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Are you looking for a professional SEO content writing service to boost your search engine rankings? Credible Content can help you

  1. Find the right keywords being used by your prospective customers and clients
  2. Write high-quality SEO content around your target keywords and search terms
  3. Boost your search engine rankings organically
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Do you actually need SEO content writing services?

To be frank, I always tell my clients that there is no such thing as “SEO content writing” because good content automatically improves your search engine rankings.

This is how Google and other search engines try to rank your content: on its goodness, on its relevance, on the value that it delivers.

Then why people go for content writing that specifically targets the SEO aspect of digital marketing?

What you need is a  service that understands how search engines rank your content and then write content accordingly.

SEO is all about providing the right answers to the queries people submit to Google and other search engines.

Let’s for some time just stick to Google.

The search engine wants to find the most appropriate content for the query or the keyword that is used to execute a search.

Hence, it is very important that in some manner, the query or the keyword exists at important locations of your content, especially the web page title, the main headline, within the first 100 words, and then, in various forms throughout your copy.

One way, the old way, and slightly an ineffective way, is to use the keywords just because you have to use them. The advanced language processing capabilities of search engine algorithms can make that out and sometimes even penalize you for indulging in such misleading activities.

The other way, the better way, is to contextually use your keywords.

This may cause confusion. So what should you do?

Provide valuable content. Provide relevant content for the keyword that you are targeting.

For example, on this webpage I’m talking about my SEO content writing services and since I’m talking about my online content writing services, this is the main topic.

I’m not just explaining what SEO writing is, I’m also explaining how I understand and how I try to deliver value to my clients.

How Credible Content SEO content writing services will boost your search engine rankings

To boost your search engine rankings you need to understand how search engines like Google rank your content:

  • They evaluate the quality of your content
  • They look for the keywords, search terms and related keywords within your content
  • They take into factor your incoming links – the number of “trusted” websites linking to your website or blog (or your internal links)
  • They take into account the social buzz your content creates

I will

  • Write content that is people-friendly as well as search-engine-crawlers-friendly
  • Write content that will get you high-quality inbound links
  • Write content that will get you social attention

These are the fundamental factors that affect your search engine rankings.

Consistency and relevance is a big factor. Many businesses start publishing quality content in the beginning but as days turn into weeks and weeks into months, it becomes difficult to publish quality content on a regular basis.

If you want to improve your search engine rankings the most important thing that your content needs to achieve is deliver value. You need to understand the searcher’s intent and then write content accordingly.

What is searcher’s intent?

Google has an advanced way of finding out exactly why people are searching using a particular query. Search intents are of the following types:

  1. Informational search intent
  2. Navigational search intent
  3. Transactional search intent

Hence, if someone is using Google for informational search intent, Google is not going to rank your content that it considers for transactional content.

Most of the businesses get mixed up with different types of searcher’s intent and end up writing and publishing content that although, is quite good, doesn’t solve the purpose of the search.

Hence, I can provide you high-quality content exactly for the reason people are using search queries.

I can provide you high quality content non-stop.

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This, is the big difference between creating your own content and working with an SEO content writing service like Credible Content.

An established SEO content writing agency can provide you ongoing writing services without glitches. This is because an agency does not depend on a single writer. There are normally multiple writers working on your topics, so, you have a continuous supply of high-quality content to improve your search engine rankings.

There might be many reasons why a particular website enjoys great search engine rankings but one of the most important reasons is the content that it routinely publishes. After all, what do search engines like Google index all the time? It’s content. Hundreds of PhD’s are working round the clock in the search engine labs of these companies to enable people to find almost perfect search engine results and their constant effort is to dig out content that is high-quality and most relevant to the search terms being used.

“Most relevant to the search terms being used” is a very crucial aspect. How do you convince search engine algorithms that yours is the most relevant content for the search term being used? This is where it matters how your content is prepared and what language and keywords are used when creating that content, and this is where a professional SEO content writing service comes into the picture.


