Do you need help in replying to email queries?

Replying to business email queries

Very few people take replying to email queries seriously. There are many reasons. Sending an email doesn’t cost you much. So whenever something is free we start taking it less seriously. It neither costs you to receive emails nor to reply to them.

People fail to realise that it hardly matters how much money you spend or don’t spend handling email, what matters is the content of those emails. What sort of replies do you create when you get new business queries?

For a few months I have been helping a couple of clients reply to the email queries that they get from their websites. Sending emails to friends and family is one thing but replying to business queries is a totally different ball game. You have to sound professional. You have to write your emails in such a manner that your prospective customer or client is totally impressed and convinced. Tiny spelling and grammar mistakes can cost you big projects.

No matter how competent you are in your field, many prospective business partners think that if you cannot write a small email properly how can you execute costly projects? Actually they don’t have any problem with the way you write or cannot write, the problem is, as a business or as a professional you can’t even hire someone who can create professional email replies for you and if you can’t even hire someone to help you in this regard, how can they invest in your services or products? This is what that puts them off. Isn’t it a valid question?

How can I help you reply to email queries?

It’s very simple. I will need to get some understanding of your business. Exactly what services or products you are providing? What sort of information satisfies the people who send your queries? What sort of data you need to use while preparing replies to your queries? What are the things that you can commit and not commit? Any other pieces of information that you think may help me prepare replies. The replies will be

  • Free of grammar mistakes
  • Free of spelling mistakes
  • Professionally written
  • Full of business-specific etiquette
  • Written in your niche language

You can either give me access to your business email inbox (I know, you might not be comfortable with that) or you can simply forward me the emails and I can send you the drafts that you can email on your own. There is no fixed manner as long as the quality of the replies is up to the mark.

Once you partner with me to send highly professional replies to your business queries, you can rest assured of a higher response rate as well as improved conversion.

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