Difference between content writing and content consulting

Some of my clients somehow get this notion that since I’m writing content for them, I should also carefully go through their websites and suggest what sort of content they should have in order to improve their conversion rate as well as search engine rankings. Sometimes the refrain is “give me some good ideas and if I like them, you will get to work with them.”

Well, thanks but no thanks. Reviewing a website and coming up with content ideas is a part of content strategy on the client’s side and content consulting on my side. I charge an hourly rate of $ 40 for reviewing websites and helping clients formulate and execute an efficient content strategy.

What is content consulting?

When I do content consulting for you I thoroughly study your market, your business, the content publishing trends of your competitors and then accordingly I come up with a list of subjects you should cover on your website or blog. You might think, oh well, even I can do that, but it is easier said than done and most of the content strategies (if you can call them content strategies at all) fail to show results just due to this reason. There is a reason content strategists and consultants are paid 1000s of dollars by big businesses to formulate content strategies. Anyway, when I do content consulting for you I provide

  • Complete analysis of your existing content
  • Suggestions regarding how you can streamline your existing content
  • Keyword analysis according to your business and target audience
  • A real-world compilation of keywords and search terms actually used by laypersons
  • Preparing a list of titles and topics to be covered according to the collection of keywords and search terms we have
  • Providing quality content for your website, blog and social media profiles
  • Identifying channels where you can promote your content and increase visibility and creating appropriate content whenever, wherever needed

So you can see content consulting is a complete operation.

What is content writing?

The answer is simple, you provide me the titles and keywords, and accordingly I prepare the content (or get it written from a writers) and send it to you. Content writing does not involve analyzing your website and suggesting article and blog topics – I charge extra for that.

Sorry if I sound a bit gruff but some of the clients use this sneaky way of getting more work done for less payment.

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