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What is news content marketing and what are its benefits?

News content marketing

News content marketing is writing, publishing and distributing highly interesting and relevant information and updates about your company/organisation or about related events taking place elsewhere. This is something slightly different from publishing content simply to educate your customers and clients and provide them product or service-specific information. A good example of news content would be

  • Your company or organisation has bagged a very big client
  • You are expanding your operations to other cities, states or countries
  • You are branching out into new services or products or adding new features or attributes to your existing services or products
  • Your business has gotten a new website or a new blog
  • Your organisation has won an award
  • Someone new has joined your organisation
  • Your office premises has acquired something new, like computers, new-age furniture, landscaping material or anything interesting you would like to share with your clients and customers
  • A small fire broke out but it was quickly brought under control (or unfortunately, was not)
  • Something interesting happened near the building
  • Your area is going to experience inclement weather
  • There was a power outage where you have your office
  • A stray cat wandered into your office premises and decided to make it its new home

The list can go on and on once you get into the groove.

Do you know people are obsessed about reading news, especially online? While conventional newspapers are winding up, demand for news is rapidly going up. Most of the links you come across on Facebook, Twitter, and even Tumblr, come from one or another news website. How is this tendency of people to consume and share as much news as possible beneficial to someone wanting to leverage content marketing?

What are the main hurdles you face while trying to implement your content marketing strategy?

  • Lack of an audience
  • Lack of enough fresh content
  • Lack of content writing ideas
  • Very low frequency of content publishing
  • Expense of getting the content written or generated is quite high

All these hurdles can be in one way or another taken care of via news-related content marketing. For smaller daily or weekly news you can have a separate section on your website itself (something like “Latest News”) and for more significant news distribution you can use one of the various press release services available on the Internet. You can also spend your time networking with influential journalists working with major news outlets like the Associated Press, New York Times, Washington Post, Tech Crunch, Mashable, etc. so that twice or thrice you can get some major news about your organisation published over there.