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The importance of online and web copywriting should never be underestimated whether you are writing copy for a sales page or a simple blog post. Whenever you write something for your website or for your blog, you are communicating an idea. Here I’m talking about spending serious time establishing your business online. I’m not talking about setting up a journal to share your morning rituals and your cat’s culinary habits.

When you communicate something, you want to convince people into taking an appropriate action. Your website or your blog may have many entry points (it’s not necessary that everyone comes to your website via your homepage). Your various links appear on search engine results, on other websites and blogs and also on social networking timelines. Once you have published an article, a webpage or a blog post, it is not in your hand who publishes the link, and where. Most of the people who come to your website will be coming from these links. So every page on your website is important, and hence, the importance of online and web copywriting.

Is online and web copywriting different from normal copywriting, or even content writing?

Have you ever come across a phrase like, “He was able to sell his idea in the board meeting”? So when you are “selling” your idea it doesn’t mean that you are actually selling something. It means you are able to convince people. You make them agree with you. This is also selling. Every webpage on your business website should be selling your central idea. For instance, if I’m looking for content writing clients, every page of mine on this website should lead visitors to that direction. So when you’re writing for your page, when you’re creating content for your website and for your blog, copywriting plays an important part.

Online and web copywriting isn’t different from conventional copywriting per se, but there is definitely some difference. When people come to your website, they might already be in a great state of distractedness. It is so easy to go to another website in just a flick of a second. It doesn’t even have to be a voluntary, conscious effort. Just imagine, a prospective client is going through your pages, and suddenly there is a pop-up on his screen that tells them that he has got a new mail, or someone is trying to contact him on chat. My Skype is always on and sometimes when I’m buried deep into writing something or reading some useful material on the web, I get a request for a new contact, or a client asks me a question. These days the same happens with Google hangout as you can install it as a Chrome add-on. Of course you can switch off these distractions, but many people don’t and they can be easily distracted. Writing copy for them can be a bit tricky.

So when a person comes to your website your copywriting should immediately capture her attention. Use as few words as possible and make your message as convincing as possible. Provide direct solutions and answers. Don’t beat around the bush or waste words unless there is a real reason (for instance, this particular webpage is quite long but I know you are interested in reading it). There should be lots of action words to keep the person engaged. Unlike other online copywriters, I don’t recommend creating a false sense of urgency because your customers and clients should be fully aware of what they’re buying and when they are buying rather than you forcing them into something they don’t want to do.

Why hire me for your online and web copywriting needs

Although I don’t overtly promote myself as an online copywriter, I know how to convince people and this is why I have a long list of clients for whom I have written copy for their multiple projects. I focus on the real issues, the issues that matter to your target customers and clients. I use their language and I provide answers to their concerns. I prepare your copy from the perspective of your customers and clients. It feels as if somebody is talking to them and is concerned about them. This is exactly what people want – they want someone to empathize with them. They should say, “Precisely! This is what I’m looking for!”

I write well, of course. My writing may not be flawless, but there are no blatant errors and I’m able to make my point convincingly, and eventually, that’s what matters.

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