What Is SEO Copywriting And How Does It Help Your Business?

What is SEO copywriting

What is SEO copywriting?

Are you constantly wondering what is SEO copywriting and how it is different from other forms of writing on the web?

Digital marketing experts interchangeably use SEO copywriting and SEO content writing.

They believe that whenever you’re writing for the web, you are selling.

You are selling an idea.

You are selling a product.

You are canvassing for your business.

You are selling your talent.

Well, in that sense, whenever you write, whether you write for a newspaper or a magazine, there is a purpose.

You want to achieve something.

This purpose of “achieving” is called “selling”.


Hence, whether you are writing a web page for your business website, a blog post for your business blog, or even an opinion blog post on Medium, you are copywriting.

By definition copywriting means writing promotional literature for businesses. Some examples of copywriting are

  1. Business website pages.
  2. Landing pages.
  3. Email marketing campaigns.
  4. Brochures.
  5. Case studies.
  6. Social media messages promoting your products and services.
  7. Sales copy.
  8. Pamphlets and flyers.

When you want people to buy after reading, it’s copywriting.

Explaining SEO copywriting

Personally, I don’t see any difference between SEO copywriting and other forms of writing for business websites and blogs.

Whenever you write, you convince.

Yes, there may be different reasons for publishing content on your website, but the ultimate goal is to increase sales.

Take for example this web page.

I’m trying to explain to you what SEO copywriting is and how it benefits your business.

You may think, although I’m providing an answer to a question, how am I promoting myself?

Suppose you want to hire an SEO copywriter – a copywriter who can help you sell and at the same time also help you improve your search engine rankings.

Do you want to work with someone who simply says, “Hello, I am an SEO copywriter so hire me,” or do you want to work with someone who says, “These are the things about SEO copywriting that I know and if you’re looking for a competent SEO copywriter, you can consider hiring me”?

What type of SEO copywriter would like to hire

What type of SEO copywriter would like to hire?

What I’m saying is, even though I’m writing this web page to educate you about a topic, ultimately, I’m also able to communicate that I’m open for business if you’re looking for an experienced SEO copywriter.


And, I achieve this with every web page and blog post that I write.

Which means, whenever I’m writing for my website – whether I am writing and publishing a new web page or a new blog post – my aim is to showcase my skills and through that, increase my visibility.

When my visibility increases for the right information, I get more business queries.

This is applicable to every website.

Hence, whenever you are writing for a business website, you are indulging in copywriting.

Okay, so what about SEO? How does search engine optimization fit into all this?

Exceptions are always there, but every online business needs targeted search engine traffic.

It’s like a mall – every mall needs foot traffic.

Similarly, every website needs search engine traffic, preferably, targeted search engine traffic.

The problem is, unlike a mall in a crowded neighbourhood, your website doesn’t get search engine traffic merely for existing.

You need to take steps so that Google crawls your content, indexes it, analyzes it for different keywords and search terms it can associate with your content, and then accordingly, ranks your content.

If I want to rank this web page for “what is SEO content writing”, I should be able to convince the Google ranking algorithm that this is the right page to rank for this search term.

The problem is, there are many content writing services trying to rank for this phrase and many other phrases for which I want to attract targeted search engine traffic.

What do I do?

I publish lots of content that is search engine friendly, targeting my scores of keywords and search terms.

SEO copywriting means writing convincing content (that turns your visitors into paying customers and clients) for humans and at the same time, using keywords and search terms in such a manner that they become an integral part of your writing.

Google needs to find what is SEO content writing within this page to consider it ranking for the search term.

By fluke, as is being claimed by many SEO experts, I may also end up getting good rankings for the search term without using it even once – by simply creating the context – but it hasn’t yet been established if it works 100%.

Ranking algorithms are becoming smarter. Instead of looking for matching strings, they are beginning to “understand” the meaning of your content.

Hence, if someone searches for “what does writing for search engine optimization mean?”, I may be able to rank well for this web page, but I’m not sure whether right now it always works or not.


Logically, it should.

But, in the meantime, it is always better to use your keywords or the search term you are targeting for, in the copy of your webpage or blog post.

When you do that – when you are able to write your marketing page using the target keywords – it is called SEO copywriting.

How does SEO copywriting help your business?

As explained above, as a business, especially a business on the Internet, you need to convince your visitors into becoming your customers and clients.

For that, you need copywriting.

You should be able to convince them that you have got what they are looking for.

If you’re looking for a capable SEO copywriter who can help you improve your search engine rankings as well as get you more customers and clients, after visiting a few pages on my website, you should feel like hiring me.

If you don’t feel that way, my copywriting isn’t doing its job for me.

Similarly, if copywriting on your website doesn’t convince your visitors, it is not good copywriting.

This is one aspect.

The other aspect is your search engine presence.

As an online business, you don’t just need traffic, you need “targeted” traffic.

I publish lots of educational content.

If all the time I’m attracting people who want to learn content writing and they have no intention of hiring a copywriter or a content writer, this traffic is of no use to me.

I need to attract people who are looking for a good web copywriter for their own websites and blogs.

For your website too, you need to attract targeted traffic – those people who will actually do business with you.

SEO copywriting helps your business in two ways:

  1. Improves your search engine rankings for your targeted search terms and keywords.
  2. Improves the conversion rate on your website so that people who come to your website are convinced and become your customers and clients.

Both these aspects are important.

Even if one of them is missing, you’re going to lose business.

In fact, if you want to differentiate between regular content writing and SEO copywriting, this is the biggest difference:

  • Content writing informs, educates and improves your search engine rankings in general.
  • SEO copywriting informs, educates, improves your search engine rankings for your target keywords and search terms AND improves your conversion rate when people come to your website.

Hence, SEO copywriting is the complete package if you want to engage people.

You want to convince people.

You want them to believe in you.

You want them to be able to find you for the right keywords and search terms when they are looking for your product or service on Google and other search engines.


My SEO copywriting process for maximum impact and effectiveness

  1. Create the mission and vision of the web page.
  2. Compile a list of the main keywords and search terms.
  3. Understand the search intent.
  4. Research for the topic.
  5. Create a convincing topic/title.
  6. Create the outline.
  7. Start writing – maximum focus on quality, relevance and value.
  8. Make sure all points have been covered.
  9. Incorporate the main keywords and search terms.
  10. Incorporate LSI keywords and synonyms.
  11. Revision.
  12. Final drafting.

Want to grow your business? Contact me for more information.

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