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Table of contents

  1. Why you need a blog writing service
  2. Blog writing service from an SEO perspective
  3. 40 ways my blog writing service can help your business website
  4. Different ways your blog post can be repurposed
  5. Different ways blogging helps in content marketing
  6. Blog writing service to improve your conversion rate

You business requires a professional blog writing service to keep your blog content fresh, relevant and up-to-date.

Running a successful blog replete with engaging content requires an ongoing effort, and as a business owner it might be difficult to churn out quality blog posts on a regular basis.

Hiring a full-time blog writer may also prove cumbersome and costly. The best and the most efficient way to go is, partnering with a blog writing service and working with an experienced blog content writer.

Why you need a blog writing service

Why you need a blog writing service

Why you need a blog writing service

Running a successful blog with all the attached benefits doesn’t just involve writing and publishing. Businesses publish blogs to

  • Keep their audience constantly engaged
  • Give people a reason to visit the website repeatedly
  • Develop a vibrant community around the brand
  • Provide useful information just when people need it
  • Develop a broadcasting platforms with its own dedicated audience
  • Become an authority voice in the niche
  • Maintain a positive buzz under their social networking profiles
  • Give other website owners and blog publishers a reason to link
  • Improve search engine rankings

Most of the small businesses want to maintain an active blog for the last reason – improve search engine rankings – although it is not the only reason why your business must have a blog.

A blog writing service such as mine gives you a wholesome solution that brings to you all the benefits listed above. Even if you are a good writer, very soon running a successful blog in itself becomes an activity better handled by a dedicated person.

Blog writing service from an SEO perspective

Blogging and SEO improve your rankings

Blogging and SEO improve your rankings

Even if you want to publish a regular blog merely for the sake of SEO, you constantly need fresh, relevant and search engine optimized content. Before every blog post you will need to carry out proper keyword research and analysis. How you create your title, SEO parameters, description and finally the body content, have a deep impact on your overall search engine rankings. You need to use keywords at strategic locations without sounding spammy and the subtle things can only be taken care of by experienced blog writing service.

Just as quality is important, equally important is regularity. Do you know that the search engine crawlers set the pace of crawling and indexing your webpages and blog posts according to the frequency of publishing? For instance, if you publish twice a week your blog automatically begins to get crawled and indexed twice a week. If you refresh your blog multiple times in a day, your new content can appear on search engine result pages within a couple of hours – I myself have experienced that with one of my own blogs. Intermittent blog publishing doesn’t help you much. Even if you publish one blog post every Wednesday, stick to the schedule.

As a business owner this might be a problem for you. Suppose you are a lawyer and it is hard for you to regularly take time out of your schedule. It can be of massive help if there is a blog writing service constantly taking care of your blog. It doesn’t even cost you much. My blog writing service can

  • Research your market and compile a list of keywords
  • Create unique blog titles for ongoing blog publishing
  • Take care of your SEO needs including interlinking and meta tags optimization
  • Maintain a sense of relevance throughout the publishing
  • Maintain a high standard of quality on an ongoing basis
  • Create unique content that will be highly useful to your audience
  • Help you maintain a community around your online presence
  • Submit your latest blog posts to all your social media and social networking profiles

