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What essential skills should you have as a content marketing copywriter?

As content marketing goes mainstream it is becoming more and more difficult to stay ahead of the pack or to use another cliché, stand out. Since everybody seems to be using content marketing to promote business people tend to think that it must be quite easy. Yes, it is easier and more economical compared to native advertising, but just because you can run your content marketing strategy practically for free if you have got lots of time to spend on it, it doesn’t mean it comes easy. Companies like Coca-Cola are spending billions of dollars on their content marketing. The more businesses use it, the more difficult it gets to compete.

So naturally, the content marketing copywriter needs to have exceptional skills to give your business the sort of leverage it needs. Surely, content marketing doesn’t just mean writing stuff. It also means creating high-quality videos and visuals but since I am a content writer by profession, I am more interested in the writing part rather than the video and graphic part.

This Content Marketing Institute blog post by Neil Patel lists 5 essential skills that a content marketing copywriter must have in order to perform well.

Undoubtedly, copywriting is a big part of content marketing because whenever there is marketing and selling, there is copywriting. You should know how to put your point across convincingly and compellingly. You should know which words to use to convey which emotion and for what effect. According to the blog post written by Neil, the essential content marketing copywriting skills are

  1. Great writing skills that allow you to create easy-to-read content and organize your ideas in order to make complex topics simple and convincing.
  2. An ability to create trustworthy and compelling headlines.
  3. Awareness of user experience.
  4. Authority and specialization.
  5. Awareness of the only marketing fundamentals and an ability to tailor content accordingly.