Content Writing & Copywriting Services FAQs

Content writing copywriting services FAQs

Content writing copywriting services FAQs

On this page I have tried to answer all the questions on content writing and content marketing services available at “Credible Content Writing Services”. I work as an individual and it rarely happens these days that I outsource my work. All the work is done by me, so whether it is great or it sucks, I’m the one solely responsible.

Note: When I use “I” or “we” in the highlighted questions covered on this FAQs page, I mean you, the client (Not the ensuing paragraphs, where “I” actually means yours truly).

Why do I need quality content writing for my website?

Think it this way. When someone just walks into your office or shop how do you convince that person into buying from you?
Remember that in the physical world, the choice is quite limited. There may be just a couple of shops selling the same things that you are selling.

Once someone enters a shop or an office, usually the person spends at least 10-15 minutes in the shop going through various items or interacting with your salespeople.

But when it comes to websites, within a few seconds your visitor can leave your website He or she may even have opened multiple tabs already after finding multiple results on Google. Your website is just one of the tabs.

The only thing that keeps people on your website for some time is your content, what you have written on your website.

If your writing is not compelling people are going to leave immediately even if you are selling a great product or service.

Quality content writing helps you engage your visitors and keeps them on your website for as long as possible.

Quality content writing helps you stand out. Most of the websites are not good at communicating. If you do communicate well, people will buy from you.

Even if they don’t buy from you immediately, you make an imprint and they remember you.

Who writes content on Credible Content Writing Services?

As mentioned in the first para, I do. My main focus these days is providing quality and value as a professional content writer and sometimes it becomes difficult to monitor these aspects when you are getting the work done from other content writers. I used to outsource, but am no longer doing it.

Is the content that you write totally unique and original?

To my best knowledge, it is. No self-respecting writer wants to plagiarize because then you are appreciating another writer’s work and undermining yours. I am running a full-fledged business of providing content writing and content marketing services and I have a comprehensive presence not just on my own website and blog but also on other websites. Just to save a couple of hours I won’t sully my reputation. Besides, I am happy the way I charge for my services so that I can fully concentrate on providing unique and original content. Please also read A successful content writer must have a unique voice.

But what’s unique and original?

Sometimes I may have to use data from other sources; does that constitute copying or plagiarism? In most of the cases it is not. As long as the language is original and all the information is being presented in a unique manner, it is not copying and plagiarism. If you have problem with data from other websites being used for your own copy, and if you want some sort of data to be used, you will either have to supply that data on your own or you will need to pay for the effort needed to generate original data.

Do I own the content that you write for me?

Yes you do, you get the exclusive copyright the moment I turn in the document and you have paid for it. After I have handed over the documents it’s up to you what you want to do with that content. You can distribute it further, you can change it, truncate it, or simply delete it (although this would be heartbreaking and discouraging).

I may use some of your documents as samples to prove to prospective clients what a great content writer I am, but the content of these documents will not be used for commercial purposes. In case you have made me sign a non-disclosure agreement, then I won’t use your documents as samples.

Are you a native English speaker?

No, I’m not. It is a language that I have learned. My mother tongue is Punjabi and since my wife speaks Hindi, this is the language that we use at home. I do my business in English and I also do all my writing in English.

So if you’re not a native English speaker, why should I hire you instead of a content writer who is a native English speaker?

Why shouldn’t you? Please go ahead and hire a native English speaking content writer if that’s what you want.

But this doesn’t address the “why should I hire you” part.

Command over a language (including writing abilities) is a gift. You are not born with it. Many Booker prize winners are not native English speaking writers. Just because a language is your mother tongue it doesn’t mean you can write compellingly and convincingly. Language is just a tool that you use to make an impact.

Most of the writers are equally adept at using multiple languages. This is because the ability to literarily express yourself does not depend on which language you use. Of course in order to write fluently you need to be comfortable with the language you are currently using but once you have attained that comfort level, it doesn’t matter whether you are a native speaker or you have learned the language.

