Targeting your market through effective copywriting


Targeting your market is very important on the Internet. At Credible Content we can help you reach the right audience through effective copywriting.

Every business these days has a website. Every website intends to target the right customers and clients. What does this mean?

If you have a website, you want to attract traffic. Not just any traffic. You want to attract people who would like to buy from you, who would like to do business with you.

For example, if you are selling vegetarian snacks from your website you don’t want to attract people who prefer only non-vegetarian snacks.

If you are selling motorbike accessories there is no sense in spending money and effort trying to attract people who are looking for car accessories.

This is where targeting through effective copywriting helps you.

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Want more targeted traffic to your website? You need result-oriented copywriting

You want to attract the right people to your website, and not just attract them, but also convince them into doing business with you.

Are you suffering from low search engine traffic?

Do people come to your website but then leave your website without buying from you?

Then your copywriting (the text that you have on your website) isn’t able to target the right people. It isn’t able to convince people into doing business with you.

Credible Content can help you.

We can assign to you an experienced and prolific copywriter who will write compelling copy for your website to increase your conversion rate.


Our copywriting service can help you

  1. Improve your SEO
  2. Improve your conversion rate
  3. Convince more people into doing business with you
  4. Run effective email marketing campaigns

Our copywriter can help you with

  1. Blog writing and article writing
  2. Landing page copy
  3. Website content and copy
  4. Convincing copy for your email marketing
  5. Convincing copy for your brochures and mailers
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How can we help you target better?

It takes common sense and a bit of research.

You are obviously selling something that people need, otherwise you wouldn’t be selling it.

But when people are looking for something that you are selling, they may not use the keywords or the language that you are using. We can help you find out exactly what search terms and keywords people are using to find what you have to offer.

And once we have found out exactly what people are looking for, we write the copy accordingly. We can seamlessly incorporate the keywords and search terms without unnecessarily stuffing them.

Our copywriters can use compelling language to improve your conversion rate.

When people come to your website you have to sell the benefits.

You have to offer them solutions. If they have a problem, you have to convince them that you can solve that problem and you can solve them better than your competitors.

You can be more effective. You can offer them an irresistible bargain. You can give them something that they are not going to find on another website.

Our copywriters can strike the perfect balance between the need to improve your search engine rankings and the need to improve your conversion rate.

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Why it is important to target your market through effective copywriting

Unlike a brick-and-mortar business that one needs to physically visit, your website has a disadvantage. It just takes a couple of clicks for your prospective customer to go somewhere else. In fact, this is a big reason why people are in such a hurry to leave your website – it is very easy to go to another website.

This is called bounce rate – among all the people who come to your website how many immediately leave your website without exploring other web pages. A higher bounce rate means your website isn’t giving what people need, or, it is misleading people into visiting it.


You need to target your market for two reasons:

  1. Improve and maintain your search engine rankings
  2. Make more people do business with you – buy from you, subscribe to your mailing list, or hire you for your service

How does targeting your market affect your search engine rankings?

There was a time when your search engine rankings simply depended on your content – what keywords you have used and how you have used them.

No longer remains the case. Your search engine rankings also depend on how people react to your content.

If your targeting is not good, if the right sort of people are not clicking your links, your search engine rankings begin to suffer.

Google knows how many people remain on your website once they have found your link through the search.

If most of the people leave within the first 5-10 seconds without exploring your website further, Google begins to assume that it does not provide the information people are looking for and hence, its rankings should be reduced.

But when your targeting is good, when you are targeting your market through effective copywriting, you attract the right sort of traffic. People remain on your website longer. They also explore other web pages on your website.

This is because, through effective copywriting, you are able to draw people who are actually looking for the information you have published on your website.

This is one reason why you should target your market properly.

The bigger reason is, you want to improve your conversion rate.

No matter how many people come to your website, if they don’t do business with you, nothing matters.

Business doesn’t always have to be buying your products or services. There are many websites that don’t want to sell products and services. They just want exposure, or they want to get people to subscribe to their email updates so that they can keep in touch with them.

Maybe you just want people to download your white paper, your case study for your e-book.

Maybe you want to get more speaking gigs for your expertise. Maybe you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

This is where targeting is required through effective copywriting.

Small words, small phrases, a sentence here, a sentence there, can make a big difference.

Many businesses have this complaint: lots of traffic but no revenue.

This is because their copywriting is not targeting their market properly.

Although somehow the copy on their web pages can get them good rankings for the selected keywords, the selection of the keywords is not good or the copy on the web page is not convincing enough.

Better targeting through AdWords and landing page copywriting


High quality copywriting is very essential for the success of your AdWords campaign.

Do you know that the more people click on your AdWords link the less you pay per click?

This means the copy of your individual AdWords campaign needs to have a very high conversion rate in order to be profitable for you.

Also, usually, when you run an AdWords campaign, you link to a landing page rather than one of the normal pages of your website or even the homepage. You have a landing page that solves one, single purpose.

This again means the copy of your landing page needs to be direct, unambiguous and compelling.

You need to sound friendly but also convincing.

There should be a sense of authority but also casualness.

Through the copy of your landing page you should be able to sell the greatest benefits of your offer. It should sound irresistible.

People must feel that if they don’t click the call-to-action link/button or if they don’t fill up the form that you have on your website or if they don’t call you or if they don’t send you an email, they are going to lose big time.

We can help you write compelling copy for your AdWords campaign, and also for your landing page.

Our copywriting service will help you get more targeted clicks from your AdWords campaign and then enjoy a higher conversion rate from your landing page.

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