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List of my main content writing services and content marketing services

Content Writing & SEO Copywriting Services for Websites

Well-written content helps you sell more, and by the end of the day, that’s what matters the most.

Your website content isn’t just a collection of words.

Your text represents your core values and the message that you want to convey to your visitors.

My content writing services for websites are totally tailored to your unique needs.

My SEO copywriting services can improve your search engine rankings within a couple of months.

Your online presence needs a content writer who understands your needs and the needs of your customers and clients. Read more…


Copywriting for email marketing and landing pages

It isn’t just your content that boosts the conversion rate of your email marketing campaigns and landing pages – you need copywriting.

You need a copywriter who convinces your visitors into becoming your customers and clients.

You need a copywriter to immediately grab the attention of your email subscribers so that they completely read your message, click the link, come to your website and make the purchase.

My copywriting services can help you carry out a successful email marketing campaign and improve the conversion rate of your landing page.

Read more about my email copywriting services.

Looking for an experienced copywriter who can improve your landing page conversion rate? Check out my landing page copywriting services section.

Social Media Content, also called Micro-content

Your social media presence these days is as important as, your primary business website or your blog.

Many websites are getting more traffic from their social media profiles than from search engines.

But it takes constant engagement, coupled with high quality content postings.

Would you like somebody to post relevant content under your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc.) and keep your audience over there meaningfully engaged?

Read more about my content writing and copywriting services for social media marketing…


Marketing Copywriting

Along with my content writing services I also provide copywriting due to my extensive experience helping my clients sell more on the Internet.

Copywriting is content writing with sales pitch.

With content writing you inform the visitors, and with copywriting you inform and motivate the visitors to buy from you.

An SEO copywriter achieves the both but then also improves your search engine rankings.

Your copywriter should be able to help you sell your idea convincingly. If your copywriting doesn’t convince, you don’t turn your visitors into paying customers and clients, no matter how many visitors you get.

Read more…


Content Marketing and Consulting Services

Content writing services and content marketing services go hand in hand.

All the content that is produced through content writing needs to be marketed using appropriate channels.

My website writing and blog writing services can give you high-conversion content that will improve your search engine rankings

But your content also needs to be marketed so that your target audience can find it.

The biggest and the strongest feature of content marketing is that it makes people come to your website by offering them high-value content.

They should be able to find that content on search engines, social media websites and other blogs and websites.

Content marketing is optional because even without content marketing content writing can greatly improve the performance of your website.

Marketing no longer means pushing your messages in front of your prospects and putting them off.

Through content marketing your content writer constantly keeps your target audience engaged so that by the time they need you, they already know you and trust you.

My content writing and content marketing services give you a total turnkey solution for your publishing and marketing needs.

You need to generate content that not only gets you better search engine rankings for your relevant keywords, but also strengthens your brand presence. Read more…


A quick glimpse of all my content writing and copywriting services

Niches for which I’m writing regularly

  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Design
  • VoIP
  • Social Media Marketing Consulting
  • Document Processing and Management
  • Real Estate
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Tourism
  • Natural Healing
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Natural Beauty Products
  • Automobiles Advertising
  • Investigation and Surveillance
  • Background Check
  • Industrial Security
  • Attorney Services
  • Other content writing services
  • Other content marketing services

I can help you improve your search engine rankings

Higher search engine rankings are not there just to give you an emotional high.

This video explains to you how my quality SEO copywriting services can naturally improve your rankings:

Does your business depend on search engine traffic?

Then you definitely realize how important it is to get the right traffic from the search engines.

Especially Google that controls 97% of the search market.

My SEO copywriting services WILL increase your search visibility.

I don’t believe in tricking the search engine algorithms.

I just focus on my copywriting skills coupled with my ability to incorporate your keywords – primary keywords, LSI keywords and synonyms – to create the perfect cocktail to increase your rankings.

A content writer and an SEO copywriter you can depend on

Dependability is as important as the quality of work that I deliver.

Even if I can bring down the stars from the skies for you through my content writing and copywriting services, if I don’t deliver on time and as and when you need content, my online writing services are of no use to you.

So this is what I bring to the table once you decide to work with me:

  • Quality content that brings you more customers and clients
  • Credible, dependable content writing services that give you compelling content as and when you need it


Through my content writing services I can help you

  • Convey the right message to the right audience.
  • Strengthen your brand.
  • Articulate your message in a better manner and make an impact.
  • Search Engine Optimize your content/web copy -> obtain better search engine rankings -> get more, relevant search engine traffic.
  • Increase your business.

