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Different blogging packages

Different blogging packages

I provide professional blog writing services to businesses and individuals who would like to create an interactive space for themselves on the Internet.

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Table of contents

  1. Ways cheap and low quality blog writing packages can harm your business
  2. Why provide blog content writing services packages instead of charging for individual blog posts? Why have I designed my pricing in such a manner?
  3. Blog content writing rates
  4. Benefits of publishing blog post with regularity
  5. What is included in these professional blog content writing services packages?
  6. Why different blog writing rates?
  7. Which blog content writing package is best for you?

To make it possible for big and small businesses to benefit from my blog content writing services I offer very affordable packages.

My pricing is designed in such a manner that almost every business can use our services to increase its presence and get more business on the web.

I know that publishing a regular blog can do wonders for your business, so you shouldn’t hold yourself back simply because you believe that a blog content writing package would be very expensive, or the pricing won’t suit your pocket.

I never promote myself as an agency that provides cheap blog writing services because when it comes to providing cheap content, we cannot compete. My blog writing packages are designed accordingly.

The entire concept of logical pricing goes haywire when you start competing on the basis of how cheap content you can provide.

No matter how low we bring our prices within reasonable limits, there is always going to be someone offering lower.

Ways cheap and low quality blog writing packages can harm your business

Low quality content harms your business

Low quality content harms your business

  • Low-Quality Content: Cheap blogging packages often result in low-quality, unengaging content that fails to capture the interest of your audience, diminishing the perceived value of your website.
  • Poor SEO: These packages may lack proper SEO optimization, leading to lower visibility in search engine results and missed opportunities to attract organic traffic.
  • Plagiarism Risks: Cheap services increase the risk of plagiarized content, which can damage your reputation and potentially lead to legal issues for copyright infringement.
  • Inconsistent Voice: Inexpensive content creation often leads to a lack of consistent brand voice, which can confuse your audience and weaken your brand identity. Blog writing rates.
  • Lack of Expertise: Writers employed in cheaper blogging services might not possess the necessary expertise or understanding of your industry, leading to content that lacks depth and authenticity.
  • Limited Engagement: Poorly crafted blogs fail to engage and retain readers, resulting in high bounce rates and a decrease in user engagement on your site.
  • Negative Brand Image: Low-quality blogs can tarnish your brand’s image, as customers often equate the quality of your content with the quality of your services or products. Blog content packages.
  • Irrelevant Content: Cheap services may produce generic or irrelevant content, which doesn’t resonate with your target audience or address their specific interests and needs.
  • No Customization: There’s often a one-size-fits-all approach with cheap blogging packages, offering little to no customization to align with your unique business goals and brand voice.
  • Frequent Errors: Inexpensive content is often riddled with grammatical, spelling, and factual errors, undermining the professionalism of your brand.
  • Ineffective Marketing: Content that lacks quality and relevance fails to effectively market your products or services, leading to missed sales opportunities. Blogging packages.
  • Short-Term Focus: These services prioritize quantity over a well-thought-out, long-term content strategy that builds and maintains audience engagement over time.
  • Reduced Conversion Rates: Lower quality content generally leads to fewer conversions as it fails to persuade or influence your audience effectively.
  • Muscle Lack of Originality: Cheap content often lacks the creativity and originality needed to stand out in a crowded digital space.
  • Inconsistent Posting Schedule: You might face irregularities and unpredictability in posting frequency, which can disrupt your content marketing strategy.
  • Limited Research: Such blogging services often cut corners on research, leading to superficial content that doesn’t provide valuable insights or information.
  • Outdated Practices: Cheap blogging packages may employ outdated SEO and content practices, which can harm your search engine rankings and overall online presence. Blog writing packages.
  • Lack of Audience Understanding: Inexpensive content creators may not invest time in understanding your target audience, resulting in content that fails to address their interests or solve their problems.
  • No Long-Term Benefits: The short-term gains from cheap content do not translate into long-term business growth, audience loyalty, or brand authority.
  • Risk of Penalties: Using low-quality content can risk penalties from search engines, including lower rankings and reduced visibility. Blog writing rates.
  • Limited Social Media Impact: Subpar content is less likely to be shared on social media, limiting your reach and engagement on these platforms.
  • Damage to Credibility: Each poorly written or irrelevant blog post can gradually erode your business’s credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of your audience.
  • No Thought Leadership: Cheap content won’t help in establishing your brand as a thought leader in your industry, which is crucial for long-term success and authority.
  • Limited Customer Insights: Low-quality content offers minimal value in terms of gaining insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and feedback. Blog content packages.
  • Wasted Resources: Ultimately, investing in cheap blogging packages is a waste of time, money, and effort, as it fails to deliver meaningful results or return on investment.

