Will RSS undermine the search engines?

Google is God, Google is … Well, We have been kind of worshiping the search engines. We always wondered how we ever managed without them. But the way web world is constantly evolving, there is a feeling that a day is not far off when the search engines and portals will be less used and social media and blogs are getting more center and up front! Yes, things are changing and in style.

The question is – Will a day come when people will use more and more RSS (really simple syndication) feeds and depend less and less on search engines?

What are RSS Feeds?

RSS is a process used by websites to present updated and newer contents to subscribers directly through its readers. This is like speed-post delivered at home – fresh and updated contents delivered directly to the readers. Actually a synopsis called RSS feed is displayed and this small capsule of information can be used for selecting the full content/article. An RSS reader or editor sorts out the feeds and also generates the RSS feeds. Today RSS is fast-forwarding the web search for optimal content.

Benefits of RSS Feeds

RSS feeds have revolutionized the concept of web search today. We can pick and select the content we need and what suits us. No need to plow through the vast ocean of information available over the net. No spam or no bulk mail; everything you need is at just a click. Especially, when readers want timely and useful updates from their various favorite websites, and need the updates collected in a single place (done with a feed reader interface).

Marketing via RSS

Marketing strategy using RSS feeds is more effective because you send the latest and applicable information and it is sent directly to the target audience. Site optimization is easier with RSS feeds. Since more and more people are trusting social media opinions and recommendations about any new purchases they are contemplating, the RSS feeds from the social media are gaining more power.

Why not Search Engines?

Most likely the vast amount of information available on the Internet kind of frightens people. They feel so overwhelmed by the surfeit of contents, they start feeling confused and uncertain. When they ask for product information, there may be two diametrically opposite recommendations which confound the common man. This could be the major reason for shunning the search engines.

Scoring over by RSS

Why some people think that RSS feeds give them an easier way out – more so than the search engines? The single most use of Internet is for searching. Search is what makes people seek the net – to know, to learn and to know the pros and cons and perhaps to buy. If RSS feeds, due to timely and useful content, convince the visitor to buy a product, that is optimal conversion and that counts greatly in favor of RSS feeds. If RSS feeds satisfy the customer that they have achieved what they wanted, and visitors feel that they can come back for more and keep coming back – why, it is a greatest victory for RSS feeds.

The Question – Will RSS feeds undermine Search Engines?

Will the gateways change? Will Google, Bing and such lose their edge? Will Wikipedia not get as many clicks? Otherwise why Google started its own RSS feeder – Google reader – To play safe? (www.reader.google.com). So many questions!

All really boils down to individual choices. Much as fast-food is favorite with some people, RSS feeds will no doubt gather more fan following. Yes, many will be there – who will not have the time or inclination for a thorough research and may settle down to go by the recommendation or contents of RSS feeds.

But RSS feeds replacing Search Engines does not seem possible in the near future.

Certainly all that is good and great are not only on RSS feeds. A connoisseur will still not settle down with only fast-food; he would find time to learn and know; he would rather pick and choose what he wants, what he thinks as most relevant and not let others choose for him. He will still Google.

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