Content Writing Services For Online Medical Practices

Content writing and SEO copywriting services for online medical services

Content writing and SEO copywriting services for online medical services.

In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, many medical practitioners are providing their medical services online through mobile apps and web interfaces.

In many countries like the USA, it is also called telemedicine.

Medical practitioners provide their services over the Internet.

It may include diagnosis and treatment.

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There are multiple ways health workers, doctors and medical practitioners are providing their services online including

  • All-purpose mobile apps connecting doctors, therapists, consultants and patients.
  • Dedicated mobile apps launched by doctors, therapists and consultants.
  • Dedicated mobile apps and web services launched by hospitals, health centers and clinics.

Patients can upload their medical records and the doctors and physicians can go through them.

Doctors and patients can also have video chats and the doctors charge a consultation fee through online payment.

Why do you need to increase your online presence for your online doctor consultation through content writing?

Being an experience website content writer I know the importance of a vibrant online presence through high quality content.

As a doctor or a medical practitioner, you can provide consulting services to your patients using mobile apps or web-based services.

As mentioned above, this is also called telemedicine.

Although, in telemedicine, different medical gadgets and appliances such as blood pressure checker, blood sugar checker and weighing machine are also used in data is directly sent to the concerned doctor.

Whether you are an independent doctor, or you are a clinic, it can benefit you immensely if your patient base increases.

This suddenly expands your reach.

You are no longer constrained by geographic limitations.

Within a second, a patient living thousands of kilometers away can reach you and get your advice and pay you.

You want to be able to see more and more patients, don’t you?

If possible, you want to provide your doctor & medical consulting services to patients living in other cities, even other countries, don’t you?

How do my content writing services help you?

You cannot be constantly telling your prospective patients what a great doctor you are.

You need to provide them useful, helpful content, to keep them coming to your website or blog.

Among so many doctors and physicians, you need to give them a reason to keep you in mind when they need you.

Unlike conventional hospitals and clinics, you don’t wait for the patients to come to you when they are feeling unwell.

On the Internet, you create a presence so that people can find you for relevant reasons even when they are not feeling sick.

You need to create a presence so that people know about you even when they are healthy or relatively healthy.

Even if they themselves don’t need to see a doctor or a physician, they may like to recommend you to their relatives, their family members, their colleagues, their friends or even people on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Through highly targeted and high quality content, you need to target patients as well as people who may someday recommend patients to you.

I remember once my daughter was not getting well and we were taking her to one of the best hospitals in New Delhi, with no results.

Desperate for help, I posted on Twitter if there was some doctor someone trusted.

Someone gave me the number of his family doctor and ever since then, whenever there is health -related problem, we go to that doctor even when going to him means a travel of more than two hours.

What I’m trying to say is, you don’t just target patients. You also target people who would someday recommend someone to you.


How do you do that?

Have you seen WebMD? They are constantly publishing high-quality content on various health related topics and issues.

Do a search on anything health-related and there is a great possibility that you will come across a WebMD link.

I’m not suggesting that you create an online health directory or health portal because financially or even human resources-wise, it won’t be possible even if you want to create such a portal.

But you can cover your area of specialty.

For example, you are an ENT doctor. What about publishing lots of information on how people can take care of small ear, nose or throat related ailments?

Anyway they are not going to consult a doctor for these small problems but they are going to look up some solutions to get some relief.

If they can get such a useful information from your website or through your mobile app, when they really need to consult a doctor, they will certainly contact you.


This is how you build a presence on the web.

I have previously written content for doctors and physicians and other medical-related topics. I can help you create a vibrant presence to attract general people and prospective patients to your website or mobile app.

I can write content for

  • Medical care providers.
  • Specialist doctors.
  • Physiotherapists.
  • Speech therapists.
  • Health consultants.
  • Pediatricians.
  • Obstetricians.

basically any medical field that needs to be promoted online to attract patients and their well-wishers.


I can improve your search engine rankings with my SEO copywriting services

As I have mentioned above, the sphere of your influence increases on the Internet in the absence of the concept of physical distance.

All you and your patient need is an Internet connection and an ability to hold a video chat, if necessary.

This person can be in Australia, in Canada, in Singapore or USA or India.

A great example would be, a person of Indian origin living in Canada but wanting to see an Indian doctor. Suddenly, he or she will be able to do that.

Just imagine how many patients you can see through your online medical and healthcare services.

People all over the world are ready to pay for the convenience and timely consulting.


For example, if someone searches for “need to consult an eye specialist online” and if a link to your website comes up immediately among the top three results, the person is going to contact you.

I’m not saying that it can be achieved immediately.

It will certainly require some effort and consistency.

You will need to generate content that is search engine optimized for your specialty – eye specialist or ophthalmologist and other search terms that your patients may use to be able to find you online.

The only way they can find you is through a search engine like Google or through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

For people to be able to find you, you need a presence on the Internet.

Content writer and SEO copywriter to increase online visibility of your medical practice

Content writer and SEO copywriter to increase online visibility of your medical practice.

With increasing competition, you need to enhance the online visibility of your health services.


Whether you want to promote your mobile app for doctors or you are launching a new service through a website, you want people to know why they should consult a doctor, a physician or a therapist through your mobile app or website.

As an online doctor or a medical practitioner wanting to provide online consulting services,

  • Better search engine rankings for all the search terms your patients may use to be able to find you.
  • Lots of convincing content on your website so that people feel reassured and informed.
  • Social media presence so that people can recommend you.

This is where my content writing and SEO copywriting services can help you.

I can help you increase your visibility.

When I write content for you, people will be easily able to find you on Google and other search engines.

What type of content writing and SEO copywriting services can I provide to your online health services?

  • Website content.
  • Mobile app listings.
  • Features and benefits.
  • Information articles.
  • Blog posts.
  • Email marketing campaigns.
  • Email newsletter.
  • E-books and case studies

The basic idea is to become visible. Visible in the sense that people begin to associate your presence with useful content.

In the hour of need, they should know that they can reach you and your available.


Want to create a solid presence on the Internet for your online doctor services? Want to increase your search engine reach for your online medical practice?

Contact me to know more about my content writing and SEO copywriting services.

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