So, if you are looking for cheap blog content writing services and if you have found this page, I will request you to look somewhere else because here, I intend to offer you blog writing packages that are affordable and also maintain an unmitigated level of quality.

I offer my pricing in such a manner that it is humanly possible to deliver quality content without running our business underground.

Contact for more details

Why provide blog content writing services packages instead of charging for individual blog posts? Why have I designed my pricing in such a manner?

There is no harm in charging for individual blog posts instead of offering blog writing packages – there are many clients who are not looking for packaged pricing, they simply want 4-5 blog posts to make some point, or for whatever reason.

If you want to see blog content writing services prices for individual blog posts, here is the table:

Blog content writing rates

Blog post (200-300 words) $ 5.30
Blog post (300-400 words) $ 7.45
Blog post (400-500 words) $ 10.60
Blog post (500-600 words) $ 12.75
Blog post (600-700 words) $ 15.90
Blog post (700-800 words) $ 21.20
Blog post (800-900 words) $ 26.50
Blog post (900-1000 words) $ 31.80
Blog post (1000-1200 words) $ 37.10
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Different pricing for different sizes of blog posts?

Up till a few weeks ago I was charging a standard rate, but I have found that it doesn’t work that way with clients who are price sensitive and have budgetary constraints for individual blog posts.

So, the moment you tell them that I am going to charge a fixed rate of $25 for a non-technical blog post, they wonder, why should I pay so much if I’m not looking for very big blog posts? In their minds they calculate their pricing according to the quantity of work they are getting done, rather than the value of the work.

Consequently, even when I could have done some great work for some clients, just because they didn’t want to pay so much, we didn’t get to work together. That was a pity.

Hence, I have created different sections for different sizes of blog posts for various needs.

At least this way I can make a beginning and later on if clients begin to appreciate the quality that I deliver, they may soon realize that they need bigger blog posts.

Professional blog content writing services packages are for those individuals and businesses who are looking for blogging services for a prolonged period.

They would like to buy a package because that way on both the sides there is a commitment, and both the sides know how much is being paid and how much is to be delivered.

Another reason why I recommend that you go with a blog content writing package is that for your blogging effort to succeed, consistency is required. Whether you publish two blog posts every month, two blog posts every week or one blog post every day, you need to be consistent.

Contact for more details

This is because when the search engine crawlers begin to crawl your website or blog, they begin to recognize a pattern in your publishing. Once the crawlers have recognized a pattern they will start crawling your new content as soon as you have published it.

