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Are you looking for a content writing service to improve your SEO? Although I don’t promote myself as an SEO guy, I do help my clients improve their search engine rankings with my content writing services by writing them high quality and relevant content their prospective customers and clients can relate to.

You see, SEO is not simply about using keywords here and there without any meaning. The search engine algorithms are becoming like humans more and more – they are more into relevance and less into keywords and key phrases, although I’m not saying keywords and key phrases don’t matter. They do matter, but in a strategic way, and these days you can also use different meanings of the same words just to be sure that you’re not penalized for keyword-stuffing.

How I help you improve your SEO with my content writing services

It’s not very complicated actually. You can approach me to create SEO content for you and I will also tell you that yes, I’m going to write search engine optimized content for your website or blog but actually I will be writing content that appeals to your audience. By the end of the day it is a conversion rate that decides whether my content writing has been successful or not. Whether you’re selling products or services, you need to get new business and even if you improve your SEO without caring about your conversion rate, you are simply wasting your time (and money, if you have hired a professional content writer for the job)

Precisely this is the reason why there are very few people who actually promote their services as “SEO experts” because there is no trick involved. All you need is compelling content catering to a highly focused audience, constantly solving their problems. This is what the search engines are looking for: solutions to people’s problems. If your content solves people’s problems, your SEO naturally improves.

These are the things that I do to improve your SEO with my content writing services

  • Thoroughly understand what your product or service does to solve people’s problems
  • Thoroughly understand the problems and apprehensions of your customers and clients
  • Come up with a tentative persona (if exact persona is not possible) and then create content catering to that persona
  • Use the language used by your prospective customers and clients while writing content for you
  • Strategically use keywords and their various variations to improve your SEO naturally
  • Write engaging content that encourages people to share your links through their own blogs or via their social networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
  • Maintain a routine so that people never lose track of your publishing schedule
  • Help you strengthen your brand with my content writing services so that people trust you and show more eagerness towards doing business with you

By following these guidelines I improve your search engine rankings naturally without resorting to trickeries and tactics.

Why hire my content writing service for better SEO?

As I wrote above, I don’t particularly write for SEO so then why hire my services? The clients who hire me know that once their content begins to rank higher due to its inherent quality rather than some trickery, it maintains its rankings no matter what updates are released by the search engines. Remember how millions of websites lost their rankings due to Google’s Penguin update? It was literally like a bloodbath. Many businesses were ruined. Was it Google’s fault? Yes, to an extent it was, but mostly it was the fault of the people who tried to trick search engine algorithms rather than creating high-quality content.

This is what I do. This is how my content writing services improve your SEO. I write content that gets you back links from high-quality websites and blogs naturally. I help you build an information resource. Once you have a trustworthy information resource people flock to your website, subscribe to your mailing list and see you as the most suitable business partner when they want something that you can offer.

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