Totally scalable blog writing services for every business

Blog writing services

Blog writing services

A blog writing service can help you improve your search engine rankings as well as create for you a formidable presence on the Internet.

At Credible Content we intend to provide affordable and scalable blog writing services to businesses of all sizes and dimensions.

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What are the benefits of having a business blog?

Benefits of hiring a blog writing service

Benefits of hiring a blog writing service

The most compelling benefits of publishing a business blog are:

  1. Improved search engine rankings
  2. A stronger and meaningful relationship between potential and existing customers
  3. Since you are sharing your expertise and wisdom that provide real help to your readers and website/blog visitors, you establish yourself as an industry leader and an authority figure
  4. Better brand recognition as people form positive associations with your brand due to your quality and relevant content
  5. More sharing opportunities: since you publish valuable content you give people a reason to share your content from their own websites and blogs and social networking profiles, constantly, bringing you more traffic and further improving your search engine rankings

According to a NewsCred finding, 70% customers say that they prefer those companies for doing business that provide helpful articles and blog posts.

Another social media survey has revealed that B2B companies that regularly publish a business blog generate 67% more leads compared to those who don’t.

Although blogging these days is one of the most important aspects of your online presence, it gets neglected because one, not many people understand the power of having a blog, and two, the benefits of blogging begin to show after a while.

We often explain to clients who want to try out our blog writing service that a blog is like a fruit tree. You have to sow the sapling first. Then you have to nurture it — water it, protect it from animals, insects and infection, and finally, one day it grows into a mature tree, giving you an unlimited supply of fruit. Here is a YouTube video on the same concept:

So, yes, just like it can be difficult for running a business or a typical marketing campaign, blogging requires strategy and effort and this is where our blog writers can help you.

You can either keep yourself fully involved with the regular publishing of your blog, or you can leave it up to us and we will ensure a continued supply of high-quality content for your blog, non-stop.

In fact,  outsourcing your business blogging needs to our blog writing services is the easiest way to get valuable content for your blog on an ongoing basis, on a well-defined schedule.

Once you start working with us, you no longer have to bother with what to publish, went to publish, how to optimize your content, which keywords to focus on.

We can totally take care of your blog. From simple supply of blog content to a total turnkey blogging solution, our blog writing services can provide you totally scalable services.

We can

  • Write blog content
  • Install WordPress completely along with theme customization
  • Maintenance and updating of your existing blog
  • Optimizing your existing content

The blog posts that we write for you will be

  • Search engine optimized for your chosen keywords and search terms
  • Well-written, without grammar and spelling mistakes
  • International standard – there is hardly a difference between our writing and that of a native English-speaking writer
  • Well-researched

Blog content services for reliable, high-quality content

When we write blog content for you, our primary focus is going to be quality and relevance. We believe that every blog post represents you, your business, and your brand.

There are various entry points to your website and blog. One never knows how and through which web page or blog post people come to your website. They don’t necessarily always come through your homepage.

This is why, every web page, every blog post is as important as your homepage. People may come across your link on one of the search engine result pages, on another blog or website or on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+.

They may never even visit your homepage. Straight away, after going through the page they have just found, they may decide whether they want to do business with you or not.

This is why, when we offer you our blog writing services, we take every blog post very seriously. We pay close attention to every aspect of what we are writing for you. Our entire purpose is to serve your prospective customers and clients.

what you can use Credible Content blog writing services for

What you can use Credible Content blog writing services for

You can use our blog writing service for

  • Regularly updating your existing blog with high-quality content
  • Start a new business blog with valuable, meaningful, helpful and search engine optimized content
  • Driving targeted traffic to your website
  • Enhancing your online brand presence
  • Bringing down after-sales support cost by publishing helpful blog posts

Blog writing services for marketing agencies and individual businesses

Credible Content can provide you professional blog writing services whether you are an individual business or a marketing agency looking to provide value to your  customers.

As a marketing agency you don’t have to hire in-house writers to provide blog writing services to your customers.

A big benefit of outsourcing your blogging services to Credible Content is that if you need expert bloggers, you are not stuck with your existing bloggers who may be good at writing one type of blogs, but not all types of blogs.

Our blog writing services process

The process that we follow to provide you high quality content is quite straightforward.

  1. You contact us for your requirement with your business details
  2. We closely study your website and understand the nature of your business
  3. We closely study your prospective customers and clients – we mostly focus on what sort of problems and needs your prospective customers and clients have, what they search for, how they search for, and what they are actually looking for
  4. We make suggestions and accordingly either you come up with blog titles or we come up with blog titles
  5. Together we approve the titles and start creating content

Your blog requirements can be ongoing as well as one-time. Although there is no use publishing one blog post and then moving on with your life because a blog doesn’t work that way. The main feature of a blog is that content is published on it regularly, on an ongoing basis.

Although, it differs from industry to industry, we suggest one blog post every week, for better engagement and faster improvement of search engine rankings. Many businesses prefer one blog post every month, but if you face greater competition, this isn’t going to help you much.

Wondering how much our blog writing services are going to cost you? Given below are the different blogging packages that we offer (contact us if you are an India-based business):

Lightweight E-Lightweight Medium Weight E-Medium Weight Heavyweight
1 post every month 2 post every month 1 posts every week 2 posts every week 5 posts every week
700+ words 700+ words 700+ words 700+ words 700+ words
2-keyword optimization 2-keyword optimization 2-keyword optimization 2-keyword optimization 2-keyword optimization
Optimized blog titles Optimized blog titles Optimized blog titles Optimized blog titles Optimized blog titles
100% proofreading 100% proofreading 100% proofreading 100% proofreading 100% proofreading
No-plagiarism guarantee No-plagiarism guarantee No-plagiarism guarantee No-plagiarism guarantee No-plagiarism guarantee
3 revisions 3 revisions 3 revisions 3 revisions 3 revisions
$15/month $28/month $55/month $110/month $280/month

Please note: If there is a mismatch between our various rates on different pages, it is probably because when we were updating the rates, somehow we missed this page. So, don’t be upset, just contact us.

Can you depend on our blog writing services?

The biggest problem faced by the people who outsource their blog writing needs is that they constantly have to pursue the writers to get the job done.

Even if they don’t have to pursue the writers, the writing is not up to the mark. Either it does not improve search engine rankings or it compromises on the conversion rate.

This is not the case when you work with Credible Content. Our blog writing services excel in providing high-quality content. We understand that your entire success depends on how well we are able to deliver quality blog content to you. Along with quality, consistency matters too.

Once you have decided to partner with us, once you have made the initial payments, our life’s mission is going to be to stick to the guidelines and provide you best possible content for your blog.

We are not saying that we are going to deliver the blogging content on time even if a comet hits the earth, but unless there is a major disaster, we are never going to miss the deadline.

Whether you are an individual business or a marketing agency we can easily scale our blog writing services according to your need and budget. Contact for more details.

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