5 examples of using the PAS copywriting framework

5 examples of the PAS copywriting framework

5 examples of the PAS copywriting framework

PAS stands for Problem-Agitate-Solution. It is one of the most widely used copywriting framework.

What is the importance of the PAS copywriting framework?

Importance of the PAS copywriting framework

Importance of the PAS copywriting framework.

Every product or service solves a problem.

This problem can be practical. It can be business-related. It can be some emotional issue. It can be about your health. It can be about relationships. Your social status. Your communication needs.

People don’t buy your product simply because it exists. They buy it because they have a nagging problem, and they think that your product gives them the much-needed solution.

Suppose, you want to hire my SEO copywriting services.

You want to improve your search engine rankings.

You want better visibility for your website or blog.

Because of lower rankings, your website is not generating enough leads. You are not making more sales. You are not making enough money. You’re suffering professionally and personally.

This is a PROBLEM for you. In fact, because of your lower rankings, you are facing multiple problems.

As a copywriter intending to promote my SEO copywriting services, my first job is to talk about your problems so that you know that I understand what you’re going through.

Unless you are convinced that I know about your problem, how am I going to convince you that I have a solution to your problem?

Therefore, the first part of the PAS copywriting framework is to highlight the problem.

After highlighting the problem, I need to paint a scenario of what hardships you’re going through because of the problem of not being able to improve your search engine rankings.

As I have mentioned above, you are not making many sales. You are not making much money. You are not able to grow your business. You are going through personal and professional hardships.

This is how I AGITATE you.

I create a mental imagery of your hardships. When you mentally imagine the hardships you’re going through, you even feel them physically and emotionally, and you desperately crave for a solution.

Once you desperately begin to grasp for a solution, I offer you a solution.

My SEO copywriting services.

This is the SOLUTION.

The PAS copywriting framework is effective because first it makes a connection with the reader by highlighting the problem the reader is going through.

Then it creates a visual imagery to cause further agitation. By the time the entire scenario is created, the reader is desperately looking for a solution.

Once the reader is fully agitated, you offer the solution.

5 examples of the PAS copywriting framework

Examples of the PAS copywriting framework

Examples of the PAS copywriting framework.

PAS example 1


Struggling to lose weight? Worried about your health? Have tried various methods but none worked?


Excessive weight weighs you down in multiple ways. You get easily tired. You can’t wear the clothes you want to wear. There is a greater risk of having diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Low quality of life. Restrictive social life. It goes on.


A breakthrough weight loss program that guarantees result. No dieting. No need to sweat in the gym. You will notice a marked difference within weeks. Contact us today to know how the magic works.

PAS example 2


Are your search engine rankings extremely low? Is your website failing to attract customers?


All your customers are going to your competitor websites, right? Every morning you open your inbox and meet with disappointment: no new sales notifications. Income is down. Expenses are the same or going up. You desperately need some traffic that converts.


Supercharge your search engine rankings and skyrocket targeted traffic with my SEO copywriting services. Attract laser-focused prospects who are itching to buy from you. Witness undeniable, data-backed results that leave your competition in the dust. Say goodbye to the struggle of targeting high competition words. Start publishing SEO content today.

PAS example 3


Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Are you spending sleepless nights and are unable to move around?


Back pain can be excruciating. It can make you bedridden. You are dependent on painkillers and painkillers destroy your kidneys. You may even get used to drugs trying to deal with this incessant pain. There is not a single moment of happiness and relief.


Don’t let back pain hold you back any longer. Seize this golden opportunity to liberate yourself and experience the exhilaration of a pain-free existence. Join countless individuals who have found solace in our unrivalled solution. Book an appointment today.

PAS example 4


Are you buried in mounting debt? Has paying interest or the monthly instalments become an unending cycle draining all your resources?


You are under crushing stress. The never-ending cycle of creditors keeps you up at night, constantly tormenting you. You are about to lose everything you have worked so hard for. You have arguments with your spouse every day. The emotional toll is leaving you isolated and disconnected. It is also taking a significant toll on your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Your debt is giving your insomnia, headaches and other illnesses, which ultimately may lead you to serious problems.


Now picture a life of abundance where financial stress has become a distant memory. Don’t wait another moment in the clutches of mounting debt. Seize this extraordinary opportunity to read out your financial narrative. We have got a revolutionary debt demolisher for you. Choose our groundbreaking solution and embrace a brighter future with complete financial independence. Take control of your finances today.

PAS example 5


Worried about the security of your online data?


There can be devastating consequences of your data been leaked. How would it feel to know that your most intimate information is available for the whole world to see? Your privacy will be violated. Your identity can be stolen. The breach can wreak havoc on your financial well-being. You can lose your hard-earned savings.  The stolen data can be used to bring public humiliation to you, damage your relationships and destroy your career.


Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get unparalleled data protection. With our impenetrable encryption technology your online data is defended against hackers, malware, and unauthorized access. Keep your data out of the reach of your adversaries. Our data protection tool works seamlessly across multiple platforms and multiple devices. Share, collaborate, and communicate with confidence. Embrace the power of unbreakable security today.

Why does the PAS copywriting framework work without fail?

Why does the PAS copywriting framework always work

Why does the PAS copywriting framework always work?

It is the simplest, and the most widely used copywriting framework. Listed below are a few reasons why it is so prevalent among copywriters and marketers.

Immediately captures attention

You begin with mentioning the problem the reader is facing. This immediately captures their attention and establishes a connection.

If I’m facing a grave problem and you put the essence of my problem into your words, I want to pay attention to you.

Makes an emotional connection

Agitation is an emotion. You want to agitate your reader. You want to create a mental image in their mind, about what is happening.

Increases engagement

Talking about the problem and then helping them relive all sorts of problems that they are facing, you engage them into an emotional interaction. They are more likely to pay attention to what you’re saying and even act upon your advice.

Builds credibility

When you talk about their problem in an engaging manner, it is conveyed to them that you understand their pain. They trust you. It builds your credibility.

Presents a clear solution

The PAS copywriting framework presents a solution that is easy to understand. This is its basic strength.

First it highlights the problem, gets the reader emotionally invested, and then presents an actionable solution.

Uses a convincing call-to-action

The flow of the framework prompts readers to take action by presenting the solution in a convincing manner. The call-to-action is clear. There is no ambiguity.

It is versatile

The PAS copywriting framework is versatile in the sense that it can be applied to any business.

Your product or service solves a problem. You express the problem in your words. You help the reader emotionally feel the impact of the problem. Once the connection is made, you present a solution. This is applicable to every business.

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