40 ways my blog writing service can help your business website

How my blog writing service helps your business

How my blog writing service helps your business

  • Crafting High-Quality Content: Create engaging articles and blogs that people love to read.
  • Utilizing the Right Keywords: Use words that match what people type into search engines.
  • Ensuring Readability: Make sure the writing is easy to understand and enjoyable.
  • Polishing Spelling and Grammar: Check for errors in writing and fix them promptly.
  • Addressing Popular Topics: Write about subjects that pique people’s curiosity. Blogging service.
  • Incorporating Visuals: Enhance content with captivating images and videos.
  • Regular Updates: Keep the website fresh by adding new content consistently.
  • Facilitating Navigation: Connect different pages on the website to help users find what they need.
  • Social Media Promotion: Share content on social media platforms to broaden its reach.
  • Highlighting Your Business: Feature your business prominently in the content. Content writer for blogging.
  • Providing Answers: Address common questions and concerns within the content.
  • Organizing with Headings: Use clear and bold headings to structure the content.
  • Mobile Optimization: Ensure content is accessible and visually appealing on mobile devices.
  • Listening to Feedback: Pay attention to user comments and provide assistance.
  • Building Relationships: Collaborate with other websites to share your content. Blogging service.
  • Utilizing Lists: Use lists to present information in an easy-to-follow manner.
  • Optimizing Loading Speed: Ensure the website loads quickly to prevent user frustration.
  • Monitoring Analytics: Keep track of visitor numbers and engagement.
  • Fixing Broken Links: Identify and repair broken website links.
  • Encouraging Sharing: Add social sharing buttons for readers to spread the word. Blog writing service.
  • Local Business Integration: For local businesses, include maps for easy navigation.
  • Local SEO Optimization: Incorporate location-specific keywords for better local search results.
  • Voice Search Compatibility: Craft content that answers voice-activated queries.
  • Enhancing Accessibility: Ensure everyone, including those with disabilities, can use the website.
  • Ad Content Moderation: Avoid excessive ads that disrupt the user experience. Blog writer.
  • Security Assurance: Regularly check the website for viruses and malware.
  • Showcasing Social Proof: Display customer reviews and ratings to build trust.
  • SEO Tools Utilization: Employ specialized tools to optimize website performance.
  • Social Media Stories: Share updates through stories on platforms like Instagram.
  • Trend-Responsive Content: Write about trending topics to stay relevant. Blog writing service.
  • Updating Older Content: Keep old content up-to-date to maintain its usefulness.
  • Guest Posting Opportunities: Invite others to contribute content for variety.
  • Expressing Gratitude: Appreciate your readers and acknowledge their support.
  • Patience with SEO: Understand that SEO takes time to show results.
  • Data Sharing: Present data and charts to track progress and performance. Blogging service.
  • Variety in Keywords: Use synonyms to cover a broader range of search terms.
  • Contact Information: Make sure visitors can easily reach your business.
  • Success Stories Sharing: Highlight how your business has positively impacted others.
  • Honesty in Content: Always present truthful and accurate information.
  • Enjoying the Process: Maintain enthusiasm and make it enjoyable for everyone involved.

Different ways your blog post can be repurposed

How your blog content can be repurposed

How your blog content can be repurposed

  • Create Infographics: Infographics condense complex information from your blog into visually appealing graphics, making it easier for readers to understand statistics, processes, or concepts at a glance.
  • Craft Slide Decks: Slide decks turn your blog content into a slideshow format, suitable for presentations, webinars, or sharing on platforms like LinkedIn. Each slide highlights key points from your blog.
  • Design Posters: Posters are visual representations of your blog content, combining text and images. They are useful for offline marketing, events, or as eye-catching digital content.
  • Generate Podcasts: Podcasts transform your written blog content into audio format. This allows your audience to listen to your content while multitasking, like commuting or exercising. Blog writing service.
  • Make Videos: Video content brings your blog topics to life with visuals, narration, and animation. You can use platforms like YouTube to reach a wider audience.
  • Compile Ebooks: Ebooks are comprehensive collections of your blog posts, often organized around a central theme. They serve as valuable lead magnets for email subscribers.
  • Write Newsletters: Newsletters summarize your latest blog posts and provide updates to your email subscribers. They help maintain engagement and keep your audience informed.
  • Build Webinars: Webinars leverage your blog content for live or recorded online presentations, allowing you to interact with your audience and demonstrate expertise. Blogging service.
  • Develop Quizzes: Quizzes based on your blog content engage your audience, test their knowledge, and encourage sharing, driving more traffic to your website.
  • Craft Case Studies: Case studies expand on specific examples from your blog, showcasing real-world applications of your expertise and services.
  • Compose Whitepapers: Whitepapers are in-depth reports that delve into a particular topic from your blog. They provide thorough research and analysis, positioning you as an industry authority.
  • Create Social Media Posts: Share bite-sized portions of your blog on social media platforms to attract attention and direct users to your full articles. Content writer for blogging.
  • Generate FAQs: Compile frequently asked questions from your blog posts into a comprehensive FAQ page on your website to assist users and improve SEO.
  • Design Postcards: Postcards featuring key points from your blog content can be used for direct mail campaigns, event promotions, or as digital downloads.
  • Build Courses: Online courses use your blog material to create structured learning experiences, offering value to your audience and potentially generating revenue.
  • Write Email Sequences: Craft email sequences using blog topics to nurture leads, educate subscribers, and guide them toward becoming customers. Blog writer.
  • Generate Checklists: Checklists simplify your blog’s step-by-step recommendations, helping readers take immediate action on your advice.
  • Design Pinterest Pins: Pins for Pinterest with blog-related visuals and text descriptions drive traffic to your website when users click on them.
  • Craft Web Stories: Web stories are visually rich, mobile-friendly content that showcases blog content in a storytelling format, often used on social media.
  • Develop Surveys: Surveys based on blog insights collect valuable data from your audience, enhancing your understanding of their needs and preferences. Blog writing service.
  • Generate Templates: Templates inspired by your blog content provide practical tools for your audience to use, reinforcing your expertise.
  • Design Printables: Printables, such as worksheets, planners, or charts, turn blog concepts into tangible resources that readers can download and use.
  • Compile FAQs: A comprehensive FAQ page aggregates commonly asked questions from your blog, enhancing user experience and reducing customer inquiries. Blogging service.
  • Create Worksheets: Worksheets offer hands-on exercises based on your blog content, encouraging readers to apply your advice or learn new skills. Content writer for blogging.
  • Build Templates: Customizable templates, like social media templates or business forms, simplify complex processes described in your blog.
  • Generate Social Graphics: Shareable graphics featuring blog quotes and key takeaways create engaging visuals that can be easily shared on social media platforms.
  • Craft Checklists: Checklists distill your blog’s actionable steps into a concise format, making it easier for readers to follow your recommendations.
  • Develop Tutorials: Tutorials provide step-by-step instructions, often with visuals, based on your blog insights, guiding readers through processes or tasks. Blog writing service.
  • Design Post Series: A thematic blog series organizes related blog posts into a structured narrative, encouraging readers to explore multiple pieces of content on a particular topic.
  • Generate Expert Interviews: Conduct interviews with industry experts about blog topics, adding valuable perspectives and insights to your content while building relationships within your niche.

