Why SEO Copywriting improves your search engine rankings

Why SEO copywriting improves your search engine rankings

Why SEO copywriting improves your search engine rankings?

Why SEO copywriting you may ponder? How does it improve your search engine rankings?

If all that the search engines are looking for is relevant, subject-centric content, why do you need SEO copywriting and why is it being offered as a separate service and not as normal online copywriting service?

What exactly is SEO copywriting?

First, if you don’t know the difference between you may like to read SEO copywriting and SEO content writing: is there a difference?

You need content writing for your information pages and blog posts but you need copywriting for your main websites. This is because, on your main websites, you want to persuade your visitors into becoming you are paid customers and clients.

On your main website, you need convincing writing. You want the sales pitch. You want to tell people why you have a great proposition and why they should do business with you.

The more people your website copy is able to convert, the more business you generate. In fact, whether you realize it right now or not, your entire business depends on your copy if you mostly have an online business.

But, just as you seek higher search engine rankings for your blog posts and information pages, you also want higher search engine rankings for your main website pages.

Hence, despite using a sales pitch, your copy must also be able to improve your overall search engine rankings. You achieve this with the help of SEO copywriting.

Why is SEO copywriting important for your business?

A big reason is the rampant competition on the Internet.

There are hundreds and thousands of websites vying for that coveted place on the first page of the search results and some of them have excellent copies.

So why do some appear in top twenty or top ten results and the rest languish in lower rankings? SEO copywriting makes the whole difference.

Yes, you can improve your search engine rankings by publishing lots of information pages and blog posts and I strongly recommend publishing regular content on your website to increase your content depth, but ultimately, you need to make sales.

I have lots of educational and helpful content on writing and content marketing but unless you know that I am open for business, how are you going to hire me as your copywriter or content writer?

You are going to hire me after reading my main business pages where I explain how I can help you grow your business with my writing services whether you want to hire me as a copywriter or a content writer.

Copywriting is important because it turns your business profitable. It gives you a better ROI. It helps you achieve your business goals by convincing your visitors that your product or service will definitely solve their problem and offer them value for money.

How does a proficient copywriter write better copy for your website?

Since I am a male I’m going to use “he” but you can use a “she” if that sounds better for you.

If you don’t understand what your target audience is looking for, how are you going to convince them into buying your product or service?

Every product or service is a solution. This is why people buy from you.

They don’t buy your product or service just for the heck of it. They have a problem, they are looking for a solution, and they have a vague idea that your product or service can give them the solution.

The job of the copywriter is to engage them and convince them that you have got exactly the solution they need for their problem.

For that, the copywriter must understand what they need.

A proficient copywriter never starts writing your copy unless he knows what your target customers or visitors are looking for.

5 reasons why copywriting is important for your business

1. Tell your brand story

Copywriting tells your brand story. Telling your brand story is very important because it makes an emotional connection. Every purchase is after all an emotional connection.

2. Keep people hooked to your central message

To purchase from you, people must stay on your website for as long as possible. It is the job of your copywriting to keep them from going away. The longer they stay, the greater is the probability that they will buy from you.

3. Remain focused on call-to-action

Every copy has a call to action – what you want people to perform when they are going through your web page.

For example, on my website, the purpose of every web page is to encourage people to fill up my contact form and contact me for my copywriting and content writing services.

4. Convey your enthusiasm

Your copy needs to be full of enthusiasm. If you don’t feel enthusiastic about your business proposition, how are your visitors going to feel excited enough to give you money for your product or service?

5. Help your visitors make the best possible decision

I don’t know about other copywriters, but when I’m writing the copy, my primary concern is to help your visitors make the best possible decision for themselves.

Sure, it is important that they buy from you, but more important is that they make the right decision. You don’t want to trick them into buying from you. You want them to buy from you only when they can make full use of your product or service.

How does SEO copywriting make the difference and improves your search engine rankings?

SEO copywriting not only involves writing great copy, it also involves writing your copy strategically.

You need to use your tags correctly.

You need to put the right keywords at the right places, and, even if some people disagree, there is a keyword-to-text ratio that makes a crucial difference.

Then there are different tags to consider.

With what tags should you use your keywords? How many times should you highlight/bold your keywords and key phrases?

How to optimally use your anchor text? How to make use of the list tags for SEO copywriting purposes?

How you should organize your key phrases and scatter them in a manner that your text sounds perfectly normal to your human readers despite being written for the search engines?

SEO copywriting takes care of all these things.

Along with the viewable text SEO copywriting also optimizes other on-page elements for the targeted search terms.

These include the title, description and keywords tags, headings and alt attribute of the image tag.

But the most important aspect of search engine optimization is your web page copy.

It’s often been observed that even if the meta tags and other things are left untouched, and only better SEO copywriting is done, the web pages begin to rank higher on the SERPs.

Does SEO copywriting always get you higher rankings?

Not always.

SEO copywriting is not your ranking panacea because lots of factors are taken into consideration when the search engine algorithms evaluate your website.

Your ranking also depends on how many websites are linking back to you, how you have organized and interlinked your overall content, how much content you have and what SEO practices your competitors are practicing, and even the age of your website.

For good search engine rankings you have to pump in lots of effort and SEO copywriting is a major part of that effort.

SEO copywriting is one of the steps you take towards search engine optimization that results in higher rankings. It gives you a sure footing.

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