Website copywriting services to improve conversion rate

Website copywriting services to improve conversion rate

Our professional website copywriting services can help you improve your conversion rate. Website conversion rate is very important for the survival of business on the web.

What is conversion rate? Conversion rate broadly means the number of people doing business with you divided by the total number of people coming to your website multiplied by 100, during a pre-decided period like a day, a week, a month, a quarter, or a year.

Professional website copywriting services can improve your conversion rate by highlighting the benefits of doing business with you in a convincing manner.

“Highlighting the benefits” and “convincing manner” are the keywords to focus on when writing copy for your website.

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What is copywriting? How do web copywriting services generate more business for your website?

There is a big difference between website copywriting and website content writing.

Whereas every decent writer can be a content writer, a website copywriter definitely needs to have the proverbial “gift for the gab”.

The greatest quality of a website copywriter is his or her ability to convince your visitors into becoming your paying customers and clients.

You can have a great writer for your website but unless your visitors become your customers and clients, his or her skills are of no use to you.

A website copywriter on the other hand might not be an exceptional writer, but if he or she is able to move your visitors into doing business with you, he or she is worth gold for you.

How do our website copywriting services improve your conversion rate?

When does your website conversion rate improve?

Improve your conversion rate with our website copywriting service

When do people trust you and do business with you?

When your website copy empathizes with your prospective customers and clients. When the moment they come to your website, they know you have got what they want.

Two things are very important for your conversion rate to improve:

  1. Right people coming to your website
  2. Right impact is made on the right people coming to your website

Both these qualities need to exist simultaneously.

Even if one of them is missing your conversion rate is not going to improve.

This is why, a professional website copywriting service improves the quality of your web traffic (through search engines, social networking websites and other online sources) as well as the quality of writing on your website. This is where our SEO copywriting services can help you.

Your website copywriting will get you more business if it immediately comes to the point and communicates the benefits of working with you with unequivocal conviction.

When people come to your website they are looking for a solution.

For example…

Someone searches on Google “how to get rid of red ants in my basement?”, finds your link, and comes to your website.

He or she should immediately find the solution he or she is looking for. If you offer pest control services, the person should immediately know that you can help him or her with the ant infestation.

Inform the visitor that you are going to help him or her completely get rid of the red ants without using harmful chemicals, and forever.

Once you have got your magic in his or her basement your treatment will also make sure that the ants don’t return even if there are cracks in the floor.

Tell him or her at the top why he or she must hire you and what problems he or she is going to get into if you are not hired.

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No, I don’t mean to say you alarm people, but the greatest advantages of working with you and the greatest disadvantages of not working with you must immediately pop out of your website copywriting.

The biggest strength of your website copy is convincing people into believing that you have got just the right solution for their problem.

This message needs to be delivered in a straight forward manner without scope for confusion.

Remember that people on the web are in a great hurry because one, they are constantly being bombarded by different messages especially when they are accessing your website from their mobile phones and two, it is very easy to move on to another website even if they are slightly unsure of what you are trying to say.

When we write your website copy we cut to the chase and come to the point immediately.

We will spend ample amount of time trying to understand what your customers and clients need and then prepare the copy accordingly.

Also, for the success of your website copywriting, it is very important to know what sort of language your prospective customers or clients use.

If you speak in a totally strange language replete with jargon the entire effort of bringing the right people to your website will go waste.

An experienced website copywriter first understands what keywords and search terms your prospective customers and clients use to be able to find what you offer and then use those keywords and search terms to prepare your copy.

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We know the fundamentals of effective website copywriting

Listed below are the fundamentals of website copywriting that we put into practice when we write copy for your website…

  • Create very compelling headlines and sub-headlines
  • Use the keywords or search terms that the person has just used right in the beginning, preferably in the headline (this is where SEO copywriting plays an important part)
  • Use active voice with shorter sentences
  • Come to the point immediately
  • Highlight the overwhelming benefits of your product or service.
  • Use call-to-action at strategic locations
  • Use the important details that can influence the visitors’ decision positively
  • Create a copy that is easy to read with very concise sentences so that the visitors can go through it as quickly as possible and still understand its meaning
  • Create a sense of urgency without misleading or alarming your visitor
  • Avoid using negative words throughout the copy.

Website copywriting is a special skill that is acquired with lots of experience.

Sure, the ability to write convincingly needs to be there but what works and what doesn’t work can only be learnt after working in the trenches for multiple clients.

As a long-established content writer and website copywriter I have been writing copy and content for my clients for more than 13 years now.

I understand that every client has a unique requirement so there is no set template when doing website copywriting but still there are some fundamentals that need to be taken care of and the understanding of these fundamentals can only be acquired through persistent working in the real-world scenarios.

Our turnaround time is quite fast (it also depends on our level of communication). Normally we can deliver 2-3 documents in a single day.

No plagiarization
You copy/paste
Unique website copywriting for your unique website

Would you like to know more about our website copywriting services and how we can help you improve conversion rate? Contact us.

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