For more material on this, please read Why you should hire me as your content writer.

How much do you charge for your content writing and content marketing services?

Please refer to My content writing rates.

How do you track your time in order to invoice for it?

I use the time tracker tool from It tracks time by the second.

Can I trust you that you will use the time tracking tool honestly?

Trust is an individual choice based on experience, so I cannot say much to convince you. On my part, all I can say is, all the clients that work with me trust me.

Typically, how much time do you take to complete a business document?

This depends on the amount of information I have with me. Normally it takes me 40-70 minutes to complete a business document. Generic blog posts and information articles I can complete in about 30 minutes. If research is required, then the time depends on the amount of research needed.

Do you charge extra for revisions?

This depends on whether it is minor revision or major revision (you provide me some information initially, and then you decide to change it). If I completely need to rewrite the document because things have changed on your side then yes, I will invoice for it. If there are just some minor changes here and there that can be completed in 5 minutes, I don’t charge extra. I also don’t charge extra if the revision needs to be done due to my oversight or misunderstanding.

How do I pay you?

You can use PayPal or online bank transfer.

Do you charge an advance?

Initially, yes, I do. It will be 50%. For instance, if I have committed 10 hours then I will be charging an advance for 5 hours. If it is an ongoing assignment then I’m not worried too much about the advance. Every month I will send you an invoice and you can pay me accordingly. If I have already worked with you then also I don’t bother with the advance thing.

Can you work on a few documents for free so that we can decide whether we want to hire you or not?

No speculative work. I will provide you the appropriate samples. You can also go through my website. You can also Google “amrit hallan”. There are many ways you can get a sense of how I work in order to make up your mind.

Is there a minimum number of hours that I have to hire you for?


Why do you charge differently for online copywriting and content writing?

Frankly, I shouldn’t. Writing is writing. Whether I write content or write copy, both forms of writing must be compelling, and they are.

The difference is, whereas, content writing is informational, copywriting is for selling.

Hence, more expertise and the ability to convince, are required when one is copywriting.

People are more accepting when they are reading simple content. They know that no one is asking them to buy something. They’re simply being informed and educated. They are relaxed. The level of resistance that content writing encounters (hypothetically, not direct) is way less than online copywriting does.

This is one thing.

Another thing is, you don’t want to pay a lot for content writing especially when you want to publish lots of content for brand visibility and to improve your SEO.

Yes, good writing costs money, and there is nothing wrong in that and conversely, lousy writing must come cheap. But you don’t want to pay beyond a particular amount.

For online copywriting on the other hand, you don’t mind paying more because you know that this type of writing is going to sell for you.

You can afford to be less compelling with content writing, but not with online copywriting.

Hence, you can do with a fairly good content writer but for your online copywriting needs, you cannot compromise.

If you compromise on online copywriting, you will be compromising on your prospects of growing your business.

Therefore, the less amount that I charge for content writing, I make up through copywriting assignments.

Why do I need content writing regularly to improve SEO?

Various reasons. Google and other search engines are constantly looking for fresh content. When you publish regularly, you cover all possible topics. You also cover all the search terms your prospective customers and clients might be using to find your website. But this is just one side of it.

SEO is a combination of many factors. You need fresh content. You need to publish content regularly (to show that your website is active and hence, should be crawled and indexed regularly). Your topic density increases, augmenting the overall authority of your website.

The more content you publish the greater is the chance that someone will find something worth linking to, earning you back links and in the process, improving your SEO.

More content also engages your audience. It gives them a reason to visit your website multiple times and form an opinion about you.

Basically, you need regular content writing to improve SEO because

  1. Google gets to index and rank more content from your website.
  2. Google and other search engines are constantly looking for fresh content.
  3. You cover maximum number of keywords and search terms without stuffing most of the keywords and search terms into fewer webpages, diluting their topical focus.
  4. You give people a reason to link back to you, boosting your SEO.
  5. You give people a reason to share your content on their social media timelines, boosting your SEO.
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