Engaging your readers with interactive content

Interactive content doesn’t always have to be animation or video; even your text content can be interactive.

On the Internet, especially these days, we are always in conversations, whether on Twitter, or FaceBook, or on different blogs. Content on social media websites is engaging. We read, we provide feedback, we react, we respond, we present a counter-argument; we like it when people talk to us instead of talking at us. We no longer live on solitary islands of the World Wide Web. We want to feel a part of whatever is going on. Even when we’re simply lurking, we immediately feel like responding when someone talks to us or talks about something we feel passionate about.

Unconsciously, we are looking for an identical experience of interactivity wherever we go. We like it when we are expected to react, and that’s why blogs became such a hit. They became a network of conversations. Reacting to an opinion or a news became as easy as firing up your favorite blogging software and publishing your thoughts, and if not, at least leaving your comments on the blog or the news page.

But how do you make your content engaging when you’re writing a company’s corporate page? Given the preferred turgid style followed by various corporate copywriters and content writers, I know it’s not easy to convince people, but this is something you have to do. Even when you’re writing for a company website, talk to your readers. Write as if you are addressing to them, as if you know what bothers them. Present them with a solution rather than a product or service.

One thought on “Engaging your readers with interactive content

  1. Jenny Pilley

    I think many online writers forget to interact with their readers. It is vital to engage with potential customers rather than just hitting them with a hard selling pitch. How to do it is a different matter and starts with where you put your content and how you will attract your market. You make a really good point and I think one that many people struggle with.

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