SEO Copywriting: word length and keyword density

I’ve come to observe that lots of clients are worried about the length of SEO articles when they see my rates. On an average I offer to write 300-400 words, and then I charge a certain amount for every extra bracket of hundred words. It’s not that the extra words matter; sometimes there is no other way to avoid those extra words. Those for whom price does not matter are not concerned with the length of the SEO articles I deliver as long as the articles solve their purpose. But there are some clients that start suggesting a fewer number of words at a reduced price. Then I have to explain to them that the number hardly matters: what matters is the central message and the kind of competition they face from other websites and web pages, and hence they should let their topic decide what should be the length of their SEO articles.

So what should be the ideal word length and keyword density for SEO article?

There is no rule of thumb: neither for word length nor for keyword density. Everything depends on what your SEO article aims to achieve; what do you expect of your SEO article? Search engine rankings? If it is only search engine rankings that you are looking for then I am sorry you don’t need and SEO copywriter, you can do it yourself. The purpose of a genuine SEO article is to provide appropriate and relevant information to its readers. Optimization is a process that manifests naturally and that is why sometimes it is also called natural optimization. If you stick to your topic and explain to your readers what you actually intend to explain then you automatically get an SEO article. You write a good article but write it in such a manner that it is easier to crawl and easier to read. Make your writing and the arrangement of your content search engine friendly and you have got yourself an SEO article. An SEO copywriter knows how to achieve that.

Use your relevant keywords not for the sake of using them but to make your article more relevant and expressive. A keyword should be there because it HAS to be there. But just to be on a safer side use your keyword in the headings, in the bold text and while writing bullets and anchor text. Also use your keywords and key phrases while defining the title of your webpage. Don’t get too worried about the length of the article: it should be as long as it needs to be. So if you can say something in 60 words then there is no need to write 400 words and if some SEO article requires 700 words then you should not try to cram it within 300 words. Just to save a few dollars you should not compromise on the quality of your SEO articles.

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