Different ways blogging helps in content marketing

How blogging helps you in content marketing

How blogging helps you in content marketing

  • Sharing Information: Blogs are like online diaries where you can share stories, tips, and facts with people interested in what you have to say. They help you pass on your knowledge to a wide audience.
  • Engaging Readers: When you write interesting blog posts, people enjoy reading them, and they keep coming back to see what’s new. It’s a bit like telling a captivating story that keeps your friends wanting to hear more.
  • Building Trust: Consistency in blogging shows that you’re reliable and trustworthy, which helps people feel more comfortable doing business with you. It’s a bit like making a promise and keeping it every time.
  • Educating Your Audience: You can use blogs to teach people about your products or services, making it easier for them to understand what you offer. Imagine it as being a friendly teacher, explaining things in a way that’s easy to grasp. Blog writing service.
  • Showing Expertise: By writing about your field regularly, you can demonstrate that you really know your stuff and are an expert in your industry. Think of it as becoming the go-to person for advice in your favorite game or hobby.
  • Answering Questions: Blogs are great for addressing common questions or concerns your customers might have. It’s like having a helpful friend who always has answers when you need them.
  • Improving SEO: Search engines like Google pay attention to blogs, so when you blog often with relevant keywords, your website can show up higher in search results. It’s like having your shop’s sign in a busy street so more people can find you.
  • Increasing Website Traffic: When you blog, more people visit your website to read your articles, which is great for your business. It’s similar to having a popular hangout spot where everyone wants to come and chat. Blogging service.
  • Creating Shareable Content: People like to share interesting blog posts with their friends on social media, helping you reach an even wider audience. It’s like sharing a fun secret with your friends, and they can’t resist telling others.
  • Establishing Authority: Blogging can make you a trusted source of information in your industry, which is important for your reputation. It’s like becoming the captain of your sports team because everyone knows you’re the best player.
  • Connecting with Customers: Through blog comments and social media, you can chat with your customers and learn what they need and want. It’s like having a direct line to your friends where you can ask them what they’d like to do next. Content writer for blogging.
  • Highlighting Products/Services: You can use blogs to showcase your products or services and explain how they can help people. Think of it as showing off your coolest toys and telling everyone how much fun they are.
  • Generating Leads: Blogs can attract potential customers who might be interested in what you sell. Imagine it as casting a wide net in the sea, hoping to catch some shiny fish.
  • Encouraging Interaction: Readers can leave comments on your blog, giving you a chance to interact and build relationships. It’s like having a conversation with your buddies about your favorite movie.
  • Strengthening Brand: Regular blogging helps people recognize your brand and what you stand for. It’s like having your own superhero emblem that everyone recognizes.
  • Providing Value: By offering valuable information in your blogs, you build goodwill with your audience. It’s similar to sharing your snacks with friends; they appreciate it and want to share with you too. Blog writer.
  • Demonstrating Use Cases: You can show real-life examples of how your products or services can be used effectively. It’s like teaching your friends how to use a cool gadget by showing them how you use it every day.
  • Sharing Success Stories: Blogs can feature stories from happy customers, which can be very persuasive to potential buyers. It’s like telling your friends about the amazing vacation you had, and now they all want to go too.
  • Addressing Concerns: If people have worries or doubts, you can use blogs to address those concerns directly. It’s like having a conversation with a friend who’s feeling unsure about something.
  • Promoting Events: If you’re hosting an event or have a special offer, blogs are a great way to get the word out. It’s like sending out invitations to your friends for a big party. Blog writing service.
  • Social Media Sharing: After publishing a blog, you can share it on platforms like Facebook and Twitter to reach a larger audience. It’s like announcing a cool event to all your friends at once.
  • Building Email Lists: Offering something valuable in your blogs, like a free guide, can encourage people to share their email addresses with you. It’s like making a list of all your friends who want to stay in touch.
