Content writing services to improve your SEO

Content writing services to improve SEO

Content writing services to improve SEO

Are you looking for a dependable content writing service to improve your SEO? I’m pretty sure that by now you know that high quality content is the foundation of your search engine rankings. Without quality content, you can never hope to enjoy the fruits of higher search engine rankings.

Here is an interesting fact: I have never promoted myself as an SEO expert, and in fact, I don’t even offer search engine optimization services that require link building, SEO analysis, analytics and other such activities that are known to improve one’s rankings on Google and other major search engines. Nonetheless, almost all of my clients hire me expecting that I will improve their search engine rankings through my content writing.

They come to this conclusion when they observe my own search engine rankings and the way I write content on my own website and blog. This is exactly what they are looking for. I have a knack for writing content that organically improves search engine rankings.

Why is it important to improve your SEO?

When I talk about improving your SEO I don’t just mean increasing your traffic for all sorts of keywords. That is of no use. You want to improve your SEO so that you can improve conversion rate and engagement on your website or blog. That is meaningful search engine optimization.

Hence, if you want to get targeted traffic from the search engines, especially Google, you need to improve your SEO organically, through high quality content.

If targeted traffic from search engines is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy, good SEO is important for you.

SEO and voice search

50% people are using voice search to search on the Internet. Between 2008 and 2016, the number of voice searches increased by 35 times. 61% consumers admitted that they prefer voice search over typing with their hands when they are using their mobile phones.

You don’t need to create and publish separate content for voice search. You just need to write your content in a conversational language that is used on everyday basis by your target audience.

When writing content, focus on longer search expressions, especially search terms used by people when they’re talking on their phones.

When people search using voice, they don’t use monosyllables or single words as sometimes they do when typing the search terms. They use complete sentences, something like “looking for a content writer to improve my SEO for my online boutique”.

What is the relationship between quality content and SEO?

There is a very strong relationship. It is a mutually self-serving relationship. When someone uses the search engine, every search engine, for convenience’s sake, let’s just use Google, tries to find the best possible content. If Google does not find the best possible content, there are many other search engines waiting in the line to take Google’s place.

But what happens if Google wants to find the best possible content, but the best possible content does not exist? For that, Google has drawn up hundreds of guidelines that you must follow to serve the search engine the best possible content.

It’s a win-win. How?

What do we mean by “the best possible content”? It is the content that solves the user’s problem in the best possible way.

Google is not biased towards certain businesses. It just focuses on the quality of the content. So, whether there is a content writing service charging $200 per hour for writing content or there is a puny content writing service like mine that charges $30-50 to write a decent blog post, all Google is bothered about is, who provides the best possible content to its user.

Of course, it has its own parameters and there is a reason for that.

In the ideal world, only content would matter, but we don’t live in an ideal world.

In this world, many people try to trick their way into higher search engine rankings.

Consequently, Google’s search engine algorithm depends on hundreds of factors and this is where a bigger content writing service charging $200 per hour may have an advantage over my company that cannot spend lots of money on publishing scores of web pages and blog posts every day, hiring multiple writers and spending some good money on PPC campaigns.

But, even such a company cannot have higher search engine rankings if its content is not up to the mark.

Hence, Google forces every big and small company to publish high-quality content and, in the process, helps these companies improve the conversion and engagement rate.

Suppose, you search for “content writing service to improve my SEO” or “content writer to improve my SEO” Google will use its algorithm and its evaluation of the content to present you with the best possible information that suits your requirement.

What do you need?

You need a content writing service, or a content writer, who can help you improve your search engine rankings.

I can help you increase your search engine traffic with my content writing services. I don’t do any wizardry and I don’t even try to trick search engines into ranking you higher. I simply write content that helps you increase your search engine traffic while fully complying with Google’s guidelines (I’m simply referring to Google as a general search engine).

How my content writing services can increase your search engine traffic or improve your SEO

I improve your search engine rankings solely on the merit of the content I write for you. Although you might be wanting me to write you the so-called “SEO content” but there is no thing like that. Even if some content writers claim that they can create SEO content for you they will simply be using what they call black hat tactics to get you higher rankings and if they do that, the following things happen:

  • You may increase your search engine traffic for a while
  • Then the Google algorithm will discover that you are trying to do something against its guidelines
  • It blacklists the particular URL and if you have a Webmasters tools account it sends you a warning through it so that in case you have done this by mistake, you can rectify that mistake
  • If Google finds that you have done the same thing with multiple URLs, it will blacklist your website and it may take a couple of years to convince the search engine that it’s all right to index your website again
  • If Google feels that (I’m attributing an anthropomorphic characteristic to the company but what I actually mean is the search engineers) many people like you have done what you have done, it makes changes in the algorithm and the rankings for all the people vanish

On the other hand, legitimate content writing services can increase your search engine traffic in such a manner that you don’t only enjoy good rankings for a long time no matter what changes are incorporated in the ranking algorithms, they also begin to improve as you add more and more quality content. Anyway, this is how I can get you more traffic from search engines through strategic content writing:

  • Create compelling content without stuffing your keywords
  • Use the concept of latent semantic indexing to use similar words in order to avoid using your keywords excessively
  • Write meaningful content that people actually find useful
  • While writing content use the language that people actually use during their day-to-day interactions and while trying to find what they need on search engines
  • Create content that is shareable on social networking websites
  • Write high-value content people link to on their own discretion
  • Create lots of helpful content so that people come to your website whenever they seek answers to their questions

Why hire my content writing services in order to get more search engine traffic

You should hire my content writing services because I know that your search engine rankings don’t depend just on the content that you have. Many factors collectively contribute towards your search engine traffic – the sort of content you have, the frequency with which your content is shared and linked to, and the quality of websites and blogs linking back to you. All these factors are taken into consideration while ranking your URLs in general and your website in particular.

My job is to create you excellent content that becomes a perfect candidate for higher search engine rankings. You may need many factors to get more traffic from search engines, but as far as your content goes, I leave no stone unturned.

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