Content writing services for startups

Content writing services for startups

Content writing services for startups.

Need an experienced and reliable content writer who can set your startup journey in motion? As a startup you need all the visibility you can get, and my content writing services can help you gain the initial traction through engaging, high-quality content.

Relevant content can increase the volume of quality traffic to your website or mobile app. It can help you with faster user acquisition and onboarding – two things very critical to the success of a startup.

As a content writer, what type of content can I write for your startup?

Unless you have got millions of dollars of funding already, you need to put your best foot forward. Very few people know you. Even your revolutionary idea may be alien to them.

You don’t just need to increase your visibility and make it easier for your target audience to find you, you may also need to educate them about the benefits your new startup idea can deliver. I can write the following types of content for your startup:

  • Text for UX/UI.
  • Copy for website content.
  • Blog writing.
  • Article writing for education, information, and awareness.
  • Copywriting for email marketing campaigns.
  • Copywriting for sales funnels.
  • Social media updates.
  • Case studies and white papers
  • LinkedIn profiles

Being a writer, I love to express myself. In every field, one needs to express convincingly, and consequently, I can provide you high quality content for practically every communication need. For some startups whose members are not very email savvy, I’m also writing regular emails.

Why do you need a content writer for your startup?

An efficient content writer can help your startup save money

An efficient content writer can help your startup save money.

Being strapped of cash, you need to economize your marketing and promotion. Most of the startups on the web opt for content marketing. Content marketing is not just less expensive than conventional advertising and marketing, it is also more effective and measurable.

Take for example a comparison between organically appearing on the top three results on Google, and advertising on Google using a PPC campaign.

As you know, PPC stands for pay-per-click – you pay for every click. If you get 200 clicks, you pay for those 200 clicks. If you get 2000 clicks, you pay for those 2000 clicks. And so on.

On the other hand, if you can organically improve your visibility on Google, whether you get 200 clicks, 2000 clicks, or 200,000 clicks, the only money you spend is the money that you pay to a content writer for writing the content.

I know, it is easier said than done, and it takes a while to improve your search engine rankings to such an extent that they can actually generate business for you, but this is the road most of the startups like to take because it is highly affordable, and more importantly, more effective.

It is highly likely that you have come across this web page by searching for something like “content writer for my startup”, and such. I’m not having to pay for this traffic. I have improved the rankings of this web page organically. Through targeted content writing.

When you publish relevant content, you draw people to your website or mobile app listing. You’re not intruding upon their personal space through advertising. You’re not interrupting them. They come across your content and when it makes a good impression, they want to check you out. This is where my content writing service can help you.

It is very important for your target audience to be able to trust you and respect you for your knowledge and experience. As a startup, you don’t want to sound like a novice, but at the same time, you need to exude the excitement of a budding idea. As an experienced content writer, I will be able to mix both.

You will need to educate people about your new startup idea. What is it about? How novel and unique is it? How does it do things better than other options available in the market? What is the unique task that it performs? Why does someone even need to perform that task? There should be clarity. There should be conviction. Your content writing must inculcate a sense of familiarity, exploration, and excitement.

Being a startup, people are not familiar with. You will need to establish a presence through high quality content on multiple platforms. You will need to publish informative and authoritative articles on LinkedIn. You will also need to create your presence on Medium because it is a high traffic website and enjoys exceptional search engine rankings in Google.  I can write content for your startup for multiple platforms.

I often tell my clients that more than a content writer, I am a writer. And you need to write to communicate. It’s just that ever since a certain category of writers began to write for websites, they started calling themselves as content writers, or web content writers.

As a writer I will be able to capture your startup enthusiasm and then instill it into the writing, whether I’m writing blog posts, web page content or content for email marketing.

A captivating thing about a startup is that the story gradually unfolds. Every piece of content is a steppingstone. At every stage you want to share your triumphs and tribulations. You want to take your readers along on your journey.

To a great extent, they should be able to feel what you’re feeling. They should be able to go through what you’re going through. This is how strong, lasting relationships are built. By the time you’re actually ready to launch your product, they will be eager to buy it or subscribe to it.

