Content writing services for drip marketing campaigns

Content writing services for drip marketing campaigns

Content writing services for drip marketing campaigns

In drip marketing, a series of marketing materials is sent to customers over a long period of time. My content writing services can help you instill a sense of purpose into every drip marketing campaign.

Businesses endeavor to generate sales through long-term repeated interactions but unlike the usual engagements suggested by email marketers, drip marketing is mostly about promoting products and services over a prolonged period.

Although, conventionally, email is used for drip marketing, multiple media such as text messaging, instant messaging, and social media updates are also used these days. It depends on what your audience prefers when it receives messages from you.

I don’t see much difference between a sustained marketing campaign and drip marketing, and it is surely just a different name for continuing to engage your audience. In that sense, even blogging can be a part of drip marketing because you are constantly pushing new content in front of your audience.

A big difference, though, is that just as drops of water come off a dripping faucet, unattended, the drip marketing campaigns mostly run on autopilot.

For example, you set up a series of emails or auto responders, and once a person has opted to receive them, they go out on their own, without your direct interference.

Through partnering with a qualified content writing service, you can make your series of messages engaging and meaningful.  Remember that unless your messages can make a connection, they turn into simple noise and your recipients begin to ignore them. In fact, they ignore them in such a manner that they don’t even consign them to the spam folder.

Another good example would be, someone purchases from your e-commerce website. Whenever new items of the same category are available, you send a small email to them offering some sort of discount or an incentive to purchase. Over a period of time, you have enough data on them, and you also start making other offers to them based on their shopping preference.

Are you looking for a content writer for your drip marketing campaign?

Aside from core writing, I can also help with setting a direction for your drip marketing campaigns. I’m constantly advising my clients on what sort of content will give them the best ROI.

Conventional drip marketing comes from email marketing and hence, it is the email marketing services that provide you the appropriate tools in the form of creating a series of emails that are blasted automatically at set intervals.

Hence, when you send out a series of logically connected email messages to your mailing list, it is called a drip marketing campaign.

Why does a quality content writing service matter when it comes to managing a successful drip marketing campaign?

You need marketing copy that converts. There are multiple reasons why you need a convincing content writer for your drip marketing campaigns.

Sending out high-quality drip marketing campaign emails can be quite costly.  Consequently, you want as high an ROI as possible. For that, your message must be clear, convincing, and easy to understand.

I’m writing this in the context of writing and sending out emails. Since most of the drip marketing campaigns are organized via emails, I’m focusing here on emails but the insights that I’m sharing can also be applied on other forms of drip marketing campaigns.

Create an impactful subject line

Your subject line is what makes people open your drip marketing campaign email message. As a content writer my primary focus will be to write a subject line that is so compelling that it forces people to open your message. Unless they open your message, how are they going to read it? Unless they read your message, how are they going to respond to it.

Hence, everything begins with your subject line.

Don’t underestimate the preview text

Most of the email marketing services these days allow you to write a “preview text”. It is the text that appears in the inbox which people can read without even opening your message.

This may appear when the hold their cursor over your message or simply in the line that displays all the new or existing email messages. Even the preview text can prompt people to open your drip marketing message. When I work as your content writer, I will make sure that the preview text is compelling and believable enough.

Properly understand your audience for whom you are creating the drip marketing campaign

One of the most important things to take care of and in fact, when I’m writing content, this is one of the main focus points of my content writing service. I never start working unless I have completely understood the audience of the client.

When you understand the audience, you use the right language, you make the right offer, and you present the right CTA. You cannot empathize through your writing if you don’t understand what problems the audience is facing and what solutions they are looking for.

Yes, even not being able to find the right shade of the red color they want for a T-shirt, can be an excruciating problem for someone.

Write your messages for the mobile phone

Emails are opened more on mobile phones than on desktops and laptops (source). People who cannot read emails comfortably on their mobile phones delete those emails within three seconds.


  • Shorter sentences.
  • Present relevant information as soon as possible.
  • Easy to understand language.
  • Smaller words.

Write for a singular goal

This is something I repeatedly tell my clients. Most of the clients don’t know how to define the ultimate goal for a particular drip marketing campaign email message.

You don’t always want them to buy your shirt or download your case study or go through your white paper. Sometimes you simply want to engage them so that they remember you.

But sometimes, you do want them to buy your shirt or download your case study or go through your white paper. Make it clear.

The basic point is, as a content writer who writes to communicate, I can write the perfect drip marketing campaigns for your business whether you are into B2B or B2C.

Contact me today to know more about my content writing services.

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