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Content editing, auditing and proofreading services

Content editing, auditing and proofreading services.

Want someone to go through your existing text? These days lots of clients are sending me documents they have already written and they want me to just go through them, rewrite or make improvements. It saves them money and time (I’m not researching and writing complete documents) and it also gives me another opportunity to work with clients who need such assistance.

so, you need someone who can go through your existing written content and edit it? Also do proofreading?

  • Editing – sprucing up, streamlining and making the writing compelling.
  • Auditing – checking that your content is search engine friendly.
  • Proofreading – making sure that there are no spelling and grammar mistakes in your writing.
  • Rewriting – making improvements in existing text in terms of writing style, flow and engagement.


It goes without saying that editing, auditing and proofreading are done on existing content.

You or someone else has already written the content. It is either there on your website/blog or in a Word document or a Google Docs document.

You need an expert writer who can go through your written content and make sure that it is up to the mark and can be published on your business website.

Why does your content writing require an editor and a proofreader?

Need an editor or a proofreader for existing content

Need an editor or a proofreader for existing content?

You must know every newspaper has an editor. Every magazine has an editor. There are editors for authors.

Editors are highly paid. In fact, in a newspaper or a magazine, an editor- in-chief has the top job; the highest-paid person in the office.

An editor defines your text. He or she can tell you if something is well-written or needs to be rewritten.

An editor also helps you rearrange your text to create a logical flow.

Maybe you have just jotted down your thoughts because the subject you have written on is too familiar to you. Another person won’t be able to understand what you are saying.

This is where an editor can help you.

If the sentences are too long, an editor, or the writer who rewrites them, can shorten them.

If the sentences are confusing to the other person, your editor can make them simpler.

If the message isn’t coming out the way you wanted it to come out, your editor can help you with that.

Every published writer’s writing goes through an editor.


What about proofreading?

I agree that proofreading tools are already available, and they do a decent job. Nonetheless, when it comes to professional content, you cannot depend on automated tools, at least not yet.

For almost two decades now I have been using word processors. Even after so many years, I cannot completely rely on their proofreading capabilities.

Yes, they have improved. Sometimes they make incredibly good suggestions.

Both Google Docs and MS Word provide quite a nice proofreading and language improvement tool these days.

They can reduce your job to a great extent.

They can also point out if you have used superfluous expressions or unnecessarily lengthy phrases.

You can also use an online service like Grammarly.

But the problem with Grammarly is that it’s too expensive for a one-off job.

It works on a yearly subscription basis and it can be awfully expensive if you don’t plan to use it every day.

Besides, compared to a human writer, it is still primitive.

Difference between editing, rewriting and proofreading

Proofreading involves correcting

  • Spelling mistakes.
  • Grammar mistakes.
  • Missing words.
  • Incorrect use of words.
  • Punctuation.
  • Capitalization.

Editing involves improving your

  • Writing style.
  • Level of clarity.
  • Flow or logic.
  • Content organization.

Rewriting means

  • Making structural changes to make your writing attractive and professional.
  • Giving shape to your thoughts that you may have quickly jotted down.

How can I help you in editing and proofreading your website content or text?

As a writer I have been writing all my life. I have written for newspapers and magazines.

For the past 15 years I have been providing professional content writing and copywriting services. I write content and do copywriting for

  • Business websites.
  • Business blogs.
  • Company profiles.
  • Micro content for social media platforms.
  • Landing pages.
  • Email marketing campaigns.
  • Case studies & white papers.
  • E-books.
  • SEO articles.
  • Press releases.
  • Guest blog posts.
  • Journalistic articles and opinion pieces.


Since my clients pay me for my writing, we can safely assume that they don’t pay for lousy writing. I must be doing a decent job.

When I edit and proofread your content, I will make sure that there are no grammar mistakes. Other than that, I will also ensure

  • Your content is professional-looking.
  • The language is smart, crisp and to the point.
  • Your content doesn’t look as if it has been written by someone who is not a habitual writer.
  • There are no spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • There are no lengthy sentences and paragraphs to confuse the readers.
  • The text is organized in such a manner that it is easier to read quickly, and even scan it to get the gist of it.
  • Make sure that there is more of active voice and less of passive voice (passive voice bores your readers).
  • Your writing sounds international.

Content auditing services for better SEO

Content auditing services for better SEO

Content auditing services for better SEO.

You obviously want to improve your search engine rankings with optimized content.

Trying to optimize your content with your primary, secondary and LSI keywords is a double-edged sword.

If you make it obvious to Google that you are simply using your keywords to improve your rankings, it penalizes you instead of improving your search engine rankings.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you don’t use your keywords enough number of times and contextually, you don’t optimize your text.

Most of my content writing revolves around creating SEO content. People hire my SEO copywriting services because they need content that is optimized. Content that can help them improve their search engine rankings.


Therefore, I have ingrained the right way of writing for Google and other search engines. I don’t even have to try, to be frank.

I can go through your existing content and make suggestions so that you don’t over-use or under-use your keywords.

I will strategically and contextually add your main keywords and LSI keywords to your existing content.

I will organize your content in such a manner that it will be easier for Google to crawl, index and rank your content for your target keywords.

My content editing, auditing and proofreading services are for existing content.

Although I can write your content from scratch using your existing message, when you hire me for editing, auditing and proofreading, I will be making changes to your existing content.

You don’t need to worry about the central message. I won’t change it.

If you have a peculiar style of writing and if you want to retain that style, I won’t disturb it.

My focus will be to spruce up your content in such a manner that it reads well, sounds professional, is devoid of grammar and spelling mistakes, and is search engine optimized.

What type of text do I expect from you when I rewrite?

There must be something to rewrite, right? It is not that you send me 100 words and then you expect me to write them into 1000-word blog post. I don’t mind adding a few hundred words here and there, but if you want me to rewrite your blog post, the blog post must already be rewritten. Otherwise, I will be writing from scratch and considering it a full-fledged blog writing assignment, that is different from rewriting. If you want me to write 1000 words, around 800 words must already be there.

Benefits of my rewriting services

Rewriting is faster than writing complete blog posts, articles and web pages. Hence, I charge less. This saves you money.

Also, you want to give your blog posts and articles your own touch as an expert. You can write but you neither have the time nor the experience (70% of my work day involves writing and 30% marketing and promoting my services, through different forms of writing) because this is not your profession.

You want to jot down your thoughts and then you want someone to rewrite your content and make it presentable, professional as well as user-friendly. This is where my rewriting services can help you.

My rewriting services can also be used to create unique content out of existing content. Suppose, you come across a very interesting article or blog post that you would want for your own website but you know that it cannot be copied as it is. You want to give it a unique spin.

You send me the link to the article or the blog post and I will rewrite it. Every sentence will be rewritten. I will even reorganize the thought flow.

Do you want me to take a look at your content? Contact me.

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