Content writing services for real estate business

Content writing services for real estate businesses and companies

Content writing services for real estate businesses and companies.

I routinely provide content writing services to real estate business industry as they greatly depend on their website to get more leads and educate their clients. Whether people want to buy or sell real estate or rent (or rent out) property, the first thing they do is check out either the online directory for real estate properties or visit the website of their favorite realtor or what the commonly say in India the property dealer (although people in India are wary of property dealers for obvious reasons πŸ™‚ ). For that, they need a web content writer who can improve their search engine visibility and at the same time write engaging content that informs and elicits interest.

Trustworthiness is very important when it comes to writing content for real estate websites. The stakes are higher forΒ  all the parties involved – buyers, sellers, builders, contractors and realtors.Β  The trustworthiness in the writing comes with experience, empathy and a sense of entrepreneurship. Without these attributes, it will be difficult for a content writer to instill a sense of confidence as well as empathy into the narrative.

What sort of content writing services do I provide to real estate businesses?

Real estate business content doesn’t just involve writing and publishing listings of the properties. There are zillions of websites doing that. How do you get an edge and show up at the right places in the search engine result pages? I’m not saying that my content writing services will suddenly improve your search engine rankings in the real estate business section (I’m not even saying that they won’t). Your search engine rankings depend on the sort of competition you face in your realm. Search engine experts say that there are 200+ factors that work together to render your present search engine rankings.

Real estate business is a highly competitive field. Every real estate business these days has a website and as you can see on Google, the first spots are crowded. Primary keywords are all taken up. So how do you make a beginning? This is where my content writing services can help you.

I can help you figure out how to target less competitive keywords so that you immediately start getting traffic for those keywords. I will help you narrow down your content to something very unique, something only you, or very few people in the real estate business, provide. This way your content will be vertically focused and hence, more competitive.

I would like to mention here just for the sake of openness that I don’t provide SEO services. I’m not an SEO consultant who is going to tell you how to do keyword research and how to come up with the best keywords and search terms to write content for. Yes, I can give you a basic take on how to create topics that are engaging and attractive, but by the end of the day, you need to decide what should be the focus of your writing if you want to improve the rankings of your real estate website.

What I have observed on the Internet (I haven’t done much research, I must admit) there are numerous types of real estate business websites, such as

  • Property listings
  • Realtor websites
  • Realty websites
  • Construction company websites
  • Builders websites
  • Property consultants websites

and so on.

They need content accordingly. There may be subtle differences in many cases but these differences can be quite stark when you consider them in terms of searcher intent and what their target customers are really looking for.

Whatever type of real estate website you have got, I can help you with the following:

  • Website content
  • Blog content
  • E-books, case studies and white papers
  • Email marketing content
  • Social media content

Do you actually need content writing services for your real estate business?

Do you really need a content writer for your real estate website?

Do you really need a content writer for your real estate website?

Since most of the real estate websites mostly have listings of houses, commercial properties, condominiums and residential complexes, you must wonder, why do you need content writing services for that? Can’t you simply make one of your secretaries write all the descriptions and other details of your various properties? Yes, you can do that. Thousands of other real estate businesses are also doing that, so yes, you can do that. Some real estate businesses have thousands of listings so they obviously have more content than you have. Some are multi-million-dollar businesses so they have all the needed manpower to create tons of content in-house. If that is your case, sure, you don’t need content writing services for your real estate website.

You need content writing services if you’re not a very big real estate business and yet you want to not just improve your search engine rankings but also build relationships with your prospective as well as current clients (never underestimate the power of clients who have already bought or sold properties through you).

You want to establish a personal connection. How do you do that? By regularly keeping in touch with people who would one day like to use your services. If you constantly send them listings, since currently they may not be interested in buying and selling properties, they may ignore your emails or other updates. Then one day, since they are totally oblivious to your existence, if they need to buy or sell a property, or if someone they know needs to buy or sell a property, they may go to someone else because they have totally forgotten about you.

Different studies have proven that informed and educated clients are better than uninformed clients because informed and educated clients can recognize the value of doing business with you. I have written blog posts for many real estate businesses. There is a Japanese real estate company that regularly hires me for writing educational blog posts. They want to explain different concepts to the Japanese as well as foreign clients. Knowing different terms related to properties for sale and renting can help both clients, tenants, and property owners. They also have a blog post on how to measure floor area when evaluating different properties. This is because floor area dimensions can be different in different Japanese cities.

Through my content writing services you can constantly keep your current and prospective clients engaged by giving them informative content that doesn’t bore them. I will keep a close watch on your industry and the parameters that may directly or indirectly affect your industry, and then provide content your clients may find interesting and useful. They need market information. They need information about the environment in which they may sell or buy properties. They need information about the socio-economy conditions that may affect the prices of the properties they intend to buy or sell. If you hire my content writing services you don’t have to waste time scouring through various topics on the Internet. You can send me a rough idea and accordingly I will create first-class content for your audience.

I provide multifaceted content writing services. I can write as a content writer as well as a copywriter. A copywriter is well-suited for writing the main website content such as your homepage, services page, listings page and the about us page. On these pages, while informing your visitors, you also need to sell to them as a real estate company. This requires copywriting skills.

To an extent even blogging requires copywriting skills, but blogging is mostly done to inform, educate and engage. It gives your visitors a reason to keep track of your website and come back repeatedly. The more they come to your website, the more familiar and comfortable they get with your presence, and the more familiar and comfortable they get, the more inclined they are to do business with you.

Looking for a content writer or a copywriter for your real estate website? Contact me for more details.


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