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Grow business with our online copywriting services

Do you want to generate more business from your website or landing page or email marketing campaigns? Our online copywriting services can help you.

Copywriting, as the name suggests, is a form of writing that helps you sell more, that gets you more business, that improves your conversion rate.

Copywriting is all about convincing your visitors and turning them into your paying customers and clients.

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Online copywriting has to solve two purposes: improve your SEO and improve your conversion rate.


How does your conversion rate improve?

When your writing can convincingly sell your idea to people so that they believe you, they understand the benefits of doing business with you, and then finally, do business with you.

How do we at Credible Content help you get more business with our online copywriting services?

Copywriting is all about selling your biggest benefits to your prospects, whether the copy is for your brick-and-mortar business, or online business.

The same principles apply, although when you are writing copy for the web, the dynamics change because of the nature of the web.

People are hardly interested in knowing how great your product or service is or how much you know about your business.

If you want to tell them about the greatness of your product or tell them how awesome you are, it is done through content writing, and not online copywriting.

Through online copywriting, what they want to know is, do you have a solution to their problem?

If they are going through a difficulty can you do something about that?

Your copywriting should immediately empathize with their concerns.

As soon as they come on your website your prospective customers and clients must feel that yes, you have the solution to their problem.

An experienced online copywriter knows when to use the right words to make the right impact.

He or she knows when to use shorter sentences and when to use longer sentences.

He or she knows when to be polite and when to deliver a shock.

He or she knows how to create a sense of urgency without pushing your prospective customers and clients against the wall and consequently, sending them away.

He or she knows when to use the call-to-action.

Remember that on the Internet it is very easy for your prospective customers and clients to go to another website.

So, your copywriting needs to hook them into your message so that they stay on and read the complete message.

Despite all the distractions vying for their attention they should remain on your website and grasp the entire message.

How should your online copywriting be?

You may be surprised to know that online copywriting is quite scientific. To be able to make the right impact you genuinely need to know how your customers and clients think.

Every piece of online copywriting must be highly targeted and to the point.

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This is why, copywriting for a single web page must target a very narrow audience, only then it is going to be effective.

It is not good to target multiple audiences with a single piece of online copywriting.

Your webpage copy must be fluent. It should read very easily.

You are not looking for good writing style when you’re writing copy. You don’t aspire to win literary accolades.

You just want to deliver the right information convincingly so that your prospective customers and clients can quickly make a decision and turn to paying customers and clients. That’s it.

The entire purpose of online copywriting is to get business.

Credible Content can achieve that for you. Our all in copywriting services are already helping course of websites get more business for their owners. We can achieve the same for you.

Our online copywriters are experienced, driven, and above all, they are writers, including yours truly.

I’m Amrit and I have been providing online copywriting services to clients from all over the world.

My main strength – which my clients hire me – is writing to the point, in a very conversational manner.

When you hire me as your online copywriter (or even if you one of my copywriter) I write for the benefit of customers and clients.

I will understand their pain points and then write the copy accordingly so that your prospective customers and clients know that you understand their problems and you want to offer them solutions.

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For what sections of your website or online presence can we do online copywriting?

Whenever you need to sell, you need online copywriting (I’m talking about the web).

You can profit from it for the following section of your website

  • Landing pages where you want more and more people to convert, especially when you are driving traffic to your landing page through PPC campaign
  • Homepage where you want to make an immediate impact and want people to either contact you or explore your website further
  • Webpages where you need to prompt people to do business with you by reading about your services and products
  • Email marketing campaigns where you want people to open your emails and click the links contained within

Basically, every place on your website where you want to convince people and encourage them to do business with you.

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You can use online copywriting even for your product descriptions because sometimes people make up their mind after reading your product descriptions.

Wondering what’s the difference between content writing and online copywriting?

Content writing mostly deals with providing information to your users so that they are well educated about the benefits of doing business with you.

Through content writing you don’t necessarily have to prompt your visitors to buy from you. You simply educate them, keep them informed , and engage them by providing useful and relevant content on an ongoing basis so that there is a constant dialogue with them.

You use content writing for brand building and content marketing.

The job of online copywriting is convincing people into becoming your paying customers and clients once they are on your website and they have understood what sort of business you do.

For more information on how we can help you get more business with our online copywriting services, get in touch.

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