Website writer for better SEO

Website writer for better SEO

Website writer for better SEO.

It is the better, high quality content that underpins your entire SEO strategy. If you are looking for a website writer for better SEO, do read on.

Search engines like Google, well, let’s only refer to Google as it dominates the search engine landscape with more than 97% share, are constantly looking for fresh, relevant content.

For better organic search engine rankings, you need two attributes in your content:

  1. Relevant content that your visitors appreciate and find useful (Google has a way of finding that out).
  2. Fresh and updated content on an ongoing basis.


When you take care of these two attributes, you enjoy higher search engine rankings, and consequently, you generate more business.

How does a website writer like me help you improve your SEO?

I don’t provide search engine optimization services, but I provide the foundation.

After all, it is your content that Google ranks. If you don’t have content, what does Google rank?

Hence, whenever you want to improve your organic search engine rankings, you need to begin with high quality content writing. Below I will explain why inferior content is bad for your rankings.


Just in case,

What are organic search engine rankings?

On Google (and other commercial search engines), you appear in search results through two methods:

  1. Paid search.
  2. Organic search.

In paid search, first you need to bid according to the competition your individual keywords face.

For example, if I want to use paid search for “website writer for better SEO”, Google will tell me how much other advertisers are paying per click.

To be able to appear higher than my competitors I must bid higher than what they are paying.

Hypothetically, if they are paying $ 1.50 per click, I must bid slightly higher than that.

If I agree to pay more than the highest bidder, my paid search engine listings are going to appear higher when someone searches for “website writer for better SEO”.

I’m not going to go into the pros and cons of paid search, but this is how it works.

Organic search engine rankings are non-sponsored listings that you see on the SERPs. You don’t have to pay for the traffic that you get from your organic rankings. You get your organic rankings according to the quality of your content.

This is a big part of SEO. Even when businesses spend thousands of dollars improving their organic search engine rankings, it comes cheaper to them compared to paying for their search listings because for their search listings, they have to pay for individual keyword, whereas, they can rank well the same piece of content for multiple keywords.

This is one of the biggest money savers for businesses: whether they get 10 clicks from Google or 1000 clicks, or even 1 million clicks the only money that is spent is on getting the content written from a professional website writer.


Since, it is never my intention to overcommit and oversell my website content writing services, I would like to tell you that it isn’t necessary that every webpage or a blog post that you publish is going to enjoy higher search engine rankings and you will be getting thousands of clicks for your targeted keywords.

Your search engine rankings, and consequently, the clicks that you get, depend on many factors but if you can improve your SEO, it can be invaluable for your business and you can save thousands of dollars on search engine traffic.

No wonder there is an $82 billion industry worldwide for SEO.

How can I improve your search engine rankings with my website writing services?

For better organic search engine rankings, you need high-quality, well written content.

As I mentioned above, you need two things to improve your SEO: high-quality content publishing and high-quality content publishing on regular basis.

I can provide you both.

Why you need quality content?

First, you need to define quality vis-a-vis your content.

Quality content means content that your visitors find useful and relevant to their search needs.

Are they able to find what they are looking for, on your website or blog?

If they don’t find the information they are looking for, or if they don’t find the information valuable, they are going to come back to Google and continue the same search.

When this happens, Google assumes that your website contains inferior or inadequate content for the keywords or the search terms it is currently ranking for right now and then lowers your search engine rankings for those keywords or search terms.

With more people doing the same thing (coming back and carrying on with the same search) your rankings keep going down. The cycle continues.

On the other hand, if fewer people come back to Google and carry out the same search Google thinks that your content contains valuable information and improves your rankings. This cycle too continues.

Hence, quality is of great importance for better SEO.


Why you need to publish fresh content regularly?

You need to publish fresh content because Google is constantly looking for fresh content. The ranking algorithm has been designed in such a manner that it gives preference to fresh content.

Of course, quality matters but if there are two pieces of content from different websites having more or less same quality levels, more fresh content gets preference over older content.

Since most of your competitors are constantly pumping new content into Google, you must follow suit, whether you like it or not.

So, you need high-quality content that your visitors respond to well, and you need to publish content regularly. This improves your SEO.

Through my website writing services I can provide you:

  1. Well written, high-quality content.
  2. Well written, high-quality content on an ongoing basis, with great punctuality.

Do you want to know more about my website writing services for better SEO? Contact me.

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