Rewrite, translate website content in English

Rewrite-translate website content in English-compressed

Rewrite-translate website content in English-compressed

If you are targeting a global audience, especially an English-speaking or an English-knowing audience, it is important that you get the content and the copy of your website written professionally.

I can help you rewrite and translate your website in English no matter in what language it is.

Do I know multiple languages?

No, I don’t.

I use Google Translate.

Why not use Google Translate to rewrite the website content

Why not use Google Translate to rewrite the website content?

But, then you may wonder, if I can use Google Translate, why can’t you?

Google Translate is a machine-based translation facility.

It will rewrite or translate your website text in English verbatim, which you don’t want.

I will rewrite or translate your website in English as a writer, not as a translator.

What is the difference?

A translator, whether it is a human translator or machine-based, simply creates an English equivalent of your content or your text.


Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Re-writing and translating simple sentences isn’t a problem, the problem arises when you have combined more than one thought in a sentence.

When famous books are translated, for example, if you have read Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez in English, you will notice that the books are not simply translated, they are rewritten.

I read Love in the Time of Cholera when I was in senior school, ages ago. That was a paperback published somewhere in the 1980s, left behind by one of my cousins who was visiting us from Canada.

Then, recently I started rereading the book. I purchased a Kindle edition.

The story starts completely differently.

In the previous edition of the book that I read in my senior school days, the story began with Dr. Juvenal Urbino’s death. He has fallen off the ladder while trying to catch the pet parrot and lying on the ground upon the leaves of autumn.

In the Kindle edition, the story begins with Dr. Juvenal Urbino discovering the body of his photographer friend who has committed suicide after a prolonged illness.

Hence, the same book, rewritten or translated by two different authors, is written differently.

What I am trying to say is, the essence of the writing cannot be captured by simple, straightforward, linear translation.

The text needs to be rewritten in English in the language of the writer who is rewriting it.

So, is Google Translate useless?

No, Google Translate is an excellent tool and in fact, without it, I won’t be able to rewrite or translate your content in English.

But it is not a human. It will translate your text in a very unemotional manner.

Buying, after all, is an emotional decision.

If your writing lacks emotion, people are not going to buy from you.

Google Translate is a great tool to help you understand the language, but once you have understood it, you need to write it in your own words.


Website internationalization – Internationalize your website

Internationalize your website content

Internationalize your website content

With an English version of your website, you can internationalize your website. What does that mean?

English is spoken in almost every country. Once you have your website in English, you can rest assured that people all over the world understand your message.

The ideal would be to have your website in every local language and there are many software solutions that can perform real-time translation into multiple languages, but these translations are not as good as writing by humans.

For the time being, you can internationalize your website by getting it written in English.

What clients like about my writing style is that it is truly international in the sense that my writing doesn’t carry the residue of my mother tongue.

Many non-English-speaking writers first form sentences in their own language and then convert those sentences into English.

I don’t do that. When you read my writing, you cannot make out whether I am from India or from Japan or from Honolulu or Ireland. Despite being professional, I can make my writing International.

Why do you want to rewrite or translate your website in English?

Depending on your source, 1.5-2 billion people in the world speak English, that is more than 20% of Earth’s population.

If you want to offer your products or services to a global consumer base, you must get your website rewritten or translated in English.

Even those people whose native language is not English use English as a language bridge.

For example, in India there are 22 main, fully developed languages and it is often difficult for people from different regions to talk to each other. English is the main language. It is the bridge.


I don’t know Tamil and the person fluent in Tamil doesn’t know Hindi or Punjabi (my native languages). But we can both easily communicate in English.

Also, if you want to improve your international SEO, it is important that you hire a professional SEO content writer to rewrite or translate your text in English.

How will I rewrite or translate your website in English?

I assume that the text, in whichever language, is already there on your website.

Your website may be in French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Bengali, Hindi, Mandarin, Japanese or any other language present in Google Translate.

I will take the text from your individual webpages.

I will use Google Translate to get the basic translation of your text in English.

Then I will rewrite it in my own language.

Why is it important that I rewrite the text in English in my own language?

I am a writer by profession.


I use words to express, to inform and educate, to instigate, and in terms of content writing and copywriting, to sell.

Once I have understood what you’re communicating on your website, I will help you communicate it in English.

I will capture your actions. I will capture your feel. I will rearrange the sentences so that they read like they have been written by someone who knows English well.

I can write a mix of conversational and professional.

I will bring in my own attitude without overshadowing yours.

In fact, most of my clients hire me not for my content writing services in particular (they can find a content writer anywhere), but for the way I write.

No matter what language your website is in. As long as it exists on Google Translate, I can rewrite it in English for you.

What if your language does not exist in Google Translate?

Even then there is no problem.

You can send me an outline of what you want to communicate.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate.

You don’t even have to use complete sentences if you cannot write in English.

Just send me some bullet points of individual pages and I will write complete pages.

What is my biggest strength as a writer capable of rewriting or translating your website in English?

I will understand what you want to say. I will understand where you’re coming from. I will understand what makes you passionate about what you are offering.

Then I will inject the same understanding and passion into the writing.

How is my rewriting service different from any other translation service?

I don’t promote myself as a translator.

In fact, the idea of this webpage came to me when I was replying to one of my clients from Belgium.

All his websites are in Dutch. When his clients want some quality writing in English for an already existing Dutch website, he contacts me and I do his work.


I promote myself as a writer, as a content writer and as a copywriter.

Once I have understood what you are trying to communicate, I will communicate it is a writer, not as a translator.

A translator may be familiar with multiple languages, but he or she may not be a writer.

Simply knowing multiple languages doesn’t make you a writer.

Just as owning brushes and paints doesn’t make you a painter.

Or owning a chisel and a piece of marble doesn’t make you a sculptor.

This is something that is within. I write like a storyteller.

This is the big difference. When you hire me to rewrite or translate your website in English, I will work as a writer and capture your essence.

Contact me for more information.

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