Copywriting services for voice search

Optimized copywriting for voice search

Optimized copywriting for voice search

Every major technology company, especially the ones selling mobile phones and related operating systems, is investing big in voice search.

Therefore, it is very important that your copywriting focuses on voice search as much as it focuses on conventionally optimized content.

What is voice search?

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What is voice search?

It means when people talk into their mobile phones (even browser add-ons on their PCs and laptops) instead of typing into them. Specially to look for information.

Using search engines these days to find every bit of information has become second nature to every mobile phone user. Even to check out websites, people use search engines instead of straightaway typing the URL.

It is like this, you are looking for a professional copywriter for your website, you will speak into your phone something like, “copywriting services for my art gallery website”.

A peculiar thing about voice search is that apps like Google Assistant can even remember your previous search activity to interpret what you really mean to search instead of taking your proceeding search as a standalone query.

For example, you first search for “best chicken tikkas in my area”.

Google shows you the results – listings of all the restaurants offering chicken tikkas.

Then, if you search for “restaurant serving after 11 PM”, Google will show you not just the restaurants that are open after 11 PM, but also the one that serves chicken tikkas.

You can use different variations according to your individual business needs, but the basic premise is, instead of typing your query, you may use voice, and when you use voice, your search queries are conversational instead of well-defined text strings.

And it’s not just mobile phones where people use voice search.

Millions of devices are being shipped that are voice-controlled, including Amazon Echo and Google Home.

According to this AdWeek link, right now (this is 2019) there are 67 million voice-enabled devices just in the US.

They don’t even have optional buttons. They are completely controlled by voice commands and one of the major features is the ability to search by telling them the queries instead of typing them in.

Developments in the ranking algorithms that can use natural language processing to recognize voice text and related patterns have also contributed towards more people using voice search instead of simple typing.

This is why, it is very important that any optimized text on your website or even your blog, is optimized for voice search.

Copywriting services and voice search


According to this Search Engine Watch post, search results for voice search are different from search results for typed search even for the same sort of information.

SEO experts have noted that once you have optimized your content and your copywriting according to conventional SEO techniques you cannot safely assume that your website will also draw targeted traffic from voice search.

You need to tailor your content both for the purpose of optimizing for voice search, and for higher conversion rate.

The role of copywriting

Copywriting mostly comes into picture when you need to convince your visitors (in terms of World Wide Web) into becoming your customers and clients.

“Convincing” is the keyword here – you need to be persuasive enough.

Hence, your copywriting must be conversational, engaging, informative, succinct, and in terms of optimization, well-adapted to voice search.

Through my website copywriting services I can help you convert more visitors into customers and clients and at the same time draw targeted traffic from voice searches.

How will I optimize copywriting for voice search, for your business?

When I write copy for your website, in fact, before I start writing copy for your website, I will try to understand how your target customers and clients carry out searches.

As a writer, I don’t believe that you should solely focus on improving your search engine rankings because higher rankings mean nothing unless the traffic converts.

The traffic doesn’t convert unless you have well-written content, well-written copy on your website.

Having said that, the need to draw targeted search engine traffic is inescapable.

Many businesses depend on search engine traffic and with greater number of devices enabling people to voice search, you need copywriting services to target people who use voice instead of typing to find information on the Internet.

To achieve this, I will take care of the following:

  • Optimize your copy for longer search terms.
  • Keep my copywriting conversational because this is how people search using voice.
  • Understand what sort of problems people have and then provide solutions through my writing.
  • While keeping my copywriting professional, I will write in a manner your core audience speaks.
  • I will write for the web, which means, write shorter, crisp sentences that are to the point.

What is so important about voice search and how my copywriting services can help you?

Importance of copywriting in voice search

Importance of copywriting in voice search

People, especially those who are comfortable with the language they speak in (mostly English in this context), don’t use a monotonous way of talking when using voice search.

They use conversational style. Also, they mostly ask questions. Given a choice, 71% people prefer to use voice assistant to search for information.

The use of mobile phones and the mobile technology has been phenomenal. Even a totally illiterate person can use a mobile phone. If he or she doesn’t know how to read or type, he or she definitely knows how to speak into a mobile device.

Hence, it is very important that your partner with a professional copywriting service that helps you optimize your website content for voice search. Contact me today for more information.

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