Increase sales with purposeful content writing

You can increase your sales manifold with purposeful content writing. What’s that, you may think? Why do think social media and social networking, especially social networking websites are such a craze these days? Economists and intellectuals used to say that we’re living in a global village. They were saying this before the advent of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. They were talking like this in terms of people’s ability to carry out transactions on a global level: someone from Australia could easily buy or avail a service from Norway within a matter of a few seconds. The increase in e-commerce was underpinned by better connectivity, of course.

But the world actually became a global village when people started having conversations with each other using social networking websites. Then we truly got connected. What has content writing to do with this?

Engaging content writing can increase your sales because social networking websites have shown that people love conversations no matter where they are. If you write engaging content that encourages people to have conversations with you and with each other (at your website or blog) the grow and affinity towards your online presence (and towards you as an individual) and once they grow and affinity it becomes easier for them to do business with you and consequently, you increase your sales.

Increase sales with content writing that helps you establish relationships

Take for example the good old mom-and-pop stores. They are dwindling due to various reasons but if you remember, the customers and the store owners enjoyed a very cosy relationship. People knew each other by name and they were greeted personally whenever they came to shop. In the same vein even the shop owners were a part of the community and after the shop was closed, they mingled with their customers. In the age of super malls that personal touch has gone missing but it doesn’t mean people don’t like it. This is why when they find the same personal touch on websites it really affects them.

Through purposeful content writing you can establish the same sort of personal relationships and consequently increase your sales. People often like to do business with people they know. Provide them helpful content. Solve their problems without imposing yourself on them. This is more so important if you don’t have budget for extra employees who can take care of your customers’ and clients’ problems. Create a wealth of knowledge on your website so whenever people have some problem regarding your product or service, they don’t need to call someone. They know that all they have to do is log onto your website and they will be able to find all the answers they need. Use a personal tone while writing such content. It must feel as if you’re talking to your visitors on first name basis.

Helpful, good quality content writing will create evangelists who will promote your business themselves, voluntarily

You can regularly interact with your current and prospective customers and clients in such a manner that eventually they become your evangelists and once they have become your evangelists, you no longer have to spend money on advertising. I don’t mean to say that the advertising cost is totally eliminated, but it can be drastically reduced by creating evangelists for your brand. Take for example Apple. I’m sure you must have come across someone urging you to buy an iPhone or an iPad without a financial stake in the insistence. Just because he or she loves the brand or somehow feels that it is some sort of status symbol, he or she urges you to purchase that particular Apple product. The company has very strategically created evangelists for itself and these days much of the effort revolves around creating high-impact content.

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