My SEO copywriting services can improve your search engine rankings

I use my SEO copywriting services to help my clients improve their search engine rankings on a regular basis. Am I copywriter? Not in the traditional sense as you can see that I provide content writing services to my clients and it’s very rarely do I mention that I also provide copywriting services.

But my clients do hire me to improve their search engine rankings through SEO content. Here is something I wrote about the difference between copywriting and content writing a long time back and here is something I wrote about the importance of SEO copywriting for your business.

Why you should hire my copywriting services to improve your search engine rankings?

Although I promote my services as a content writer basically I’m a writer and this means, I write to communicate thoughts and messages. I know how to do it convincingly and compellingly. What does this mean? It means that if you want to hire my copywriting services to get more customers and clients I can do that for you; I have done it for many of my clients. It’s another matter that when I write for my clients they also experience an improvement in their search engine rankings so my writing automatically becomes SEO writing for them. When they see an improvement in their search engine rankings plus an improvement in the lead generation as well as sales, instead of content writing, it becomes copywriting because after all, copywriting means writing in a way that people feel like doing business with you.

I can achieve the following for your business through my SEO copywriting services:

  • Higher rankings on search engine result pages on a sustained level
  • More search engine traffic for the targeted keywords
  • More search engine traffic for related keywords (not exactly the keywords you are targeting but their synonyms and their contextual meanings)
  • Better engagement when people come to your website
  • An improved conversion rate
  • Better engagement with your audience
  • Better engagement on social media and social networking websites
  • Transfer of knowledge from you to your readers in a reader-friendly format

When I write your copy I focus more on the advantages of the product or service that you offer rather than features and characteristics because your customers and clients are not bothered about features and characteristics. They have problems, and to those problems they are looking for solutions. Through my copywriting I empathize with your customers and clients and prepare the copy from their point of view. They should be able to relate to the literature present on your website because if they cannot relate to it, they won’t feel like doing business with you.

Of course there are trigger words that encourage your visitors to take the desired action and I do conform to those trigger words at strategic locations.

How my compelling content writing becomes SEO copywriting that helps you improve your search engine rankings

In the age of content writing I feel copywriting is an overrated expression not in the sense that it is not useful, but it is wrongly used. If as a content writer I can convince you into doing business with me, then I’m also a good copywriter. If my content writing can get you better search engine rankings without compromising on the quality of my writing, then I’m also a good SEO copywriter. This is something that I do on a routine basis. My clients hire me because they are not simply interested in SEO copywriting for the sake of improving their search engine rankings, they want to improve their conversion rate because that’s what ultimately matters. If that is what you too are looking for, then do contact me to know more about how I can help you get more traffic as well as more leads out of that traffic.

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