Writing persuasive website content

Persuasive website content means content that can convince people with its sense of truthfulness and trustworthiness. Writing such content requires a sense of sincerity. How do you write such content? How do you make people believe in you, put their trust in your hands and ultimately, do business with you?

Problem-solving is a big part of writing persuasive website content. When people come to your website – assuming that they come for the right reasons – they are primarily looking for solutions to their problems. Something is nagging them, whether it is related to their business or personal lives, and if you want their business, you want to assure them that you have the right solution to their problem.

This can be done with simple, to-the-point writing. Get straightaway to the core of the issue and tell them what you have got. Provide them accurate information and then trust their judgment. Don’t take their understanding for granted, but also don’t dumb down what they already know. If possible, write in the first person so they feel as if you are talking to them. You can use the question-and-answer method or you can be as descriptive as your central theme allows. What matters is, what impact you can make?

Writing persuasive website content to help your prospective customers and clients

The more helpful you are through your website content, the more eager they will be to do business with you. You should definitely use action words in your website copy, but they should be used where they are needed. You should avoid needlessly pushing people into doing something that they are unaware of, or don’t want to do right now. Make them aware, let them know what you have got without resorting to the hyperbole, and then let them decide. Show them that they are in control. Writing persuasive website content doesn’t mean selling combs to people who have no hair – you will be deemed smart by salespeople, but actually you will be no more than a crook.

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