As an experienced freelance content writer who has been providing content writing services for many years,  I know that content writing is not about selling your product or service.

  • It’s about selling the overwhelming benefits.
  • It’s about catering to the deepest desires of your customers and clients.
  • It’s about establishing trust and credibility.
  • It’s about using words that change the way people value you.

And selling? Well, it’s a natural by-product of effective copywriting.


Worried that your website isn’t making enough sales?

Worried that your website is not making enough sales

Worried that your website is not making enough sales?

You have got a great product or service but your visitors simply don’t turn into paying customers and clients?

Do you wish your website would generate more leads?

Then you need compelling content.

Website content writing, unfortunately, is often underrated because well, it’s writing, ain’t it? Even a high school dropout can write, right?

Well, if you think that written content on your website is alright, then maybe you are right, you don’t need my content writing services. But then, why aren’t people buying? Why don’t you get queries and calls from your website? Why do people leave your website without even contacting you, if ever they come to your website, that is?

Clearly, your website content is not making the right impact. It neither informs nor engages.


It doesn’t sell.

Simply as knowing how to write doesn’t make you an author, simply knowing how to write doesn’t make you a content writer who can convince people into doing business with you and consequently, make money for you. You need professional content writing services.

You need a professional content writer who can make the needed impact.

And what about your website design, you may think? After all you must have paid through your nose to get a great web design for your website. Isn’t having a great web design enough?

No, it is not.

Just like having a plush office or shop doesn’t help you do much business without a staff and a strong branding message, people don’t buy from you – they simply window shop. You need professional content writing services and if your budget allows, also professional content marketing services.

Your website content acts both as an articulate staff as well as a branding platform. It draws them to your website and explains to them why it makes sense to do business with you.

Your content – the written words – is the communication medium that educates, informs, and eventually motivates your visitors.


Grow your business by working with a content writer who understands what you actually need to communicate

Grow your business with content writing

Hello, I am Amrit Hallan and I am a content writer and I provide content writing services that help you generate more leads and sales.

I am also an SEO copywriter who helps businesses get higher search engine rankings to generate targeted content to their websites and blogs.

Yes, with a single search you can find 100s of content writers and content writing services and SEO copywriters on the Internet, so what’s so special about working with me?

Fair question.

The answer lies in exactly what you’re looking for.

At a very fundamental level, you have a problem and you want someone to solve it.

You are not looking for a content writer just for the love of writing.

You are not looking for an email writer who can write pretty sounding emails but with no conversion rate.

Also, you don’t want to improve your search engine rankings merely for the heck of it.

You are looking for content writing services that can help you grow your business.

You want to grow business.

You want to get more customers and clients.

Ultimately that’s what matters.

You want to make the right impact.

What brings YOU to the winning position is that you understand something that most business owners don’t — the power of the written word (that’s why you are here, right?).

This is something that we share together.

As a professional website copywriter, I fully understand what massive power compelling writing wields.

When I write for your business, I don’t try to impress, I build a business asset.

This involves not only totally understanding your business, but also understanding what makes your prospective customers and clients do business with you. After all, unless they understand what you can deliver, how can they do business with you?

From the very first sentence your customers and clients should know what they’re getting from you. And they should know it in the language they understand and use.


Want to know why good content is necessary for your business growth?

You may first like to read my article Why good content is necessary.

This article explains to you the importance of relevant content.

It explains to you the significance of professional content writing services, and as a freelance content writer, how deeply I understand and accept its importance.

You may also like to read my blog post on why original Internet content is worth the effort.

What you write is what you get.

Words are important when they begin to affect your bottom-line.

You must be sure of what you want to convey through your writing.

It just takes a few words to change a boring piece of text into a sizzling sales pitch (and vice versa, of course).

It just takes one expression, a compelling, moving expression that can make your visitor click that “Buy” button or that “Subscribe” link.

Rise above the competition with my website & email writing services

You need to stand out and you stand out by having unique, well-written and engaging content on your website, which I can provide you.

Fully-manage content writing service with as much or as little control as you want.

I can provide you one-time content as well as regular content.

I can provide you content filled with sales pitch or normal, SEO-optimized informational content.

Want to know more about my content writing and content marketing services?



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