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How to create engaging content [infographic]


Creating infographic is a great way of communicating your message convincingly and visually.

In this post I am publishing an infographic sent to me by good folks at MyTasker, an office support company based out of Kolkata. In near future I too am planning to hire such a service so I’m going to save the link.

The person who sent me the infographic has also sent me some textual background information that is to be published along with the infographic. Since I need to work on another blog post I’m going to copy/paste the description as it is. So please excuse in case there are some typos, or if you want to be a good Samaritan, let me know in case I need to correct something.

But the infographic is good.

Here is the textual background information on the infographic:

Why do you think people don’t just seem to care about your Content?

With your field of expertise, you have targeted the right niche community.

You have done your research on keywords and have chosen the interesting ones.

You have shared your content with the right communities.

But still:

Only a few views and a couple of comments.


There is absolutely no need to bang your head against the wall for the answer.

Your Content is Boring, and people do not find your writing style interesting.

It hurts, right?

Well, it must.


You are probably doing everything right in this situation except, writing a Compelling Content that truly Engages with your readers.

Remember this thing:

Trends may come and go but Quality Content is the King of the Viral Kingdom.

There is no rocket science that you need to know to create Engaging Content.

You just need to know a few ingredients that can make any dull content look exciting.

And knowing these ingredients will help you stimulate your readers in a way that they will pay attention to each and every word you write.


If your Readers are paying attention to you, it means you have engaged them to a point where a bond has developed between you two and they will eagerly wait for your next post and the next one.

So, to help you make your content interesting and engaging, the Writing Team at MyTasker has created a visually appealing Infographic where all the essential components of an Engaging Content have been looked into from an average reader’s point of view.

Incorporating some of the components (ideally all) will pleasantly surprise you to see how the quality of your content increases overtime and your readers finally start engaging with you.

Just go through the Infographic and be a Master at creating Engaging Content.

Here is the infographic:

Increase your sales and conversion rate by writing useful content

Content doesn’t just mean text full of numbers and hypothetical statements. It needs to solve a purpose, your visitors and prospects must find it useful. After all people don’t visit your website or blog out of some altruistic reason — they are always looking for something, whether it is information or entertainment. If they don’t find your content useful, if it doesn’t appeal to them, they are going to leave your website quickly without doing business with you, and they are never going to come back if they remember you or your website. Whenever somebody visit’s your website, he or she is thinking, "What’s in there for me?"

But how do you make your content useful; how do you make it cater to a particular need? It’s very simple — by putting your visitors’ interest first. This may seem like a cliché beaten to pulp by various "copywriting experts" but you know what, consider it a miracle, but it really works. Whenever you are creating content for your website, or whenever you are getting it written, keep in mind what you can offer in the best manner and how it can help your visitors. A few days ago I wrote about instilling confidence and trust with your copy. If your visitors can trust you and have confidence in what you have to say they are not apprehensive when they have to purchase a product or service from you. This trustworthiness can be established by encouraging your visitors to come to your website again and again, and this can only be achieved by providing something extremely useful and informative, and on a regular basis. Once trust is established they buy from you even if you don’t ask them to and simply mention that you offer a particular product or service.

Every product or service has a niche market and people are constantly looking for useful information.  Let us assume that you sell an accounting software. Instead of mentioning on every second page of your website or blog how great an account package you’ve got, you can publish interesting trivia about your product. Recognize your market and generate content accordingly.  If you are targeting small businesses with not much knowledge about accounting and bookkeeping you can publish lots of tips and tutorials on how to easily maintain books with your accounting software.  You can also talk about various accounting procedures and how your software tackles them. You can publish objective reviews of other accounting software products so that people can compare and make educated decisions. You can also publish cheatsheets that make it easier to use your software. Sky is the limit when it comes to creating useful content around your product.

The same goes for a service that you provide. Take for example my online content writing service. You may think what is the use of publishing content that helps others become better content writers and online copywriters? When  I am sharing my knowledge and experience I am establishing my authority. I agree…90% of my visitors must just be coming to learn content writing and copywriting, and I’m really glad, and humbled, that I can teach them something, but the remaining 10% can see how much I know about content writing. By going through various pages and blog posts  they can make out that I can improve their conversion rate as well as search engine rankings by my writing experience.  I may not be one of the best writers on the Internet but I definitely know what I’m doing and I abundantly share that on my website.

By constantly generating highly useful content I also increase my chances of getting linked to by other Webmasters and bloggers and consequently, increase traffic and search engine rankings.

Creating useful and valuable content may seem like an uphill task in the beginning but you will find in the end that it is genuinely rewarding. You increase your goodwill, you strengthen your brand, and you encourage people to pay close attention to what you’re saying and offering.