How My Content Writing And SEO Copywriting Service Works

How my content writing an SEO copywriting service works

How my content writing an SEO copywriting service works

The key to successful collaboration for your content writing and SEO copywriting needs is clear communication.

On this web page I’m going to explain to you how my content writing and SEO copywriting services work.

The process is quite simple, and it mostly rests on the clarity of our communication.

What type of content writing and SEO copywriting projects do I take on?

Need a writer? I will write.

As long as your primary concern is quality and relevance, I can write for your following needs:

  • Blog writing
  • Email writing
  • Web page writing
  • Article writing
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Micro content for social media
  • Press releases
  • Product and service descriptions

and everything in between.

Writing is a communication tool.

My clients hire my content writing and SEO copywriting services because I write convincingly and compellingly.

Also, it helps that I’m able to improve their search engine rankings if they work with me consistently for a few months.

What process do I follow to achieve quality content writing and better rankings through SEO copywriting?

These are the steps.

Step 1

You contact me by either calling me or writing an email or submitting my contact form.

I suggest kindly don’t send me messages like “Contact me fast” and then nothing else.

It shows that you don’t take your content requirements seriously.

I’m not saying that all clients do that, but some do, so just in case.

When you’re sending a message to me for the first time, try to write me the following details (aside from the usual contact details):

  • What do you need? Blog post, article, email copy, landing page copy, and so on.
  • What is your business? Just gives me a heads up on the effort involved.
  • Some details about your target audience.
  • How many words on an average you expect per document?

Step 2

If you have sent me all the needed details, I give you an idea of how much it is going to cost and how much time I normally take to turn in one document.

Step 3

We decide on the scale of the work, the timeline and the pricing.

These days I’m taking in assignments in small chunks to better manage my payments.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak, many clients randomly disappeared, and they didn’t even respond to my emails.

I must have lost at least 120 hours of work.

I like to take an advance now.

It is understandable that new clients don’t want to put in that much money not sure whether I’m going to live up to their expectations or not.

So, I take work in small chunks so that I get the money for the work I’m doing and the clients feel reassured that they are not risking a lot.

I have already explained above the sort of information I need from you.

Aside from that information, to initiate work, I also need the following:

  • The title or the topic – normally clients give me a rough idea and then I come up with my own version.
  • The primary keywords that I need to cover in case we are talking about SEO copywriting.
  • In most of the cases I incorporate LSI keywords and longtail keywords on my own but you can send me a list if you have a preference.
  • Some more information about your target audience.
  • Some links that you prefer – some writing style or the scale of information that has been covered on other blogs and websites.
  • Some statistical information, if any.
  • Some peculiar information that cannot be found on the Internet.

Step 4

I submit the draft for revision.

You go through the draft. You either accept it as it is or you suggest changes.

I offer unlimited revisions.

As long as the central topic does not change, I don’t charge extra for revisions.

I strongly believe that you must find the document to your maximum satisfaction.

Having said that, I don’t simply take dictation.

There will be my style. There will be my way of writing things.

If you want me to write every sentence and every paragraph according to your taste, somewhere I draw a line.

Anyway, this rarely happens. Everybody knows how precious time is.

Neither you want to waste your time, nor I want to waste my time or your time.

What if you are completely unsatisfied with my work?

I don’t want to boast, but this is rarest of the rare situations.

In the past 15 years (this is 2020) if I’m not forgetting, there must have been just 4-5 instances of a total lack of synergy and a bit of acrimony.

In a couple of occasions, in a bit of enthusiasm and overconfidence, I bit more than I could chew, and I immediately regretted that.

In the latest incident, the client accepted my document.

Then, after two days, she said that she needed some revisions because she thought the document was lacking some important information.

I added the information. She accepted the document. Even applauded.

Then after two days she contacted again and said that I had forgotten to add testimonials.

I said that she hadn’t given me the testimonials.

She said that I was supposed to make them up.

I said how could I make up testimonials?

She sent me some pointers and I made the testimonials.

She received the document without acknowledging.

Then, after a week, she said that the content that I had written was not looking good on the web page when her web designer put it there.

I saw the web page. The web designer had simply copy/pasted the text from my Word Document to some HTML editor.

I use a certain formatting style in my Word Documents, and I don’t even use double line breaks between paragraphs (because I have set enough spacing in the style itself).

Hence when her web designer just copy/pasted the text, it was a big wall of text and nothing else.

I told her that the web designer needed to format the text. There were many <h2> headings that were totally missing.

There was some bulleted points.

There needed to be some spacing between paragraphs.

She said no, the problem was with the writing and not with the web designer.

I was talking to her on the phone. Something in her voice told me that she herself was designing the web page and there was no web designer.

Anyway, one thing led to another and there was a huge argument and I told her that I was not her secretary that I would do everything.

She told me that I shortchanged her, and she regretted the day when she decided to contact me.

I was very sad.

Anyway, this is just an example of the sort of communication gap that can happen.

What do I deliver?

As many words as you need and in most of the cases, a couple of hundred more.

Compelling, but easy to read writing style.

Text organized under various headings and subheadings.

Strategic use of primary keywords and LSI keywords.

Mobile friendly writing.

Free of spelling and grammar mistakes as per my knowledge.

Completely original text.

Well researched.

I deliver in Word documents.

If you prefer Google Docs, I can deliver your documents using Google Docs.

I can also deliver in markup language.

Hence, this is basically how my content writing on SEO copywriting services work.

If you need more information, please contact me.

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