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My content writing services have so far served 100s of businesses from all over the world. This is not an exaggeration. I started providing content writing services in 2004 and since then there has been a continuous stream of projects from different countries. Interestingly, businesses from Europe and America (who are themselves English speaking countries) are the ones who mostly contact me to get content for their websites. A primary reason might be that they understand the importance of well-written content.

So far I have provided content writing services for businesses as diverse as web design and development, Internet marketing, search engine optimization, mining, iron and steel production, healthcare, beauty, hospitality, software application development, cloud hosting, retail, publishing, accounting, fashion design, photography, real estate, legal services, logistics and food processing, just to name a few.

My content writing services have helped many businesses not only remarkably improve their conversion rates, but also improve their search engine rankings. Most businesses report a marked improvement after working with me.

Why most businesses require professional content writing services?

I am not going to use any cliché here, but it’s your content that does business for you. Whether you’re writing a single line on your webpage, or a complete service description containing more than 1000 words, the needed impact is made by what you have written, what you have published on your website, or your blog. Professional content writing services give you the much needed regularity coupled with quality. Various Google updates have made it mandatory that you pay special attention to the quality of your content. It must be relevant, it must be topical and it must serve your prospective customers and clients.

Most small businesses don’t have resources to hire full-time content writers to take care of their content marketing needs. The best option for them is partnering with content writing services because this gives them highly professional content writers without added expense of providing them office space, infrastructure and other employment benefits. For example, if you employ my content writing services, you just pay for the content that you get and nothing more.

Do you necessarily have to partner with content writing services

I won’t say that. Different businesses have different needs. Maybe you need content writing services, or maybe you don’t, it depends on your short-term and long-term content marketing goals. Businesses require content marketing services when:

  • They don’t have the needed budget to hire content writers full-time
  • They want to avail the best content writing services at most competitive prices
  • They don’t have enough time to create their own content
  • They want to outsource content writing and content marketing and then get on with what they do best
  • They want to keep their options open so that they are not stuck with the content writers they have hired full-time
  • They want to use the global talent pool of content writers rather than getting stuck with what is locally available
  • They prefer to work with remote employees
  • They don’t maintain an official workplace

This is just a small list of reasons why businesses may hire content writing services and there might be as many reasons as there are businesses all over the world.

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Content Writing Services for Businesses

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