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Credible Content is fast emerging as a content writing services company especially known for providing high-quality content to clients all over the world.

High quality content at Credible Content is not just a word to throw around to impress people. Nobody these days gets impressed merely by words. As a premier content writing services company for years we have been providing content in the form of

  • Blog writing
  • Article writing
  • Web page writing
  • Information and SEO articles
  • Copywriting
  • Social media updates
  • Product and service descriptions
  • Company profiles
  • Search engine optimized content
  • E-books
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Ghostwriting services
  • Compelling and engaging content for content marketing campaigns

Want to improve your search engine rankings and conversion rate on your website? Contact today for a customized quote for your specific requirement.

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Not sure of your content writing requirement? No need to worry. Our content writing services are completely scalable: whether you are a small business, an agency or a medium-sized business just playing around with the idea of content marketing, we can scale our content supply accordingly.

A content writing services company you can completely rely on

At Credible Content, we strongly believe that projects come and projects go. Although, getting new projects is our bread and butter, ultimately, it’s the positive difference that we make in your life, that matters.

When you partner with us for our content writing services, writing killer content is a given; what matters the most is improving your business.

As a content writing services company to be here for the long run, ultimately what matters to us is helping you grow your business by strengthening your brand presence and turning your customers into loyal customers.

We know that when your business grows, so does ours. The growth is mutual. If we just give you content, get payment from you, and move on, we are surviving from project to project, which is not an ideal way to survive for a company.

Of course, we want business from you. But we also want repeat business from you. We also want recommendations from you. This is why, every project is very important for us. We live in a social world. Earning social goodwill is one of our primary objectives.

Since all our content writing process is centered around YOUR customers and clients (when we write for your business), we are able to give you effective content that gives you high level performance.

We thoroughly research the needs and aspirations of your target customers and clients before starting to write content for your business.

No piece of content is trivial for us. Whether you want a Facebook update, a blog post explaining a particular benefit or feature of your product or service, or power-packed sales-oriented web copy, every piece of content we believe is a stepping stone.

Every update, every article, every blog post, every web page is your business asset because you’re not just spending money on it, you also believe that it will help you grow your business or take it one step further.

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Worried whether you will get the right content writer/content writers for the job?


One of the greatest benefits of working with a content writing services company like ours is that once you have told us the specifications, it is our job to find the right content writers for you. We have writers working for us from all over the world: India, England, United States, Australia, Philippines, Pakistan and even from the African continent.

It may sometimes happen that we may not be able to immediately find a subject matter expert for your business need, but we have seasoned content writers working for us. I (Amrit Hallan) have been running this content writing services company for the past 13 (this is 2017) years now and I myself have provided content to more than 500 businesses. Did I have an in-depth knowledge of these 500 businesses? No.

Most of the clients understand that with some degree of effort and research a working knowledge of any subject can be obtained these days. Some input can be gotten from the client himself or herself and the rest of it can be gathered from the Internet.

Our seasoned content writers are adept at getting themselves acquainted with your topic and adapting their writing style according to your business needs and customer peculiarities.

We can help you improve your SEO


As an experienced content writing services company, we understand that taking care of your SEO is often an integral part of helping you improve your conversion rate.

SEO these days is not just using your keywords while writing content. Yes, your targeted keywords are indispensable while writing quality content, but more than that, it’s the relevance, the usefulness of your content that helps you improve your SEO as well as conversion rate.

Search engines like Google insist that if you want to enjoy good search engine rankings you must have high-quality content and you must publish high-quality content on a regular basis.

Regular publishing of high-quality content is one of the main reasons why businesses like yours seek a content writing services company like Credible Content.

Occasionally publishing content is not a problem. The problem is publishing content on an ongoing basis.

SEO and content marketing these days means that you have to publish valuable content every week, every month and sometimes, even every day, if you face tough competition. At Credible Content we will ensure a regular supply of high-quality content totally tailored according to your business needs.

Why partner with our content writing services company?

a content writing service you can trust

Once you decide to work with us, we will ensure

  • High-quality
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Reliability and accountability
  • Confidentiality
  • Affordability

We provide our services with a zeal. Without high-quality there is no use giving you content.

“Fast turnaround time” differs from business to business. Some businesses are so particular about quality that they are not worried about turnaround time. Sometimes some pieces of content require lots of research and lots of effort. I remember once a particular piece of content had to go through 6 revisions before it could be published on the main website.

Having said that, with all the tools available to us, our turnaround time is quite fast and in more than 90% jobs, we deliver our content on time.

We are accountable to you, and to ourselves. If you cannot rely on us for regular supply of high-quality content, you won’t work with us again. You will also tell others not to work with us. That would be a disaster.

All the information that you give us remains confidential. Whatever information you share with us is handled by a single person (mostly yours truly) and it is never shared with anyone else without your permission. Your email and your contact details will NEVER be shared with third parties.

Affordability, again, is a concept that varies from business to business. As a content writing services company, whether you’re a small business or a medium-sized business, we want to help you grow your business. It’s been my personal experience that when the businesses of my clients grow, my business grows too. Call it superstition.

So, we provide you the best rate according to your budget. Even if the amount of money you can spend is too low for our comfort level, we will come up with a solution that will best suit your budget and need.

Credible Content is a content writing services company raring to grow and we would love to have you as a part of our growth journey. Even if you don’t need content right now, do keep in touch.

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