Looking for a blog writing service you can totally depend on?


Blogging, although highly rewarding, is a long-term commitment. This is why you need to look for a blog writing service you can totally depend on.


In case you cannot access the above-embedded graphic, according to a Hubspot report, companies that regularly publish a business blog

  • Get 55% more visitors
  • Have 97% more inbound links
  • Have 434% more indexed links

Do you want more customers and clients?

Do you want to increase your search engine traffic?

Do you want more people to link to your website?

Do you want Google to crawl and index your web pages on regular basis?

If the answers to all these questions is a resounding “YES!” then you definitely need a blog writing service like Credible Content that can provide you high-quality content on an ongoing basis.

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Exactly, what makes a business blog successful?


Let’s define success vis-à-vis a business blog:

  • You need targeted traffic.
  • You need better conversion rate.
  • You want more people to buy from you.
  • You want more people to subscribe to your email updates.
  • You want more people to download your white paper, case studies or e-books.

Normally these are your business needs. These needs can only be met by regularly publish a business blog.

Why? What do these things have to do with working with a blog writing service and regularly publishing a business blog?

Let’s discuss these points one by one…

Our blog writing service will increase targeted traffic to your website


There is traffic and then there is targeted traffic.

When you aimlessly generate traffic for your website you don’t see much business improvement.

Although you may feel happy that more people are coming to your website, it doesn’t really mean anything.

On the other hand, if you are able to generate targeted traffic your conversion rate improves.

More people buy from you.

More people use your service.

More people subscribe to your email updates.

Our blog writing service will help you generate targeted traffic by:

  • Thoroughly researching your keywords and search terms that people actually use in order to find your product or service.
  • Creating compelling blog post titles that will immediately draw people to your website or business blog.
  • Using your keywords and search terms strategically, within blog titles, description meta tags and body text.
  • Creating viral content.
  • Creating compelling content that will be actually helpful to people.
  • Writing blog posts with international writing style.

Want to know more about our blog writing process that can immediately improve your search engine rankings? Contact Credible Content now.

Improve your conversion rate with a professional blog content writer


Your conversion rate will considerably improve if you can keep people on your website or business blog for a long time. On an average, a user spends 3-5 seconds on a business website. But, if there is a blog, a person may spend 3-5 minutes, reading some blog post.

Your conversion rate improves if people stay on your business blog longer.

Your conversion rate will also improve if people visit your business blog frequently.

They will become familiar to you. They will be able to perceive your brand presence. You will be known to them through your quality content. They will respect you.

They will pay attention to what you say.

Once we assign a professional blog content writer to your business blog, he or she will ensure a regular supply of high-performance blog content on a regular basis.

We will ensure that you always have a trained content writer working for you whether you work with a single blog content writer and multiple writers.

As a prerequisite, all our blog content writers have to first focus on quality and then anything else. If your business blog writing is not up to the mark, no amount of good search engine ranking is going to help you.

Therefore, quality first. Then our blog content writer will shift his or her focus to keyword-oriented SEO.

Looking for a professional blog content writer for your business blog? Contact Credible Content.

Increase your business with professional business blog content

Increase business with the help of a blog content writer

People trust you more when they access professionally written business blog content.

Small things matter.

How you convey your messages, how you list the benefits of your products and services, matter a lot.

Publishing a business blog doesn’t mean you have to keep a stiff upper lip.

The writing style should be conversational yet informal for the business blog. The introduction should be two-way. Your writing should be as if someone is sitting in front of you and you are talking to him or her.

Such sort of writing can only be achieved by a content writer who is a trained writer. If you want to increase your business you need to master the art of conversation.

At Credible Content, we are constantly training our blog content writers to focus on your conversion rate. We want you to be able to grow your business with our blog writing service.

Grow your mailing list with great content

increase your mailing list subscribers

When you publish great content, people don’t want to miss it.

There are three ways people can avoid missing your great content:

  1. Routinely visit your business blog
  2. Keep a track of your social media updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  3. Subscribe to your email updates

Remembering to visit your business blog can be difficult, especially for busy people. The same holds true for following your updates and social media websites.

But everybody uses email.

By 2020 there will be 3 billion email users worldwide.

No matter how many people prefer to communicate using Facebook, WhatsApp and messaging apps, when it comes to business communications, email still rules.

So, if people don’t want to miss your quality content, they will certainly like to subscribe to your email updates.

Of course, to make them subscribe to your email updates you have to give them a reason.

What would that reason be?

The quality of your blog content.

There are two reasons why people would subscribe to your mailing list:

  1. They expect that you are publishing quality content on your business blog on an ongoing basis.
  2. They don’t want to miss future updates.

Only a professional blog writing service can ensure a non-stop supply of high quality blog posts for your business blog.

Contact Credible Content for more information on how you can make your business blog super successful.

Encourage more people to download your e-book, white-paper or case study through the strength of your business blog

Lousy, poorly-written content won’t motivate people into downloading your e-book, white-paper and case study.

Publishing and distributing e-books, white-papers and case studies related to your business are among the best ways of reaching out to your target customers and clients and becoming a thought leader in your field.

But thought leadership first has to manifest on your business blog. If they don’t encounter ingenuity, originality and authority on your business blog, they won’t expect it in your e-book, white-paper and case study.

A professional blog writing service can help you grow your business blog from many aspects and your business blog in turn, can help you grow your business.

According to an IBM research, 95% businesses these days have business blogs but only 15% businesses regularly publish quality content. These are the businesses that stand out.

Looking for a professional blog writing service to manage your business blog? Contact Credible Content to know more about how you can have a thriving business blog for your business.

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