Quality content writing services for your business

Quality content writing services

Our quality content writing services can help your business boost its search engine rankings and generate more business.

Writing is a vital form of communication.

Whether you are looking for writing services for your day-to-day communication needs or for your website, there is a great need to make a positive impact through sustained quality and purposefulness.

It is your writing that provides people with the necessary information. It also shows your prospective customers, clients and business partners how professional you are, how reliable you are.

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Through our quality content writing services we can enhance your business image. We can provide you content for

  • Your website
  • Your business blog
  • Your email campaigns
  • Improving organic search engine rankings
  • Making your brand visible across various Internet platforms
  • Enhancing your social media presence
  • Educating and informing your customers and clients
  • Your business collateral

Why your business needs quality content writing services

You need quality content writing for two reasons:

  • To convince more people to do business with you (improve your conversion rate)
  • To improve your search engine rankings
Quality content writing services lead to better search engine rankings and higher conversion rate

Even in the times of video and graphics, the written word still matters. You need to communicate what you are offering and what people stand to gain by partnering with you.

You talk to your customers and clients on your website through your written content, whether you are offering products or services.

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospective customers and clients.

People who have never met you, have never heard you, have never interacted with you, come to your website.

They read about your products and services, and decide whether they want to do business with you or not. How do they decide?

It is the written content on your website that does all the talking, or the convincing.

In your absence, it is the text on your website that represents your business. It is your evangelist. It canvases for you.

If they like your content they either straightaway buy your product or service, or they make a note of it so that they can come back to your website and do business with you.

Quality content writing doesn’t just mean writing sentences that inform your prospective customers and clients.

Quality content writing means making an emotional connection

Even if you can write without grammar and spelling mistakes, even if you can follow international conventions, it takes a special talent, experience and training to come up with something that really communicates and touches the others.

Writing is like making a personal presentation.

When you are making a sales presentation, scores of things matter.

How you talk, how you look at people, your body language, the way you have groomed yourself, the paraphernalia you are carrying with you, your slides, and how you modulate your voice.

Your entire presentation needs to carry a personality.

The same is needed in your content writing.

It needs to have a personality.

It needs to make an emotional connection.

If you cannot make an emotional connection people are not going to do business with you – this is a reality you can accept either now or after losing lots of business.

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Your website also needs quality content to improve its search engine rankings.

You need search engine traffic, right?

Getting targeted traffic from search engines is one of the biggest challenges that online businesses face.

Only quality content writing services can get you targeted search engine traffic.

This is because, unless you have high quality content on your website, you cannot get good search engine rankings.

Your organic search engine rankings depend on the following:

  • High quality content
  • Optimized content using your primary keywords, secondary keywords, and longtail keywords
  • Social validation of your content
  • User behaviour vis-à-vis your content
  • Usefulness of your content
  • Consistency with which you publish your content

All these attributes cannot exist exclusive to each other. They have to work together to give you better search engine rankings.

Consequently, only quality content writing services that have had experience providing high-quality content on a consistent basis, can assure you better search engine rankings.

Whether you work with a single website content writer or a team of content writers, we maintain the fundamental qualities when working for you. Writing good content for you is always our core philosophy.

At Credible Content we excel in the following three categories:

  1. Providing high-quality content consistently and reliably.
  2. Writing keyword-rich content without overusing your keywords.
  3. Writing content that communicates with your prospective customers in an engaging manner.
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Even while creating SEO content for your website and blog we give more emphasis on your need to convert.

Search engine rankings mean nothing if people don’t do business with you. If you get tons of traffic and no business what’s the use of optimization?

So, we first focus on the quality of your content, its ability to convert and its ability to engage your visitors. When that aspect is taken care of, we optimize it for your chosen keywords and search terms.

Why work with an outside content agency?

Many businesses have this question and it is a very natural question to ask.

Why work with an outside content writing agency

Why should you hire an outside content writing agency instead of having your own in-house team of writers?

Why work with one of the online writing sites when you can simply hire your own content writers?

Why shouldn’t you write yourself? If you’re good at writing, why not write yourself rather than depend on someone else to articulate your thoughts?

Nothing wrong in that.

At Credible Content we don’t believe in changing your mindset. If you want to have your own in-house team of writers, go ahead. No problem with that.

Even if you want to write on your own, good for you!

But, here are the reasons why our clients choose our quality content writing services rather than having their own in-house content writers or writing their own content:

We have a global talent pool of content writers

Quality content writing services with global team of writers

When you have your own in-house team of content writers you are stuck with them. If you don’t like their work, it is very difficult and tedious to fire them and then hire new content writers.

When you work with us, all you have to do is let us know that you are not happy with the work and a new content writer is assigned to your project.

You are not happy altogether? You are not obliged to go on working with us. You can immediately hire another content writing agency.

You can focus on your core business

Writing is a specialized skill.

Of course accountants can be writers, engineers can be writers, scientists can be writers and managers can be writers (in Gujarat we have a bus conductor who is a famous writer), but when you need to write to make an impact, you have to focus.

You have to give your 100% attention.

After all you expect your writing to generate business for you. People will be reading your writing and then deciding whether they want to do business with you or not.

When you hire our quality content writing services you can rely on us for continuous supply of quality content without having to worry about allocating your own precious time and attention.

It’s like, losing your time of worth $200 trying to save $35 that you may have to spend on our content writing service for a particular blog post.

The success of your content writing – whether you want to improve your conversion rate or your search engine rankings – is an ongoing process.

Sure, you can get content for your main website pages and then hope to get business through them, and that is perfectly your choice.

But these days you cannot hope to get business from your website unless you publish high-quality content regularly.

It’s because there is already lots of content on the Internet for the search engines to rank. Your competitors are continuously injecting new blog posts and web pages into the search engine indexes.

If you don’t have significant presence online, they’re not even competing with you yet. They are competing with each other.

To compete with each other they are continuously publishing and distributing their content.

If you don’t enjoy good search engine rankings yet, if you are not getting much targeted traffic, you will need to publish every day, and if not every day, at least 2-3 times every week.

Consistently. While maintaining high quality.

Our quality content writing services will ensure that your website and blog gets high quality, compelling content consistently.

While you focus on building your business.


Give your search engine presence and your conversion rate a big boost by working with us

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