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English content writing services for Japanese businesses

Are you a Japanese business looking for a content writing service to write English content?

Most of the communication happens in Japanese in Japan. Hence, businesses that need to sell outside of Japan or that need to promote themselves in English-speaking countries, often find it difficult to find someone who can write impeccable website or blog content.

High quality English content is needed to promote your business in English-speaking countries and to improve your search engine rankings so that people over these countries can find your webpages and blog posts.

Search engine rankings these days depend on the quality of your content. For example, the Google ranking algorithm can evaluate your content based on the quality, grammar, sentence construction and the language that you have used.

I have been providing content writing services to my international clients for a long time.

Recently, suddenly, I have been approached by two Japanese businesses. So, I got this idea of creating a dedicated web page to promote myself as a content writer to Japanese businesses.

This page is nothing different. All the qualities and services that I have been promoting as a content writer to all the clients, are also available to people living in Japan. The only difference is, I am creating this webpage hoping that people in Japan will be able to find it on search engines.

Why hire a content writer instead of using a Japanese-to-English translation tool?

Although nothing stops you from using a Japanese-to-English translation tool and in fact, you can try it if it works for you, in most of the cases, the writing doesn’t make the needed impact. After all, there is a difference between a machine writing your business message and a person writing your business message.

When I write for your Japanese business, I will first spend some time understanding your business, the benefits of doing business with you (from the perspective of your customers and clients), and the needs of your prospective customers and clients.

A language isn’t just a language. A single word may have different meanings in Japan but the translator tool will interpret it according to its limited capabilities. Sure, artificial intelligence has grown very smart, but still, it’s long way from being able to write as well as a human being. When I write for you, I will use the right words for the right meanings.

What can write for your Japanese business?

Through my content writing services, I can write for your following needs:

  • Main website page content.
  • Landing page copy.
  • Blog posts.
  • SEO content.
  • Email content.
  • E-books, case studies and white papers.

Basically, whatever needs to be written, I can write.

Contact me today for your content writing needs, or ask me for some samples.

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