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Looking for in article writing service that can help you improve your SEO? My SEO article writing service will boost your search engine rankings and build a steady stream of search engine traffic to your website or blog.

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Benefits of hiring my SEO article writing service

To be frank, you can find thousands of SEO article writing services on the Internet and there are surely many agencies who can really help you improve your search engine rankings. But is it only the rankings that matter? If only rankings matter, then any SEO article writing service that can give you keyword-centric content, will do. This can be counter-productive.

Writing SEO articles doesn’t mean aimlessly creating multiple blog posts and webpages to draw indiscriminate traffic from search engines. This doesn’t help. It may improve your search engine rankings for your “favourite” keywords, but unless these keywords increase your conversion rate, unless more people do business with you, such an SEO article writing service is of no use to your business.

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A few months ago, I was interacting with a prospective client exploring the idea of hiring an SEO article writing service to further boost his rankings. He was quite happy with his current SEO company that had gotten some of his links on Google’s first page.

I congratulated him and checked for myself. He was actually ranking on the first page. I asked him if he was getting more leads these days. He said that since his rankings had just improved, the leads would eventually improve too. At that time, he was too happy to see some of his website links appearing on the first page of search results for the keywords he thought people should be using to find his business.

A week ago we again chatted on Skype. Although his links were still showing up on the first page, he wasn’t sounding as excited as before. His traffic had increased almost 100%, and not a single visitor had turned into a customer. He was stumped. I asked him if I could do some research for him. I shared with him my insight, and now I’m writing 45 SEO articles for his website.

What insight did I share with him?

Although I provide an SEO article writing service, you must observe on my website that nowhere I have mentioned that I provide SEO services. Still, most of the clients hire my article writing service to improve their SEO.

This is because I use common sense rather than some sort of “SEO expertise”.

Instead of drawing my own conclusion about what people must be searching for, I spend a considerable amount of time trying to figure out what search terms they are actually using and then create easy-going, high-quality, conversational content around these search terms and keywords. If you use some experience and common sense, every article that you write becomes an SEO article. Consequently, my SEO article writing service boosts your search engine rankings holistically.

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This means, when your search engine rankings improve, your business actually grows.

If your search engine rankings improve and your business doesn’t grow (pretty much every SEO company can achieve this), you are simply wasting your money, time and effort, and worse, precious business opportunities.

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The process of my SEO article writing service

Google values quality above anything else. This is to encourage people to create valuable content because when people search for information, they should get good information.

Google’s entire business model depends on people’s ability to find the most valuable information existing on the web. If people don’t find what they are looking for or if they feel lots of misleading information comes up in the top results, they will stop using the search engine. Google would never want that to happen. So, it forces you to create as much valuable content as possible.

It also makes business sense. If you are creating lots of useless content, why would people do business with you?

Whatever I write, whether they are SEO articles, business webpages, or blog posts, my primary objective is to drastically improve your conversion rate. This can only be achieved through engaging, convincing writing.

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My SEO article writing service process involves:

  1. Totally understanding what you offer: In order to put your point across, first I totally need to understand what value you deliver. Why would people pay for your service or product? Even if they have decided to spend money on this particular service or product, why would they buy it from you and not from somewhere else?
  2. Think from the perspective of your customers and clients: You want to use an SEO article writing service because you want to improve your search engine rankings. It means when people use certain keywords and search terms, your links must show up on the first page. Since its your prospective customers and clients who will be doing all the searching, you have to think from their point of view. What are they looking for? What language do they use when they are searching for a product or service that you offer? Maybe the keywords and the phrases that they use are totally different from what you have imagined. A big part of my SEO article writing service is to understand what your prospective customers and clients are looking for and then write articles according to that information.
  3. Write informative, helpful and engaging SEO articles: Frankly, there is no such thing as an “SEO article”; I am using this expression because people are looking for such services. Every well-written article has the potential to be an SEO article. I try to deliver value through my writing. I want to educate your prospective customers and clients so that they can make a decision in your favor. I convince them that you understand their problem and you have a solution for them. I tell them that you totally empathize with them.
  4. Strategically use your keywords while writing SEO articles: The importance of quality and relevance cannot be disputed. Having said that, it is very important to use the right keywords strategically. Once I know what search terms people are using to find products and services that you offer, I use these keywords while writing articles for your website. I make sure I don’t use these keywords randomly just to maintain a proper density – there is no proper density. I use the keywords where they are relevant. I use them in the title of your SEO article. I use them in the body text at proper places. I sprinkle them throughout the article in such a manner that they appear naturally.

This is the basic process of my SEO article writing service. Of course, scores of factors are in action when I’m actually writing your SEO articles. These factors are not trade secrets: they vary from project to project. But the fundamentals remain the same.

Want to get targeted traffic from search engines that converts? I can offer you my SEO article writing service at highly reasonable rates. I’m not cheap, but I’m also not expensive. I know that in order to give you quality SEO articles I need to be paid a certain amount because otherwise the quality suffers. If you need lots of SEO articles I can also arrange multiple writers for you. Contact me to know more about my SEO article writing service.

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