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Your social media content marketing strategy primarily depends on the quality of content that you post various social media platforms, and its frequency.

It’s all about engagement.


You must be useful, you must be interesting, you need to be relevant.

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Why you need professional content for your social media posts

Many people, mistakenly, take social media lightly.

It’s because maybe it’s free.

This is a slightly old Forbes article, but it says that businesses that promote on social media outsell their competitors by 73%.

You can very well imagine how the situation might be right now when everyone is on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Regularity of quality content is the key to success on social media and social networking websites.

With millions of people and businesses posting every hour, how do you remain in front of your prospective customers and clients?

Through regular updates.

Only a professional content writing service or a professional content writer can provide you high quality regular updates for your social media marketing campaigns.


Why do you need a content writer for adding social media posts?

These days I’m providing micro-content writing services to a few businesses and there is a reason they have hired me.

I routinely go through their web pages and blog posts and find the most compelling reasons that people would like to receive information from them.

Aggressively promotional content doesn’t work on social media unless you are advertising – people know that you are advertising and hence, don’t mind coming across your ads.

Copywriter for adding social media posts

Copywriter for adding social media posts

But, if you are posting as a business or an individual planning on engaging people, even the promotional content needs to be converted into useful, engaging content.

Why hire a content writer for adding social media posts? Through regular posting, you give them so much information that they begin to see sense in doing business with you.

This cannot happen in a week or even in a month.

Initially they will just ignore your content.

Then, when the others begin to like and share your content and when they regularly come across your content, they begin to take notice.

This needs consistency and quality.

When I provide social media content writing services, I can prepare a content calendar for you – even for multiple months – so that you never run out of quality content to post on your social media timelines.

I can write individual micro-content pieces for different social media services or I can write uniform content that you can post on all major platforms.


To make an impact on social media, your content must mean something.

First of all, you need to realize how important social media presence is for your business and only then you can realize the importance of working with social media content writing services.

The benefits of working with a content writer for social media posts include

  • High-quality content.
  • Relevant content based on the interests of your audience.
  • Uninterrupted publishing.

All these three attributes are very important.

You cannot publish content randomly – one day you publish something, and then for a few days you don’t, and then again one day you publish something.

This doesn’t work.

You need to be consistent.

Whether your friends and followers realize it or not, whether they specifically mention it or not, they expect to see updates from you at a particular time.

This can be achieved if you work with social media content writing services.

10 Features of High-Quality Social Media Content When You Hire a Copywriter for Your Social Media Account

Features of high quality social media content

Features of high quality social media content

  1. Relevance: The content should be tailored to the interests and needs of the target audience.
  2. Authenticity: It should be genuine, original, and reflect the true voice of the brand or individual behind it.
  3. Engaging: The content should be compelling and capture the attention of the audience, encouraging them to interact and participate.
  4. Visual Appeal: Eye-catching visuals, such as high-quality images, videos, or infographics, can significantly enhance the content’s impact.
  5. Value: High-quality social media content provides value to the audience by offering useful information, insights, or entertainment.
  6. Consistency: Regularly posting consistent content helps build trust and maintain engagement with the audience.
  7. Storytelling: Telling a compelling story through social media content can create an emotional connection and make it more memorable.
  8. Shareability: Content that is easy to share and distribute across social media platforms can help increase its reach and engagement.
  9. Call to Action: Including clear and relevant calls to action in the content can encourage the audience to take the desired action, such as liking, commenting, or sharing.
  10. Responsiveness: Interacting with the audience, responding to comments, and addressing their queries or concerns demonstrates a commitment to building relationships and fostering a sense of community.

The Process of Writing Highly Effective Social Media Content When You Hire a Content Writer for Social Media Account

Writing highly effective social media content involves a systematic process that encompasses several key steps. Here is a general framework to guide you:

Define your goals

Clearly establish the objectives you want to achieve with your social media content.

Whether it’s driving website traffic, increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or fostering engagement, having specific goals will help shape your content strategy.

Whether you’re looking for a content writer for LinkedIn or for a copywriter for LinkedIn to add social media posts, it is very important to set definite goals otherwise you will end up posting random content with zero response from your followers.

Identify your target audience

Understand your audience’s demographics, interests, preferences, and pain points.

This knowledge will enable you to create content that resonates with them and addresses their needs.

A social media copywriter with extensive experience in handling social media accounts for businesses can help you identify your target audience.

Conduct research

Stay updated on current trends, industry news, and popular topics relevant to your niche.

This research will help you generate fresh ideas and ensure your content remains timely and relevant.

Plan your content calendar

Create a content calendar outlining the topics, formats, and posting schedule.

This helps you maintain consistency, avoid last-minute content creation, and stay organized.

Why is it important to plan a content calendar for adding social media posts?

Maintaining your social media profile takes time and effort. Social media influencers may seem to be having fun with posting lots of interesting stuff, but they work really hard.