Benefits of publishing blog post with regularity

Benefits of regular blogging

Benefits of regular blogging

  • Builds Audience Engagement: Regular posts keep your audience engaged, fostering a loyal readership and increasing interaction.
  • Enhances SEO: Consistent blogging with relevant keywords boosts your site’s visibility on search engines.
  • Increases Website Traffic: More content means more entry points for visitors, leading to increased website traffic.
  • Establishes Authority: Regular, insightful posts establish you as a thought leader in your field. Blog writing packages.
  • Improves Writing Skills: Frequent writing hones your ability to communicate effectively and persuasively.
  • Boosts Brand Awareness: Each blog post is a new opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and values.
  • Encourages Community Building: A consistent blog creates a platform for readers to engage and form a community.
  • Provides Content for Social Media: Blog posts serve as rich content that can be shared across social networks, enhancing social media presence. Blog writing rates.
  • Generates Leads: Quality content can attract and nurture potential customers, leading to increased leads.
  • Helps with Market Research: Analyzing comments and interactions on your blog can provide insights into customer preferences and trends.
  • Facilitates Networking: Regular blogging can lead to connections with other bloggers, industry influencers, and potential business partners.
  • Supports Product Promotion: Use your blog as a platform to introduce, explain, and promote new products or services. Blog content packages.
  • Offers a Platform for Announcements: Share important news, updates, and achievements about your business on your blog.
  • Enhances Creativity: The challenge of producing regular content encourages creative thinking and idea generation.
  • Improves Communication Skills: Blogging develops your ability to convey ideas clearly and effectively to a diverse audience. Blogging packages.
  • Gathers Customer Feedback: Comments and interactions on blog posts provide direct and valuable feedback from your audience.
  • Educates Your Audience: Share your expertise, tips, and knowledge with readers to educate and inform them.
  • Helps in Personal Branding: A well-maintained blog reflects your personal brand and professional image.
  • Increases Credibility: Consistently delivering valuable and accurate content builds trust and credibility with your audience. Blog content packages.
  • Supports Email Marketing: Blog content can be repurposed into engaging email newsletters, driving email marketing efforts.
  • Provides Long-term Results: Well-crafted blog posts continue to attract traffic and generate leads long after they are published.
  • Encourages Discipline: Maintaining a regular blogging schedule requires discipline and commitment, improving time management skills.
  • Offers Monetization Opportunities: A successful blog with a substantial audience can be monetized through advertising, sponsorships, or affiliate marketing.
  • Boosts Conversion Rates: Regular visitors, familiar with your content and brand, are more likely to convert into paying customers or subscribers. Blog writing rates.
  • Enhances Customer Retention: Quality, informative content can keep existing customers engaged and connected to your brand.
  • Expands Topic Coverage: Consistently blogging allows you to explore and cover a wider range of topics, appealing to a broader audience.
  • Improves Website Indexing: Search engines are more likely to index your site frequently if you update your content regularly.
  • Drives Organic Search Traffic: A blog rich in quality content and keywords naturally attracts traffic through organic search. Blog writing rates.
  • Provides a Competitive Edge: A regularly updated blog can give you an advantage over competitors who don’t prioritize content.
  • Encourages Backlinks: High-quality, informative blog posts are more likely to be linked to by other websites, improving your site’s authority.
  • Supports Content Marketing Strategies: Regular blogging is a cornerstone of effective content marketing, driving overall strategy.
  • Increases Time Spent on Your Website: Engaging and relevant blog content can keep visitors on your site longer, reducing bounce rates.
  • Helps in Link Building Internally: Effective internal linking within blog posts can improve SEO and help visitors navigate your site more easily. Blogging packages.
  • Attracts International Audience: A well-written blog can reach beyond local audiences, attracting readers from around the world.
  • Provides Content for Repurposing: Blog posts can be transformed into other formats like videos, podcasts, or infographics, maximizing content reach.
  • Improves Problem-solving Skills: Writing about industry challenges and solutions sharpens your problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Supports Collaboration: Regular blogging can lead to guest post opportunities and collaborations with other content creators and brands. Blog writing packages.
  • Enhances Adaptability: Keeping up with a regular blog schedule helps you stay informed and quickly adapt to industry changes and trends.
  • Improves Online Presence: A consistent, quality blog contributes significantly to strengthening your overall online presence and reputation.
  • Encourages Lifelong Learning: Researching and writing blog posts fosters continuous learning and keeps you updated in your field.

