My values as a professional content writer

My values as a content writer

Personally I believe when your values are at the right place, there are no gray areas. When your values are clearly defined you are never clueless about what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. At Credible Content I always stick to my core values of providing content writing services to my best capacity irrespective of the scale of the project. Whether I’m working on 100 pages or just a single page if I have committed my time, I will deliver it.

As a professional I respect you

I fully understand that you know about your business more than I do – it is your livelihood after all. You also know your target customers and clients. You also know what ails your business website or blog in terms of content. That’s why I always ask all the questions that are relevant to your business and your audience. I always keep you in the loop.

As a professional I expect you to respect me

Just as you know about your business, I too know about my professional capacities as a content writer who has been writing for big and small businesses since 2004. When you decide to work with me please keep in mind that we may not agree on certain issues and this is normal. Just because you’re paying me and I’m working for you doesn’t mean that you are always right and I have to accept that – I won’t. Of course it doesn’t mean that I will impose my opinions on you and this is where my professional judgment is tested. Eventually my content writing services will be gauged according to how they perform rather than who gets to have the last word.

I never plagiarize

As a professional content writer plagiarizing someone else’s work is demeaning. It is ethically and morally wrong. When I am charging you I am charging you for unique content, content that is solely written by me. Of course sometimes we have to use data that has already appeared on other websites but when it comes to the language and presentation, it will be totally unique.

Respecting each other’s time

I like to stick to my timeline. If today is Thursday and if I commit that by next Wednesday I’m going to deliver 4 documents, I will deliver those 4 documents by next Wednesday. When do things get delayed? Normally when I don’t have the information that I need to complete the work, I e-mail to the client and then I don’t hear from him or her for many days, due to whatever reason. Since I too have commitments I stop working on that particular document so that I don’t have to change the information all over again when I eventually hear from the client.

When I am writing content for you I am not merely delivering well-written sentences and paragraphs, I am giving you something that will help you grow your business, help you make more money, or make a greater impact on the sphere of your influence. I take pride in that.

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