It can be easy and it can be difficult – it all depends on your comfort level with writing and publishing high-quality content on a sustained basis. Remember that millions of pages in the form of articles, blog posts, social networking updates and online forum updates are being published every day and all these pages are being indexed and ranked with great speed by the search engine algorithms. These pages are constantly competing with each other.

Among these millions of pages, how do the search engine ranking algorithms decide which page to rank and how to rank it?

It has been observed that people rarely go beyond the second or third page while looking for a business. When they don’t come across the desired result on the first page for the keyword or key phrase they have used, they start testing out another keyword or key phrase – although in some cases, they may check out many levels of search engine result pages but it happens rarely.

Easily scalable SEO content writing services

Worried that you may not be able to afford our high-quality SEO content writing services? No need to worry. We can provide you scalable services that can fit any budget.

To make it easier to decide, Credible Content provides SEO writing services under three price categories:

  1. Starters quality – 100% unique, totally proofread, around your keywords, written by beginners, low-priced
  2. Mid-level quality – 100% unique, totally proofread, around your keywords, written by experienced writers, mid-range price
  3. High-level quality – 100% unique, totally proofread, around your keywords, written by prolific writers, premium-priced

We provide scalable SEO content writing services so that you don’t consider cost as a hindrance. You can start with low-price if you don’t have a big budget but if you have a big budget, you should go for premium quality SEO content.

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Exactly why businesses decide to work with website optimization content company?

When it comes to competing with other businesses for better search engine results you have to focus on two aspects: quality as well as quantity.

Yes, many “reputed” online marketers constantly suggest that you should focus on quality and I 100% agree with them but when you are constantly competing for the coveted rankings, you also need to concentrate on publishing high-quality content on a regular basis. This is because many factors contribute towards your better rankings and these factors are constantly getting stronger and weaker according to the content being published by your competitors. Besides, we don’t live in an ideal world. Most of the businesses ignore the “quality” advice and focus on the “quantity” advice because it is easier to get lots of low-quality content written and published compared to getting high quality content. What further makes things difficult for people who solely want to concentrate on quality is that the search engines don’t always focus on quality. Lots of times quantity content triumphs over quality content.

Your business website needs a good mix of quality as well as quantity content.

This is why businesses mindful of improving your search engine rankings decide to work with professional SEO content writing services. Competent SEO content writing services not just supply you with high quality content, they can also supply it consistently. Even if you feel that you will be able to generate good quality content for your website, after a while you will run out of ideas. You need a dedicated person in order to churn out high quality content on a regular basis in order to compete with your competitors. But then…

Why work with a full-fledged agency rather than hiring a full-time SEO content writer?

There is no harm in hiring an SEO content writer if that’s what you want to do. Really, there is nothing wrong in that and in fact, if you think that it’s worth it, you should definitely go for it.

But really, why do people prefer to work with an SEO content writing service rather than hiring a full-time SEO content writer? This is because the extra costs involved. When you work with a full-time SEO content writer instead of working with an SEO content writing service, you may come across the following problems:

  • You will be stuck with a single content writer
  • You will have to allocate office space and infrastructure
  • Full-time employees expect healthcare coverage and you pay them even when they are not working
  • It is always expensive to get a new full-time employee through an agency
  • In case your SEO content writer is not up to the mark, changing him or her may prove to be a costly affair and may expose you to litigation

On the other hand, if you work with a professional SEO content writing service like Credible Content you don’t need to worry about what sort of employee you’re going to get. You don’t need to go through the hassle of hiring a new content writer each time you need one. Changing your SEO content writer is as simple as going to another content writing service.

We provide reliable SEO content writing services to multiple companies. Whether you need SEO content on a daily basis, weekly basis or a monthly basis, we can stick to the schedule accordingly.

Although many factors collectively boost your search engine rankings, your content is one of the most important factors. SEO simply doesn’t exist without good content. So would you like to boost your search engine rankings? Contact today to know more about our SEO content writing services.

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