Jay Shetty in his book “Think like a monk” has written that initially it used to take him 5 hours to finish a 5-minute video.

When you have a content calendar you have a definitive path to follow. You’re not going to run out of interesting social media posts.

Also, when it becomes a dedicated exercise, you or your staff take adding social media posts much more seriously.

Craft compelling headlines

Write attention-grabbing headlines that entice your audience to click and engage with your content.

A copywriter already has experience crafting compelling headlines.

Since they are writing impactful headlines for landing pages and email marketing campaigns, they can also help you with your social media postings.

Use compelling language, intriguing questions, or numbers to make your headlines stand out.

Develop engaging content

What is engaging content mean? It should elicit response from your contacts and followers.

On social media, engagement means likes, comments, and reposts.

It also means people clicking on your links but on most social media platforms, people prefer to stay on the platform so sharing links is often not recommended.

Focus on creating content that provides value, whether it’s informative, entertaining, or inspiring.

Use storytelling techniques, incorporate visuals, and make it easy to digest.

This is where the support of a social media content writer or a copywriter can be invaluable.

You need to publish convincing posts that move people into taking some action.

This action doesn’t necessarily mean people buy from you – it can be liking your post, re-sharing it, or posting a comment.

The post must be compelling enough to incite a response. This is how engagement happens.

Tailor content for each platform

A trained content writer or a copywriter for social media content can help you.

Why is it important to choose the right format for different social media platforms? Different social media users have different preferences.

The content that you post on Instagram may not do well on Twitter. The content that you post on Twitter, may not gain much traction on Facebook. Content on LinkedIn is usually professional and educational.

Customize your content to fit the characteristics and requirements of each social media platform.

Understand the optimal image sizes, video lengths, and content formats for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Optimize for SEO

SEO isn’t just for search engines. People search on social media too. Using right keywords on LinkedIn, for example is very important.

Although most of the social media platforms use hashtags, many people don’t use hashtags to search for relevant content. They use search queries.

For example, if you are searching for “social media content writer” or “social media copywriter” on LinkedIn, I should have some content on the platform using these terms if I want you to be able to find me.

Incorporate relevant keywords, hashtags, and meta tags in your social media content to improve discoverability and search engine rankings.

This ensures your content reaches a wider audience.

Encourage interaction and engagement

If you want people to comment, ask them to comment. Ask them pointed questions.

Sometimes, purposely post wrong information so that people are compelled to respond and correct you.

Conducting polls is a great way of eliciting response for your contacts and followers on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Include clear calls to action (CTAs) in your content, inviting your audience to like, comment, share, or participate in discussions.

Respond promptly to comments and messages to foster engagement and build relationships.

Analyze and iterate

Regularly track the performance of your social media content using analytics tools provided by the platforms.

Analyze metrics such as reach, engagement, click-through rates, and conversions.

Based on the insights gained, adjust your content strategy, experiment with new ideas, and optimize for better results.

Remember, the process may vary depending on your specific goals, audience, and industry. Adapt and refine your approach based on feedback and the evolving social media landscape.

20 Benefits of Hiring a Content Writer for Your Social Media Campaigns

Benefits of hiring a content writer for your social media marketing campaigns

Benefits of hiring a content writer for your social media marketing campaigns

  1. Professional expertise: A content writer brings specialized knowledge and skills in creating engaging and effective content for social media campaigns.
  2. Time-saving: Hiring a social media copywriter allows you to focus on other core aspects of your business while they handle content creation.
  3. Consistent content: A dedicated writer ensures a steady flow of high-quality content, maintaining consistency in your social media campaigns.
  4. Improved quality: A professional writer can deliver well-crafted, error-free, and grammatically correct content that reflects positively on your brand.
  5. Targeted messaging: A copywriter understands how to tailor content to your specific target audience, increasing the relevance and impact of your social media campaigns.
  6. Brand consistency: A writer can capture and maintain your brand’s tone, voice, and messaging across all social media platforms, reinforcing your brand identity.
  7. Enhanced engagement: Well-written content can captivate your audience, encouraging likes, comments, shares, and overall engagement with your social media posts.
  8. Increased reach: Engaging content created by a writer has the potential to be shared more widely, expanding your social media reach and attracting new followers.
  9. SEO optimization: A content writer can incorporate relevant keywords, hashtags, and meta tags to optimize your social media content for search engines, boosting your online visibility.
  10. Thought leadership: A skilled writer can establish your brand or business as an authority in your industry by creating insightful and informative content.
  11. Creativity and innovation: A content writer can bring fresh ideas and creative approaches to your social media campaigns, keeping them interesting and captivating.
  12. Adaptability to trends: Writers stay updated with the latest social media trends, enabling them to create content that aligns with current popular topics and interests.
  13. Storytelling: Writers excel at crafting compelling narratives that can evoke emotions and resonate with your audience, strengthening their connection to your brand.
  14. Professional presentation: A writer ensures that your social media content is well-structured, visually appealing, and aligned with industry standards, enhancing your brand’s professional image.
  15. Research and analysis: A content writer conducts thorough research to understand your industry, target audience, and competitors, allowing them to create more informed and effective content.
  16. Call-to-action optimization: Writers can strategically place persuasive calls-to-action in your social media content to drive conversions, such as signing up for newsletters or making purchases.
  17. Crisis management: In times of crisis or negative publicity, a content writer can help craft appropriate and timely responses, ensuring effective communication and damage control.
  18. Cross-platform integration: A writer can adapt content for different social media platforms, ensuring consistent messaging while leveraging each platform’s unique features.
  19. Long-term content planning: A content writer can develop a long-term content strategy for your social media campaigns, ensuring a cohesive and planned approach.
  20. Measurable results: With a content writer, you can track the performance of your social media campaigns more effectively and make data-driven decisions for improvement.