Listed below are the blog content writing packages available with Credible Content…

Lightweight E-Lightweight Medium Weight E-Medium Weight Heavyweight
1 post every month 2 post every month 1 posts every week 2 posts every week 5 posts every week
700+ words 700+ words 700+ words 700+ words 700+ words
2-keyword optimization 2-keyword optimization 2-keyword optimization 2-keyword optimization 2-keyword optimization
Optimized blog titles Optimized blog titles Optimized blog titles Optimized blog titles Optimized blog titles
100% proofreading 100% proofreading 100% proofreading 100% proofreading 100% proofreading
No-plagiarism guarantee No-plagiarism guarantee No-plagiarism guarantee No-plagiarism guarantee No-plagiarism guarantee
3 revisions 3 revisions 3 revisions 3 revisions 3 revisions
$16/month $30.75/month $61.50/month $125/month $320/month
Contact for more details

Checking this webpage from India? Contact us and we will mail you a PDF containing the blogging rates in Indian currency.

Would you like to customize these packages? Sure.

At Credible Content we always believe in flexibility. The table presented above is just to give you an idea of our basic pricing. If you need customized packages, do let us know.

What is included in these professional blog content writing services packages?

  • Totally original content
  • SEO-friendly blog post titles according to keywords given by you
  • SEO-friendly blog post content completely optimized for your keywords
  • All the blog posts will be more than 700 words
  • Complete quality check and proofreading before submitting
  • 3 revisions if not satisfied with the quality and the topic is not changed

Why different blog writing rates?

Different blog writing rates

Different blog writing rates

Just like a tailor makes a suit that fits you perfectly, I write blogs that fit your business’s needs. You might want something fun and light, or more serious and detailed. Whatever it is, I’ve got it covered!

I spend time understanding what makes your business special. That’s why my prices vary. I have different blog writing packages. Some blogs need more research and care to make them just right for you.

Think of my blog writing like your favorite coffee shop. Whether you order a simple black coffee or a fancy latte, it’s always top-notch.

Different blog content packages.

If you choose a basic blog, it’s still engaging and well-written. But if you need something more detailed with expert insights and research, that’s like the fancy latte.

It takes more effort and skill, which is why it’s a bit pricier. But no matter what, you’re getting quality that reflects well on your business.

Blog writing packages.

I understand budgeting is key in business. That’s why I ensure you get great value for what you pay.

My blogs are like investing in a good marketing tool. They’re not just words on a page; they’re a way to grab attention, show your expertise, and connect with customers.

You can choose a service that fits your budget today, and if your needs grow, I’m here to offer more specialized services whenever you’re ready.

Which blog content writing package is best for you?

Which blog writing package

Which blog writing package?

Frankly, we would like to sell you the most expensive blogging package, but eventually, it all boils down to what you want to achieve within a given timeframe and what is your budget.

Why do you want blog content?

How important is it for your business or for your online presence?

Know the concept of “escape velocity”?

According to the definition, “escape velocity is the minimum speed that an object at a given distance from a gravitating body must have so that it will continue to move away from the body instead of orbiting about it.”

In terms of launching a rocket, only a certain speed can make it go up, otherwise it won’t budge, or it will fall if the initial velocity is not maintained.

The same principal holds true for blogging.

Once you start blogging, there is a certain number of blog posts that you will have to publish to experience success. Below that number, you will be just wasting time and effort.

Just as how much escape velocity an object needs depends on the degree of the gravitational force it is trying to get away, how much blogging effort you are going to need depends on your niche and the sort of competition you face.

This is why we have different blog content writing services packages to choose from.

If you feel you don’t face much competition you can go for a smaller package. If you feel the competition is formidable, and if you have the budget, them you should go for a bigger package.

You can even customize your package, for that matter. Again, we have adjusted our pricing in such a manner that whether you are a big business or a small business, you should be able to afford our services.

Looking for a dependable blog content writing service? Contact us to know more.

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