  • Creating Visual Content: Blogs aren’t just about words; you can also include images, charts, infographics, and videos to make your content more engaging. It’s like adding colorful pictures to your school project to make it more exciting.
  • Reaching a Global Audience: Thanks to the internet, your blogs can be read by people from all around the world, expanding your reach. It’s like having friends from different countries who can share their amazing stories with you. Blogging service.
  • Tracking Analytics: You can use tools to see how many people read your blogs, where they come from, and which articles they like most. It’s like having a magic map that shows you where all your friends are and what they like to do.
  • Repurposing Content: Once you write a blog, you can turn it into other types of content like ebooks, videos, or podcasts, giving it a new life. It’s like turning your favorite book into a movie so more people can enjoy the story.
  • Educational Resources: Blogs can serve as valuable educational resources for your audience, helping them learn and grow. It’s like being the best teacher in town, helping your friends learn new skills.
  • Inspiring Action: At the end of your blogs, you can encourage readers to take action, like signing up for your newsletter or making a purchase. It’s like telling your friends, “Let’s go on an adventure together!” Content writer for blogging.
  • Providing How-Tos: Step-by-step guides and tutorials in your blogs can show people how to do things or solve problems. It’s like giving your friends a roadmap to reach their goals.
  • Sharing Industry Insights: Keep your audience informed about what’s happening in your industry, which shows that you’re up-to-date and knowledgeable. It’s like being the news reporter for all your friends, sharing the latest stories from your favorite hobby.
  • Building Partnerships: By connecting with other experts in your field through blogs, you can form partnerships and collaborations. It’s like teaming up with your friends to win a big game together.
  • Gathering Feedback: Readers may leave comments with suggestions or questions, helping you understand what your audience wants. It’s like having a suggestion box where your friends can share their ideas with you. Blog writer. Blog writing service.
  • Offering Solutions: Your blogs can offer practical solutions to common problems your readers might face. It’s like helping your friends untangle a tricky puzzle together.
  • Announcing Updates: If your products or services have new features or improvements, blogs are a great way to announce them. It’s like telling your friends about the cool new features in your favorite video game.
  • Comparing Products: You can use blogs to compare your products or services to others in the market, helping customers make informed decisions. It’s like helping your friends choose the best toy from the toy store.
  • Humanizing Your Brand: Sharing personal stories and behind-the-scenes insights in your blogs makes your brand more relatable and human. It’s like showing your friends what your daily life is like. Blog writing service.
  • Encouraging Loyalty: Regular blogs keep your existing customers engaged and loyal to your brand. It’s like having friends who always want to hang out with you because they enjoy your company.
  • Boosting Social Proof: Sharing positive reviews, testimonials, and success stories from satisfied customers can help build trust. It’s like having your friends tell others how awesome you are. Blogging service.
  • Supporting Sales: Blogs can guide potential customers through their buying journey, making it easier for them to decide. It’s like helping your friends choose the perfect gift for someone’s birthday.
  • Measuring Success: By tracking your blog’s performance, you can see how it helps your business grow and make improvements when needed. It’s like checking your progress in a video game and levelling up when you achieve your goals.

Blog writing service to improve your conversion rate

Do you know that my blog writing service can improve your conversion rate?

You see when I write blog posts for you, improving search engine rankings isn’t my only focus, although my attempt is always in this direction.

But by the end of the day you evaluate the performance of your blog writing service by the amount of business it generates for you, and the business can only be generated by a better conversion rate.

If your conversion rate is not good, no matter how much traffic your blog is able to generate, you’re not going to get much business. So as a blog writing service provider, aside from providing you search engine optimized content, I also create content that turns your visitors into paying customers and clients.

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