Why Credible Content?

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Before credible-content.com the domain under which I ran my business was by my own name: amrithallan.com.

I was quite happy with the performance of the domain. I enjoyed good search engine rankings for all my relevant keywords.

Somewhere around in 2010-11 my content got massively stolen. The same web pages and blog posts on other websites having my content were ranking way hire than my own website. My rankings dropped by more than 200-300%.

Instead of penalizing those websites, Google began to penalize my website.

Fortunately, by now I know what happened and I also know how to prevent the same thing from happening in future.

I used to get 2-3 queries every day before the catastrophe. For weeks, I didn’t get a single query. Once I didn’t get a query for four months while I tried to figure out what went wrong with my website.

All my money came from my existing clients.

Almost 6 months went by. I got a few queries and some of those quarries turned into paid assignments, but the website was doomed.

It was my wife who suggested that I should move on and try another domain. I was anyway spending so much time on my present domain. It would be better if I spent my effort on a new domain.

This was how Credible Content was born. Before this I didn’t try many names. This was the first name I checked whether the domain was available or not. It just came to my mind. Content had to be there. I needed something short.

According to various online dictionaries including Oxford and Merriam-Webster, credible means capable of being believed. It means believable. It also means worthy of belief or confidence. Trustworthy. Offering reasonable grounds for being believed.

The name Credible Content instantly resonated. This is the philosophy I follow. I never overcommit. I never make claims that I cannot honor. I’m very upfront with my clients about what I can achieve for them and what is beyond my capabilities. When my clients decide to work with me, they know exactly what I’m going to deliver.

Hence, Credible Content means I provide content that is believable and that is trustworthy.

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