What are micro-content writing services?

Micro-content for social media posts

Micro-content for social media posts.

What is micro-content?

Traditionally, micro-content can be an article headlined, a page title, the subject line or the headline of your email or a small product description.

Small social media updates are also called micro-content. This content can be consumed within 10-30 seconds.

Twitter updates are a good example of micro-content although, under Elon Musk, the social networking platform has transitioned into a full publishing platform. Nonetheless, non-verified account holders can still post small titbits of updates and these can be called micro-content.

On video hosting websites, Instagram reels are micro-content. YouTube shorts are micro-content.

Difference between thin content and micro-content

There is a difference between micro-content and thin content.

Thin content is inferior quality content, usually 200-300 words, that you publish on your website or blog.

If you use some SEO auditing service, it can go through your individual web pages and blog posts and highlight instances of thin content, making suggestions that you should improve the number of words.

Even Google Search Console can tell you if there are multiple instances of thin content under your website.

Micro-content is pieces of small content that you publish on social media websites.

Although, on LinkedIn you can publish blog posts, when you are making regular updates on your timeline, you focus on micro-content.

Micro-content consists of normally 50-60 words.

For example, on Twitter you can write just 280 characters, including spaces.

Twitter sometimes is also called microblogging service.

When you are posting videos on Twitter, they should not be more than 120 seconds.

On your regular Instagram timeline, you cannot post video is greater than 60 seconds.

On Facebook there is no limit but people don’t prefer to see very long updates on their timelines.

Micro-content is preferred.

These days I’m providing micro-content writing services for social media to multiple businesses.

Just because you can write 50-60 words for social media posts it doesn’t mean that it is an easier job compared to writing blog posts and web pages.

Remember that you want to post content on your social media profiles because you want to make an impact.

You want people to notice your content.

You want them to remember you for quality content postings.

After all, if you don’t make a positive difference in their lives, how are they going to trust you and pay attention to your social media updates?

You want them to pay attention to your social media updates, don’t you?


That’s why you are considering to hire a content writer for social media posts. Or a copywriter to write your social media posts.

It is becoming a common refrain these days that your business is known by the quality of updates you post on Twitter and Facebook.

Your language, your timeliness, your relevance, your reaction to positive as well as negative feedback and your proactive approach towards engaging your audience, all these can have a lasting impact on your presence.

Besides, all search engines, including Google, are deriving lots of their search results from the content posted on various various social networking and social media websites.

A vibrant social media presence is also important for your SEO.

You want people to share your blog or website content on their social media timelines.

You are also looking for backlinks to improve your SEO.

People are not always searching for content to link to on Google and other search engines.

They check their social media timelines multiple times in a day on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (and other platforms like Instagram).

When they come across your updates and like them, they share them on their own timelines and even link to them from their own webpages, articles and blog posts.

Suppose someone is writing a blog post for LinkedIn and is looking for some useful information on the benefits of working with social media content writing services.

The success of your social media content marketing strategy depends on two factors:

  1. The quality of the content you post
  2. The regularity of the content you post

Why it makes sense to work with a writer for your social media posts?

Why work with a copywriter for your social media content

Why work with a copywriter for your social media content

The quality of your content decides how people are going to perceive you and your brand.


Just think of it, why should people take you seriously if you post nothing serious?

And by serious I don’t mean morose ponderings.

Your content must be relevant, timely and useful.

People should follow you and pay heed to your updates because they look forward to what you have to say on topics concerning your business.

If your content doesn’t interest them, they start ignoring your updates and worse, start ignoring you.

Regularity is important too, although it is not as important as the quality of your content. Since timelines move fast on social media your postings will quickly scroll down.

90% of your friends and followers (among those who regularly check their profiles and timelines) won’t notice your content if you publish once or twice a week. You need to post as frequently as possible (without crowding people’s timelines, of course).

And not just posts, you also need to interact and engage. You will need to respond to other people’s posts and participate in ongoing discussions.

All these take time and this is what I can offer you as my social media marketing content writing and copywriting services. When you partner with me you will always have top-notch content to post under your social media profiles whether it is business or personal. I can provide content for

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Medium

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