How do I approach the process of writing the homepage for a startup company?

Many startup company website homepages are quite unclear about exactly what they can achieve for their customers and clients.

For a startup it is very important to communicate the exact benefit of using the mobile app, the product, or the service.

There should be no ambiguity. As a startup, you don’t want clever copy – you want clear copy.

Writing the homepage for a startup website doesn’t have to be a linear process.

In the beginning, I just try to write the answers to the following questions

What problem does the startup solve?

What is the exact product or service being highlighted through the homepage?

Who is the target user or customer?

If there are already solutions available, how does your offer solve the problem in a better manner?

Then make a list of all the stellar benefits of using the service or the product (these are then woven into the narrative).

If there are already some stories of how this particular product or service has solved problems, include these stories.

Writing very small case studies (normally just a single paragraph) doesn’t just bring social proof into the picture, it also clarifies the exact benefit of using that product or service.

Also important: how people can access that product or service.

In many cases, startup homepages fail to specify how people can procure the product or the service. This must be specifically mentioned.

Main things I’m careful about:

  • Use simple language – clearly mention what the startup is about.
  • Give them a compelling reason to read further.
  • Counter all the doubts and apprehensions.
  • Use a clearly defined action-ridden CTA.

How can my content writing services help your startup engage users?

My content writing can help you engage your audience

My content writing can help you engage your audience.

A startup needs to tell its story. This is how you connect with people. If you cannot share your excitement, they are not going to get excited enough to seriously consider your idea or invest their time or invest their money. By now you must know that even if you offer something free to people these days, there is so much free stuff available on the net, that they don’t want to use your startup product or service even if they are getting it for free.

How do you overcome this hurdle? By carrying out a sustained reach out campaign. Without overwhelming your audience or without disturbing them.

Meaningful engagement happens through familiarity. People should come across your content on their own. In this regard, I can help you in the following manner:

  • My content writing will help your startup improve search engine visibility.
  • I can write engaging social media posts with intriguing updates.
  • I can write content for your email updates.
  • My blog writing services will improve your SEO, bring down your bounce rate and foster engagement.

Informative and engaging content brings you inbound traffic. This is the traffic that is generated by the choice of users. You are not prompting them to come to your website or download your mobile app. They read about you. They read your content. It piques their interest.

My writing is user-focused but at the same time it also strongly presents your case. I understand that as a content writer I must write content that pleases search engine algorithms. I must also write content that pleases your human visitors. In fact, the content must be written in such a manner that despite being highly engaging, conversational, and appealing, it should be search engine friendly.

What types of startups can I write for?

A startup is a young company founded to develop a unique product or service. The proposition of the product is convincing and irresistible. Sometimes it comes up with a completely new way of doing something that people have been doing for decades. For example, Uber, when it started, was a startup that completely revolutionized the way we use cabs. Airbnb allowed people to use their abodes for renting to casual travelers.

The basic strength of a startup is that it comes with an innovative idea to fill a gap. It is not necessary that people realize that there is a gap or not. Who knew that there may be an app to share rides before Uber was actually launched and went mainstream?

I can write content for any type of startup. You may be a technology company, or a logistic company, or an aviation company, or hospitality company. You may be offering maintenance services, healthcare and medicine delivery, online doctor consultation, online teaching, office space, food delivery, beverage delivery or grooming services. As long as you are a startup, I can tailor my content writing according to your needs.

Why would you like to hire my content writing services for your startup?

You want to convincingly put your point across. You want to tell your startup story. You want to educate your audience so that people are better informed, and then more eager to put faith in your startup idea. Most importantly, you want to familiarize people with your idea, product, or service. For that you need consistency.

I write well. I may not be Hemingway or Harper Lee, but I get results for clients I write for. I can improve your search engine rankings. I can write engaging content for your startup website. I can express complicated ideas in simple language. People will feel connected. They will want to try out your idea. I can emotionally move them. This is what you want for the success of your startup.

Contact me today to know more about how I can help your startup with my content writing services.


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