invests time in growth and education, he or she is not going to keep up with the evolution of your business

Some extra points that can help you find the right professional content writer for your business

The above point talks about the inherent qualities of the professional content writer that you aim to hire for your business, but what about his or her business sense? What makes him or her professional and committed? Here are a few more things you should look for:

  • He or she runs a professional content writing business: Although I don’t mean to say that content writers who don’t have a business providing content writing services cannot write well or they are not professional (you can never define individuals in such strict terms) but it always helps if the person you are hiring is running his or her own business because then he or she will understand your business needs. He or she will be better equipped at meeting deadlines because in meeting your deadlines lies his or her success as a professional. He or she needs to get more business for his own enterprise and this can only happen if he or she is able to provide you top-notch content writing services.
  • Your content writer has a professional website: Again, you may hire a content writer from one of those freelancing websites (Elance, Odesk) and there is no harm in it as long as you get the results, but just to be on a safer side, make sure that the content writer at least has a website that is constantly updated. This shows that the person is serious and isn’t providing content writing services simply because he or she has got some extra time or because he or she is between different jobs. Many people approach me for content writing work because they have taken a break for 4-5 months. Among such people you cannot get professional, committed content writers.
  • Your content writer maintains a blog: A content writer without a blog is like a driver who doesn’t like to drive. The job of a content writer is to write and no content writer can be so busy that he or she cannot maintain a blog to showcase his or her writing skills. It also shows that the content writer cannot manage his or her time properly.
  • Your content writer has a social media presence: This is not necessary but just to make sure that you can contact your content writer in case you are unable to reach him or her via email or telephone.

These are more or less the attributes that you should look for in a professional content writer for your business.